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Almost Made it to 2021 - Here's Something to Read Until We Get There!

Happy New Year Bloggers!

If you didn’t get any spanky literature from Santa this year, not to worry. “Our Sweet Approach” and “Eric51Amy49” teamed up before the holiday to write a chapter book.  Many of you followed along, reading bits and pieces, but as the book grew we got requests to put everything on one page.  Your wish is our command!  

Below you will find links to each chapter of our joint venture.  This was written in such a way that you, the reader, can make a choice at the end of the first three chapters in order to take you to a certain place in the book. In order words, these chapters can be put together in more ways than one. 

To start, read Chapter One and then choose which version of Chapter Two most interests you; by the title.  Then move onto Chapter Three and so on.  Don’t forget to come back and do it all over again if you want to read the other versions but go ahead and finish one whole story before returning.

Let us know in the comments what you liked best and together, we can say good-bye to 2020 and hello to 2021!

Chapter Story - You Lead the Way! Chapter One… Meet Hugh and Becca by clicking the link above and start with Chapter One.

Chapter Two - There are three versions of Chapter Two.  Click the link of the title that most interests you and find out Hugh’s idea of gifts that keep on giving!

How the RED Grinch Gift Almost Stole Christmas 


How the BLUE Grinch Gift Almost Stole Christmas 


How the GREEN Grinch Gift Almost Stole Christmas 

Chapter Three - Somebody is in big trouble.  You decide what implement Hugh will use on Becca. Click the link on one of the three titles that you would choose as HOH.

A BELT Spanking a Day, Keeps a Coal Filled Stocking Away 


A FLOGGER Spanking a Day, Keeps a Coal Filled Stocking Away


A HAIRBRUSH Spanking a Day, Keeps a Coal Filled Stocking Away 

Chapter Four - Don’t you find, often the best part of a spanking is the sexy playtime afterwards?  You better be over 21 to continue reading!  Pick your pleasure by clicking on the title that makes you want more. :)

When Mistletoe Comes A-Knockin’ and the Bed Starts A-Rockin’ 


When Mistletoe Comes A-Knockin’ and a Ginger Plug Comes to Play 


When Mistletoe Comes A-Knockin’ and the Satin Rope Does the Trick


Chapter Five - You’ve reached the end of our story.  See what Hugh has up his sleeve this time and thank you for reading. (Haven’t had enough? Go back to chapter one and start again.  After-all, there are multiple versions.)

Chapter Five: She Came Upon a Midnight Spanking Clear(ly because She Deserved It)

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Ho Ho Ho


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
                                                                             Eric & Amy

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Chapter Five: She Came Upon a Midnight Spanking Clear(ly because She Deserved It)

This is the last chapter, Blogger friends!

If you've been following along, welcome to the end. If you don't know what I'm talking about scroll on down to Chapter Story: You Lead the Way! Chapter One on this site. You've got a lot of catching up to do! Baker from “our sweet approach” and I have been writing and writing and writing.

“Oh shoot,” Hugh uttered, suddenly replacing the relaxing calm he and Becca shared with a sense of urgency.  “The kids are going to be wanting us soon and there is one more thing we need to discuss.” 

Becca was mush.  Her body had run the full gamut, from the emotional to the physical and back again.  She didn’t have an ounce of strength left and couldn’t imagine there was anything else to talk about.  Also, Hugh liked to say “discuss” when he really meant, “spank” and she knew her bottom couldn’t take even so much as a love tap at this point.

Hugh was making quite a bit of noise; rummaging through the cupboard under the bathroom sink.

“I’ll need tape.” he yelled, irritated that he’d hidden the gift so well even he was having a hard time finding it. “And a little piece of wrapping paper!” he hollered again, shoving his entire head between the half used bottles of shampoo, rolls of toilet paper, and stack of feminine products.  

Becca went into the room where her husband knelt and burst out laughing as he cracked his head crawling out from under the sink.

Hugh snarled and Becca immediately apologized and started rubbing his head.  “I’m sorry honey,” she said, and then her eyes lit up when she saw the small box in his hand.

“What are you…” Becca started but Hugh stopped her short by placing his lips on hers. He placed his arm low around her back and pulled her in close turning a simple peck into a kiss of pure passion.

