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Chapter Three: A Belt Spanking a Day, Keeps a Coal Filled Stocking Away

Dear Reader: This is Chapter Three of a series and while it could be a stand-alone, if you’d like to start at the beginning, find Chapter One on this blog, then go to “our sweet approach” for Chapter Two, and then back over here.  Amy

Hugh figured since Becca had gone for the belt, there must be other things bottled up in that pretty little head of hers that she was feeling guilty or bad about.  After so many years in the lifestyle, he had learned that while his spanking list was usually a necessary order for the day, there were oftentimes when Becca needed a good hard smack on her bottom to emotionally free her from other drama of the week; things that he was either unaware of or would never have considered punishing for. When their communication was at its best, she would sometimes give up her deepest guilt ridden pains and ask him to take the pressure off of her.  Things Hugh considered ridiculous, like questioning herself for not saying hello to someone in a grocery store, seemed to stick to Becca and replay over and over in her mind.  A quick trip over his knee and a reassuring tone that the world and she were still fine, often made all the difference.  With the weight lifted, Becca would bounce back to her carefree happy self and the entire family would benefit.

Hugh put the belt through the loops in his jeans and went downstairs to find Becca scrubbing the breakfast skillet so hard he thought she could surely go right through to the other side.  He knew she’d needed a little bit of space prior to her spanking and had let her have it after her corner time.  Becca always deep cleaned when she knew she had a spanking coming and sometimes he’d put it off a day or two just to get the place in order and sparkly clean. It was like her prep time and he found she could take a lot more when she had mentally prepared.

Becca glanced up from the sink and immediately noticed that Hugh had changed his outfit and the belt stuck out like it was made of shiny rhinestones.  Her butt felt a surge of anticipation and her stomach tightened as she realized the tingling sensation that crossed her mind was a bit of fear mixed with a sudden desire to jump Hugh and ride his body like they were horny teenagers. She had given up trying to explain why a spanking did so much for her.  She was completely embarrassed initially, letting him know that she actually wanted him to paddle her.  Then, when they discovered that he enjoyed it as well, they experimented on a sexual path but the side benefits far outweighed the eroticism.  She felt that their marriage had improved and her ability to be a good wife and mother had increased ever since they had agreed to the lifestyle.  She fell madly in love time and time again when Hugh took on that strong masculine role of HOH and the ability to have him take her in hand, clear her mind, and keep them on track was oddly magical.

Their eyes met and Hugh gave Becca a nod that indicated the time was near.

“Come down here kids,” he hollered, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out his wallet.

“Nana is picking you up in five minutes and I’m giving her money to buy hot chocolate and popcorn for a movie night at her house.  Grab your jammies!  It’s an all-nighter, my children!!”

Becca wondered what Hugh had up his sleeve and literally dropped the pan she was holding when she realized he was going to make sure he had the house and her for as long as he needed to make his point.

“Go on,” he said, putting the skillet back in the sink and patting her bottom as he pushed her toward four frantic yet excited children.  “Help them get ready because they are going to be gone all night long.”

Nobody noticed Hugh’s fingers wrapping in Becca’s hair and tugging as he enunciated the last three words but she felt a surge of emotions bubble up; the nerves in her body suddenly awake and aware that this was happening big time.

Waving from the front door, Hugh and Becca watched as Nana’s minivan wove its way down the drive and eventually turned onto the street. Becca leaned back into Hugh’s chest and let him envelope her in his arms.  She was shaking a bit and he wasn’t sure if it was the chill from the outside air or the thought of what was to come.

Taking his left hand, he brushed a swath of hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear.  He gently kissed her temple and then the side of her cheek, his lips making their way around her head until he could whisper directly into her ear.

“You better go put your jeans on.  We’ve got some things to discuss, my darling, and I can’t have you wearing out too soon.”

Becca slipped out from under Hugh’s grasp and raced upstairs.  It was rare that Hugh ever started a spanking with her in thick protective denim.  She had told him even at the beginning how incredible and long lasting a whipping could be when combined with her jeans or daisy dukes.  He liked going straight to a bare ass but didn’t realize the belt on her skin left surface level welts that while incredibly effective in the moment, didn’t last.  The denim allowed him to use more force without causing any permanent damage, while the calming aftermath and sensation of his being there would last for hours and sometimes, days.

