Saturday, January 11, 2020

When the pages turn..

The lifestyle, right for both of us
corner time,
and more.
"Over my knee young lady"
and me
"Yes sir".

Big life changes,
new job,
new house,
his commitment to another country
twenty-four months

Home for Christmas,
he wanted to play.
Used the right words,
had the right reasons,
my brain not in the right place.

Such distance between us
The need to care for myself
Left me wanting to keep

My heart
missing the gentle touch
soft kisses
hours of lovers holding hands between the sheets
his body one with mine

I don't want to be spanked
or scolded
or put in a corner

I don't need to be hurt
or controlled
or told what to do
just to get through the day
I don't need to play
the sub or slave

but I used to
a requirement
for enjoyment

The pages turned when he left
and I moved
I don't want to hurt
I just want to be loved

Say the words
Hold my hands
Kiss my lips
Stroke my hair
and love me...

just love me.