“It’s okay,” he said, eventually letting her go.  “I wanted to give you this but who cares if it isn’t wrapped.”  She was touched by his sweet attempt to make things just so for her.  It made her heart melt even more for this wonderful man.

Hugh held out a small jewelry box and watched with excitement as Becca took it from his hand.  She was the most beautiful he had ever seen her.  Hair was a tangled mess but her face had a rosy glow that closely resembled her bottom just a few hours prior.  Her eyes sparkled and she kissed him one more time before opening the box.

“Hugh!” Becca gasped.  “It’s beautiful!”

Inside, Hugh had placed a silver anklet with two tiny charms attached to it. Becca recognized it immediately, the "Spank Me Bell" anklet from Etsy.

“What’s this?” Becca asked, teasing as she tapped the little heart filled hand from the jewelry on Hugh's leg.

“To remind you that you will always be loved... and spanked, by me!”  He leaned in a kissed her on the nose.

Becca sighed in contentment.  She couldn't be more satisfied, seeing Hugh view the lifestyle and their marriage vows as more than just a thing, but something to be protected and cherished and enforced when necessary.

Smiling, Hugh got back on his knees and attached the jewelry around Becca’s ankle.  He was about to kiss around each charm when they heard the paddle of little feet.

“We’ll be out in just a minute, guys!”  Becca called.

The kids, their sweet brood of children, were starting to make noise and they knew their time was limited.  Thankful for locked doors, Hugh and Becca cherished one last long kiss together.  Hugh hugged her tightly and with that look in his eye, gave each cheek one final squeeze.

“Y’ouch!” Becca uttered into his chest and once again, they were off and running.

Dear Readers feel free to start over and over again reading the different chapters and choosing different choices each time.  We really appreciate everyone who stopped in and took time to engage in this little Christmas story.  

Merriest of Christmases to all of you!  

Amy and Baker

Chapter Four is Posted!


Hello Blog Friends,

If you are reading the chapter story I've been posting with “our sweet approach”, Chapter Four is up and ready to read. Just head on over to that site and pay attention to the titles.  This is a "choose-your-own-ending" series. 

If you haven't gotten started yet, scroll on down to Chapter Story: You Lead the Way! Chapter One on this site. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and get to reading!!

Amy... and her cup of hot chocolate :)

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Chapter Three: A Belt Spanking a Day, Keeps a Coal Filled Stocking Away

Dear Reader: This is Chapter Three of a series and while it could be a stand-alone, if you’d like to start at the beginning, find Chapter One on this blog, then go to “our sweet approach” for Chapter Two, and then back over here.  Amy

Hugh figured since Becca had gone for the belt, there must be other things bottled up in that pretty little head of hers that she was feeling guilty or bad about.  After so many years in the lifestyle, he had learned that while his spanking list was usually a necessary order for the day, there were oftentimes when Becca needed a good hard smack on her bottom to emotionally free her from other drama of the week; things that he was either unaware of or would never have considered punishing for. When their communication was at its best, she would sometimes give up her deepest guilt ridden pains and ask him to take the pressure off of her.  Things Hugh considered ridiculous, like questioning herself for not saying hello to someone in a grocery store, seemed to stick to Becca and replay over and over in her mind.  A quick trip over his knee and a reassuring tone that the world and she were still fine, often made all the difference.  With the weight lifted, Becca would bounce back to her carefree happy self and the entire family would benefit.

Hugh put the belt through the loops in his jeans and went downstairs to find Becca scrubbing the breakfast skillet so hard he thought she could surely go right through to the other side.  He knew she’d needed a little bit of space prior to her spanking and had let her have it after her corner time.  Becca always deep cleaned when she knew she had a spanking coming and sometimes he’d put it off a day or two just to get the place in order and sparkly clean. It was like her prep time and he found she could take a lot more when she had mentally prepared.