Back in the kitchen, Becca put her arms on the center-island and bent over, placing her head atop her hands which she clenched together in one big fist.  Hugh undid the belt buckle and made sure to whip it from his pants, making a noise that caused Becca to catch her breath.  He stood in front of her, commanding her to watch his every move, and folded the belt in half as she had shown him years ago when they learned together what worked best.  Slowly, Hugh walked around the counter until he was standing at her side, asking the dreaded question that always served as the prelude to a sound whipping.

“Do you understand why you are being punished today?” Hugh sounded authoritative, like a cop who had just pulled someone over for speeding.

Becca nodded but couldn’t seem to find her voice.

“I can’t hear you!” Hugh stated a bit louder and suddenly there was a swoosh in the air and the belt landed squarely on Becca’s right hip.

“Yes,” she bellowed, finding it quite easy to speak now.  “Yes sir!” she added, hoping he would appreciate the submission she was giving his way.

“That’s better,” Hugh responded and Becca imagined his smile just for a moment before a second strike refocused her attention to her backside.

Hugh took his time, watching Becca’s breathing and letting her savor each blow before tightening up in anticipation of the next strike. Sometimes he’d let the belt swing high and smack that hard butt cheek while other times, he’d wait just until she gave in and relaxed enough to release the muscle.  Either way, Hugh noticed the tension in his wife’s shoulders dissipating and her razor sharp focus returning.

Hugh let one side of the belt drop and slowly rolled inch after inch around the palm of his hand.

“Drop your pants,” he ordered and watched as Becca revealed her bright red bum without hesitation.  He had obviously focused more on the right side as the color of that cheek was more on the crimson side than the pinkish glow of the left.

Taking a holiday dish towel from the oven handle, Hugh undid Becca’s intertwined fingers and told her to hold on tight. Leaving a good six inches loose at the end of the rolled leather, he left the end smack into his other palm to test out the force and gage the experience he was about to bestow on his partner.

 “Oh yeah,” he spoke to the loud splat that neither of them had missed.  “You might want to bite that towel while you’re squeezing it, little miss.  I guarantee, after a few swats like that, you’ll think twice about how you manage yourself.”

Becca bit into the red Santa suit sewed snuggly on the Christmas towels she brought out only once a year.  She closed her eyes, bottom already hot and alive from the initial belting.  Hugh positioned himself and then adjusted Becca so that her butt stuck out but her back was supported by the tiles underneath her.  He took his empty hand and rubbed each cheek, noting the warmth and areas that were more tender than others.

“Don’t move,” he stated, seeing that Becca was already tucking her hips toward the counter as though that would do anything but put the pressure on her spine.  He pulled her back into position and then let the end of his belt strike her backside, right where her hamstring ended and butt began.

“Grrrouch!” Becca let out a mix between a growl and a yelp.  All the protection of the denim was gone and she once again was reminded how much Hugh could make the end of that brown leather sting like a swarm of angry bees.

“Ten more,” he said, thinking that number would resonate as fair yet appropriate.  “Butt up!” he tapped Becca, reminding her of his expectation.

Smack, smack, smack.  The belt did its thing, leaving deep purple welts that raised their way across a canvas of crisscrosses and colors.  The last three were purposely meant to last and Hugh made sure to use the full length of the extended leather while hitting the same area in quick succession.

Having kept count in her own head, Becca dropped the towel and swung around, burying her face in Hugh’s shoulder and practically knocking him down.  Grasping her body under her ribs, he lifted her off the floor and sat her gently on the counter top so the tiles could provide a solid yet cooling relief to her bottom. He held her for a good five minutes and then walked her over to the corner at the entrance to the dining area.

“Hands overhead,” Hugh said, liking the way Becca’s shirt lifted just enough to give him a grand view of his handiwork.

Becca closed her eyes and let the mixed bag of feelings rush over her.  The sharp pain of it all was dissipating while the stress release and endorphins took hold of her body and mind.  People never understood how having Hugh stand strong and tall over her like this, created a sense of stability and comfort that caused her to love him even more.  

Hugh looked down at the marks on his beautiful wife and wondered if they should end the night making love, with her tied by a satin rope, or using that perfectly shaped ginger plug he had tucked away in the freezer.

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    1. No worries PK! Enjoy your family and the holidays. I hope everyone stays safe and happy this season.


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