Becca glanced up from the sink and immediately noticed that Hugh had changed his outfit and the belt stuck out like it was made of shiny rhinestones.  Her butt felt a surge of anticipation and her stomach tightened as she realized the tingling sensation that crossed her mind was a bit of fear mixed with a sudden desire to jump Hugh and ride his body like they were horny teenagers. She had given up trying to explain why a spanking did so much for her.  She was completely embarrassed initially, letting him know that she actually wanted him to paddle her.  Then, when they discovered that he enjoyed it as well, they experimented on a sexual path but the side benefits far outweighed the eroticism.  She felt that their marriage had improved and her ability to be a good wife and mother had increased ever since they had agreed to the lifestyle.  She fell madly in love time and time again when Hugh took on that strong masculine role of HOH and the ability to have him take her in hand, clear her mind, and keep them on track was oddly magical.

Their eyes met and Hugh gave Becca a nod that indicated the time was near.

“Come down here kids,” he hollered, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out his wallet.

“Nana is picking you up in five minutes and I’m giving her money to buy hot chocolate and popcorn for a movie night at her house.  Grab your jammies!  It’s an all-nighter, my children!!”

Becca wondered what Hugh had up his sleeve and literally dropped the pan she was holding when she realized he was going to make sure he had the house and her for as long as he needed to make his point.

“Go on,” he said, putting the skillet back in the sink and patting her bottom as he pushed her toward four frantic yet excited children.  “Help them get ready because they are going to be gone all night long.”

Nobody noticed Hugh’s fingers wrapping in Becca’s hair and tugging as he enunciated the last three words but she felt a surge of emotions bubble up; the nerves in her body suddenly awake and aware that this was happening big time.

Waving from the front door, Hugh and Becca watched as Nana’s minivan wove its way down the drive and eventually turned onto the street. Becca leaned back into Hugh’s chest and let him envelope her in his arms.  She was shaking a bit and he wasn’t sure if it was the chill from the outside air or the thought of what was to come.

Taking his left hand, he brushed a swath of hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear.  He gently kissed her temple and then the side of her cheek, his lips making their way around her head until he could whisper directly into her ear.

“You better go put your jeans on.  We’ve got some things to discuss, my darling, and I can’t have you wearing out too soon.”

Becca slipped out from under Hugh’s grasp and raced upstairs.  It was rare that Hugh ever started a spanking with her in thick protective denim.  She had told him even at the beginning how incredible and long lasting a whipping could be when combined with her jeans or daisy dukes.  He liked going straight to a bare ass but didn’t realize the belt on her skin left surface level welts that while incredibly effective in the moment, didn’t last.  The denim allowed him to use more force without causing any permanent damage, while the calming aftermath and sensation of his being there would last for hours and sometimes, days.

Back in the kitchen, Becca put her arms on the center-island and bent over, placing her head atop her hands which she clenched together in one big fist.  Hugh undid the belt buckle and made sure to whip it from his pants, making a noise that caused Becca to catch her breath.  He stood in front of her, commanding her to watch his every move, and folded the belt in half as she had shown him years ago when they learned together what worked best.  Slowly, Hugh walked around the counter until he was standing at her side, asking the dreaded question that always served as the prelude to a sound whipping.

“Do you understand why you are being punished today?” Hugh sounded authoritative, like a cop who had just pulled someone over for speeding.

Becca nodded but couldn’t seem to find her voice.

“I can’t hear you!” Hugh stated a bit louder and suddenly there was a swoosh in the air and the belt landed squarely on Becca’s right hip.

“Yes,” she bellowed, finding it quite easy to speak now.  “Yes sir!” she added, hoping he would appreciate the submission she was giving his way.

“That’s better,” Hugh responded and Becca imagined his smile just for a moment before a second strike refocused her attention to her backside.

Hugh took his time, watching Becca’s breathing and letting her savor each blow before tightening up in anticipation of the next strike. Sometimes he’d let the belt swing high and smack that hard butt cheek while other times, he’d wait just until she gave in and relaxed enough to release the muscle.  Either way, Hugh noticed the tension in his wife’s shoulders dissipating and her razor sharp focus returning.

Hugh let one side of the belt drop and slowly rolled inch after inch around the palm of his hand.

“Drop your pants,” he ordered and watched as Becca revealed her bright red bum without hesitation.  He had obviously focused more on the right side as the color of that cheek was more on the crimson side than the pinkish glow of the left.

Taking a holiday dish towel from the oven handle, Hugh undid Becca’s intertwined fingers and told her to hold on tight. Leaving a good six inches loose at the end of the rolled leather, he left the end smack into his other palm to test out the force and gage the experience he was about to bestow on his partner.

 “Oh yeah,” he spoke to the loud splat that neither of them had missed.  “You might want to bite that towel while you’re squeezing it, little miss.  I guarantee, after a few swats like that, you’ll think twice about how you manage yourself.”

Becca bit into the red Santa suit sewed snuggly on the Christmas towels she brought out only once a year.  She closed her eyes, bottom already hot and alive from the initial belting.  Hugh positioned himself and then adjusted Becca so that her butt stuck out but her back was supported by the tiles underneath her.  He took his empty hand and rubbed each cheek, noting the warmth and areas that were more tender than others.

“Don’t move,” he stated, seeing that Becca was already tucking her hips toward the counter as though that would do anything but put the pressure on her spine.  He pulled her back into position and then let the end of his belt strike her backside, right where her hamstring ended and butt began.

“Grrrouch!” Becca let out a mix between a growl and a yelp.  All the protection of the denim was gone and she once again was reminded how much Hugh could make the end of that brown leather sting like a swarm of angry bees.

“Ten more,” he said, thinking that number would resonate as fair yet appropriate.  “Butt up!” he tapped Becca, reminding her of his expectation.

Smack, smack, smack.  The belt did its thing, leaving deep purple welts that raised their way across a canvas of crisscrosses and colors.  The last three were purposely meant to last and Hugh made sure to use the full length of the extended leather while hitting the same area in quick succession.

Having kept count in her own head, Becca dropped the towel and swung around, burying her face in Hugh’s shoulder and practically knocking him down.  Grasping her body under her ribs, he lifted her off the floor and sat her gently on the counter top so the tiles could provide a solid yet cooling relief to her bottom. He held her for a good five minutes and then walked her over to the corner at the entrance to the dining area.

“Hands overhead,” Hugh said, liking the way Becca’s shirt lifted just enough to give him a grand view of his handiwork.

Becca closed her eyes and let the mixed bag of feelings rush over her.  The sharp pain of it all was dissipating while the stress release and endorphins took hold of her body and mind.  People never understood how having Hugh stand strong and tall over her like this, created a sense of stability and comfort that caused her to love him even more.  

Hugh looked down at the marks on his beautiful wife and wondered if they should end the night making love, with her tied by a satin rope, or using that perfectly shaped ginger plug he had tucked away in the freezer.

It’s up to you!  Choose your answer and read the appropriate post at  “our sweet approach”

Chapter Three: A Hairbrush Spanking a Day, Keeps a Coal Filled Stocking Away

Dear Reader: This is Chapter Three of a series and while it could be a stand-alone, if you’d like to start at the beginning, find Chapter One on this blog, then go to “our sweet approach” for Chapter Two, and then back over here.  Amy

Becca fingered each implement as her bottom involuntarily twitched.  It was rare that she was allowed to choose as it was and she wrestled internally about what she deserved versus what her bum could tolerate.

Becca’s mind had lingered on the belt, but only for a moment.  She had been so frustrated lately, with everything, that it seemed like the only time she was good was when she was escaping on her phone, hidden away from the world.  Everything overwhelmed her and at that realization, the hairbrush only seemed to call to her name more.  A hairbrush was her least favorite implement, but Becca knew in her heart it was the only implement that would wash her free from the irritability that was taking over her heart right then and there.  

She was such a brat.  A foolish stubborn woman that did not know how good she had it.  Hugh was a wonderful man.  He rarely criticized her and often would go above and beyond to encourage her.  He was a good provider, excellent Daddy to their children, and a mighty good HOH.  He knew when to discipline and when to encourage.  The fact that she had pushed him to an actual punishment session was rare.  The odd thing is that Becca knew she had this coming for weeks.  The more Becca spiraled the more she had bratted and hidden in her phone.  

No, Becca knew she needed a reset.  She knew that the moment she’d overreacted to the present.  When she avoided taking responsibility and paid the kids off, and then her behavior, disrespecting her man!  It was past time for a meeting with the hairbrush.  When she handed the brush to Hugh, she grimaced and had a hard time letting it go.

“Becca, the kids are home, we’ll have to go downstairs to the basement to spank.  Get your robe. I’ll meet you in a few minutes.”  Becca nodded and went into the en suite to grab her robe.  Hugh took the brush, stuck it in his back pocket, and headed to the basement.  A few minutes later a rather anxious Becca joined him.  

They had a rather nice sized storage room that they would use on those occasions when they needed to do a spanking that required some peace and quiet, and more privacy than their bedroom could provide.  Any time a louder implement was used this was their “go to” room.  Becca did not feel any comfort in this room.  Hugh always felt an overwhelming sadness when they would have to end up down here.  

They kept an old couch in the room.  It was large enough for Becca to lay over Hugh’s lap and also to tuck her feet down under the pillow and armrest.  It helped her keep control and struggle less.  Hugh locked the door and sat down in the middle of the couch.  He grabbed one of the throw pillows and handed it to Becca.  She crawled over his lap and tried to find a good position.  Hugh helped to get her right where he wanted her.  

Pausing for a second, Hugh decided to go ahead and pin Becca’s legs between his.  This would keep her from struggling too much, but also keep her in position, so he didn’t accidently hit anything he wasn’t trying to.  Wood could do some damage if it didn’t land on soft tissue and the last thing he wanted was to hurt his sweet wife.

Becca knew when Hugh captured her legs that he planned the spanking to be rough.  The tears began to flow before he even issued a single swat.  She began to shudder and sob.  All of the excitement of the day ended here.  Why?  Because she was so self absorbed that she could not think of anyone but herself.  She needed this big ball that was growing in her stomach to dissolve.  Even though she hated going through the spanking, she was extremely eager to have a resolution to her selfishness.  She never liked to disappoint anyone, especially Hugh or the children.  

Hugh gently rubbed Becca’s back as she cried. He knew in DD that this was part of the process.  That sometimes the overwhelming idea of the spanking was too much and Becca would cry before he even laid a hand on her.  This was especially true if Becca felt highly emotional that day.  

“Becca, Becca, honey, do you want to talk about how you’re feeling?  What is going on in that head of yours?”  Hugh was good about asking the right questions, but this time Becca just shook her head.  “Try again?  That was a yes or no sir question.”

“No sir,” she muttered into the throw pillow.  Silly enough, that simple question had calmed Becca down some.  

“That’s your choice, sweetheart,” Hugh said quietly.  “Let’s get started then.”  He gave her bottom cheeks a few squeezes than picked up the hairbrush that had been set beside him.  Hugh did not believe in warming up for a punishment spanking and from the first strike to the last Becca felt every single one.  

“You have to trust me, Rebecca St. Clair,” Hugh admonished as he laid into Becca’s untouched backside. “You have to respect my words and understand when I say no to something, I mean no.” 

While Hugh continued his lecture Becca was crying and squirming and doing her best to keep from downright screaming as the lightning fast swats burned every inch of her backside and upper thighs.  Hugh kept talking, but the lecture was more for him at this point as the burning turned to numbness and then Hugh would attack a different area.  He had no real rhyme to his spanks, just that each one got his point across.  This would be a spanking that would keep Becca in check for some time to come.

“Please, Hugh, it hurts!” was squealed between cries of, “owwww!” and “I’m so sorry!  I will never brat or disrespect you again!” and the final words of begging for the spanking to just end.  Hugh knew when she had enough because her shoulders would slump and her cries would become sobs rather than pleas for the spanking to conclude.  He gave her a few more for good measure before setting the brush aside and surveying the damage to her crimson bottom.

“Shush, you’re alright, sweet pea.  It’s all over.”  He rubbed her back and shoulders, before beginning to knead her bottom cheeks easily.  She would probably have a few bruises, but they would begin to fade before Christmas Day.  

Becca closed her eyes and let the mixed bag of feelings rush over her.  The sharp pain of it all was dissipating while the stress release and endorphins took hold of her body and mind.  People never understood how having Hugh stand strong and tall over her like this, created a sense of stability and comfort that caused her to love him even more.  

Hugh looked down at the marks on his beautiful wife and wondered if they should end the night making love, with her tied by a satin rope, or using that perfectly shaped ginger plug he had tucked away in the freezer.

It’s up to you!  Choose your answer and read the appropriate post at  “our sweet approach”

Chapter Three: A Flogger Spanking A Day, Keeps a Coal Filled Stocking Away

Dear Reader: This is Chapter Three of a series and while it could be a stand-alone, if you’d like to start at the beginning, find Chapter One on this blog, then go to “our sweet approach” for Chapter Two, and then back over here.  Amy

Becca was trying hard to keep her composure as she held tightly to the flogger.  In her mind, as wired as she was, the flogger would be able to help calm her oversensitive nerves, without the side effect of not being able to sit down until Christmas.  Guilt was a factor in wanting to get spanked.  It helped her to release all of those negative feelings that came from disappointing the ones she loved.  It was just so helpful to have a husband that knew the TTWD lifestyle was a way to work out those difficult times without bad feelings hanging in the air for weeks.  

“Becca, we really need to have this discussion.  Come sit down beside me.  Let’s talk.”  Becca turned around and made her way to him.  He’d pulled out the ottoman and gestured for her to sit down in front of him.  “Now, I know that you try very hard to manage all the kids, the house, the shopping and now the online schooling, but honey, the house is a wreck 90% of the time.  You’re struggling, I know, we both are with the additional stress of Covid and now Christmas.  But we need to work through these issues.  We are so fortunate this year.  I want to focus on the positive, but first we’re going to take care of the issues at hand.  Are we on the same page, so far?”

“Yes, sir,” she said meekly.  He was right on all points, and they didn't even include the issues from that night.  She’d behaved poorly and she knew it.  

“So let’s move onto the issue at hand tonight.  You were disrespectful to me when I gave you your present.  You were literally throwing a fit over a present given to you to help you understand that I expect more from you, but that I’m also here to help you.  We’re a team.  Not just two individuals doing our own thing.  That’s what this lifestyle does.  It will help keep the focus on us tonight, both of us.  Hand me the flogger and lay across the bed.”  He held out his hand for the flogger. Becca gave it to him as she hung her head.

“Hugh, I’m sorry.  I will do a much better job, but you don’t have to spank me.  I’ve already kicked myself to the street and back while waiting in the corner.” A few tears slipped silently down her cheeks.

“Awww, honey, I know you have, that’s why you need the spanking.”  He hugged her naked body to him.  She smelled so good.  He reminded himself not to get distracted, but he could not help but caress her bottom.  Maybe they would need a good play session if the discipline went well tonight.  “Come on, we will get through this and we will both feel so much better afterwards.”

“I know you’ll feel better, but my bum and I will be in a world of hurt.”  She said attempting a nervous smile.  Hugh laughed as he helped her onto the bed and over the pillow he had laid out to push her bottom up.  They were already beginning to feel better, or at least more on the lighter heart side of things.  That changed pretty quickly though as they both prepared themselves for the first swat.  Becca grabbed the comforter and shoved a bit in her mouth.  At least with this implement the kids wouldn’t hear anything down the hall as long she didn’t cry out loud too much!

Hugh situated Becca as he wanted on the pillow and then started swatting away.  The flogger was something they could use both as play and as discipline, but it could pack a punch.  “Ouch, not so hard, Hugh!” Becca said on the third strike to her posterior.  

“You don’t decide how hard, Becca, this is punishment, remember?”  She gripped the comforter and tried desperately to stay still.  As another series of spanks rained down on her bum which was rapidly turning deep pink.  Becca tried to breathe through the comforter and the pain.  Hugh knew just the amount of build up she needed and she was trying desperately to trust him. 

“Hey!  Watch your hand!” Hugh growled.  Becca was fighting through the pain and forgot to keep her hands tucked under her chest.  Hugh immediately moved his concentration onto her upper thighs and Becca’s hand flew back to its proper place.  Becca was so close to tears now.  This was the part she never understood.  Why did she fight the tears so much?  She knew with them would come a flood of relief.  

“Good girl, we’re getting there,” said Hugh’s comforting voice.  He never wanted to hurt her hands, so that was one of their big rules that Becca not reach back to impede the spanking.  He surveyed her bum, as he kept the flogger going.  There were lashes all over her bottom where the little tresses had left their marks, but most of the area had been completely covered.  The harder ones had left the lashes, but he was not completely done yet.  They would go all night if they needed too, because Hugh knew his wife.  She was holding back on the tears and until she cried this would all be for naught.

“Becca, you know that I will keep going until you cry yourself out.  I love you, honey, and I want you to feel release from all the guilt you are feeling.”  Hugh’s words were soft and steady.  He was practically cooing the words to her.  Becca did not need a harsh spanking, just one that allowed her to release all the negativity and allow all the endorphins to flood her body.  

Becca felt herself shudder and then the wetness filled the corner of her eyes.  How could she let all these things bottle up and practically overtake her?  Then tonight she’d just been a brat.  Hugh was such a sweet husband.  She knew how much spanking set things right. Why had she just not trusted him?  Gone to him with all her thoughts and feelings and get things set right?  Nope, she had to be stubborn and try to take on the world by herself.  The first choke brushed the back of her throat as she tried to hold it back.  “See,” she told herself, “You’re doing it even now!  Trust Hugh,” and with that, her face filled with tears.

“There you go, sweet pea, just a few more.”  Hugh said as he slowed down his spanking and let her cry it out.  He gave her five last swats then tossed the flogger next to her.  He laid down next to her and began to rub her bottom and lower back.  Whispering words of encouragement to let the tears flow.  After several minutes Becca began to relax into Hugh’s arms.  He felt the warm heat begin to lessen and the tears stopped dripping down Becca’s beautiful face.  Even though she had been ugly crying, Hugh thought right then that he had married the most lovely and perfect woman ever created.  He smiled as he gently kissed the top of her head, her cheeks, her forehead and finally her lips.

Becca closed her eyes and let the mixed bag of feelings rush over her.  The sharp pain of it all was dissipating while the stress release and endorphins took hold of her body and mind.  People never understood how having Hugh stand strong and tall over her like this, created a sense of stability and comfort that caused her to love him even more.  

Hugh looked down at the marks on his beautiful wife and wondered if they should end the night making love, with her tied by a satin rope, or using that perfectly shaped ginger plug he had tucked away in the freezer.

It’s up to you!  Choose your answer and read the appropriate post at  “our sweet approach”

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Chapter Story - You Lead the Way! Chapter One...

Yes!  We are alive and not only that, Eric is home until the New Year.  While 2020 is one that many of us will not look back on fondly, we are glad to have this time together.  Traveling and jobs; most everything changed with the pandemic. Thankfully, we’ve stayed healthy and hope the same for you and your loved ones. 

For a gift, I decided to write something for my husband and then found out Baker was doing the same for hers.  We chatted about back-in-the-day when a series of endings to stories was dictated by the reader's choice. We decided to give it a go and write one of our own. The rules are simple.  Finish this post and at the end, you will have a choice to make.  Hop on over to Baker’s “our sweet approach” and read the post that matches up with your answer.  That will lead you back over here to read another section… and so on. Just think of it as starting a new chapter each time you jump from blog to blog. We will be posting new chapters as time goes on; with the hopes of finishing on Christmas Day. Though it is 2020 so this might take longer! Wish us luck and happy reading. Let’s end this year in style!

By the way, our main characters are Hugh and Becca but feel free to insert whoever’s name you please.  

Chapter One: Be Careful What You Wish For

“Presents!” Becca squealed into the phone.  “I get to open presents tonight?!”

Hugh was not the kind of man to step out of the lines and with the holidays still a good week away, she couldn’t believe he was disregarding the calendar.

Becca looked around the room, at the piles of laundry stashed in various corners and noticed her breakfast dishes teetering on the edge of the bathroom sink; which incidentally still had a monster glob of toothpaste stuck to the mirror. Looking past the grime, she caught a glimpse of herself; a messy bun with hair sticking out all over her head and wrinkled three day old pajamas. Hugh would be home in less than an hour and this was just their bedroom.  After an entire day of being locked away on her phone, she couldn’t imagine what the kids had turned the rest of the house into.

Kids, that was the answer. She’d get the little minions to help clean everything and if she bribed them, they could do most of the housework before Hugh made it home. That’d give her time to shower and put on some make-up, a sexy little dress, and maybe, just maybe, earrings.

Moments later, three squirrely looking preteens and one “13 going on 30” lined up before their mother. 

“What’s it going to cost me to have you four do a quick clean up of the entire house? Like really quick.  The whole thing in less than forty five minutes and clean, not just picked up?”

“Awe Mom!” the youngest immediately moaned and slumped to the floor.

“$80 bucks,” the eldest exclaimed, but at the sight of her mother’s eyebrow going up decided not to add “each” to the end of that request.

“Fine,” Becca stated, handing over four crisp twenty dollar bills that she took out of the wooden emergency fund box where Hugh stashed cash.  She would figure out how to explain that missing money later.  With the kids off and running, Becca turned on the shower and made the clean clothes piles evaporate by stuffing everything deep in the recesses of their laundry basket, the corner of the closet, and even an old suitcase. The dirty clothes piles got pushed out into the hallway for one of the kids to add to their hampers.

“Much better,” Becca thought, smiling at her ingenuity and stepping out of her pj’s. 

Becca let the water run over her body and lathered long streaks of thick soap over her skin. The shower was hot enough to steam up the mirror and soften the toothpaste glob until it slowly slid it’s way down the glass, over the backsplash, and onto the counter. Becca hummed and reached for Hugh’s razor, not wanting to nick her legs with the pink girl's Gillette, which had needed a new blade for a while now.

Wrapped in a towel, Becca hollered for a kid to “come get these dishes” and turned on the blow dryer just in time to drown out the baulking youngster who drew the short stick on kitchen duty.  A quick run with the curling iron, a splash of perfume, and Becca was plucked and powder puffed, running the towel over the bathroom sink and vanity before tossing it atop the clean clothes pile she’d hidden in the laundry basket.  Five minutes later, she was in the living room, wearing a little black dress with a silver chain that hung low between her breasts and yes, matched the earrings she’d opted-in before skipping downstairs.

Her sweet, pretty appearance quickly shattered as Becca barked out last minute orders, “Wipe down the counters with that bleach spray!  Hit the coffee table with that lemon scented stuff and toss that rag under the kitchen sink! Somebody get the dirty clothes out of the hall and into a hamper!  Quick!! Toss those toys behind the couch! Your Dad will be home any second!”

The garage door buzzed and Becca dismissed four sweaty kids to their rooms, flipping the switch on the rarely seen vacuum cleaner just in time for Hugh to walk in and find her finishing up the last of it.

“Wow honey,” Hugh pulled his wife in close, giving her a kiss and then spinning her in front of his glistening eyes.  “You look amazing!”

Becca blushed and pushed his shoulder back, slightly bending her knees, butt out, with a toss of her freshly coiffed hair.  “This old thing?” she cooed.  “I just pulled this out of a drawer.  Been cleaning all day.”

Hugh looked pleased, wrapped the cord around the hooks on the vacuum before returning it to the front closet and hung his jacket.  “The place looks great,” he said, “and it smells really clean!”

“Well, you know,” Becca grinned, “all in a day's work.” She took a diet coke from the fridge and served her husband, massaging his shoulders and rattling on about neighborhood gossip.

Hugh sipped his drink and asked where the kids had gone, sneaking a little peak at what was under Becca’s dress.

“I told them to straighten their rooms up before dinner,” she giggled, waving a finger at him and then tossing her hair for the second time since he’d returned home.

Hugh shushed his bubbly wife and tiptoed out to the car.  A few minutes later, he returned with three beautifully wrapped packages.  A red one with a silver ribbon, a bright blue one with a plaid bow, and a forest green bag with pictures of little beige reindeer printed all over the paper.  Becca’s eyes grew as large as saucers and she reached out to grab the gifts.

“Uh uh,” Hugh scolded, placing all three presents on top of the china cabinet and out of reach of the little people in the house.  “After dinner, you may choose ONE.”

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