Saturday, August 10, 2019

Times are a Changin'

Dear Bloggers,

Where has the time gone?  The last month has flipped our world on it's head and things out of our control have forced us to rethink.... well, everything. 
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We rethought and rather than get out of said rat race, we're jumping in with all four of our feet!

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Eric is itching to get out of the country and go back to his job, now with his son by his side.  Together they'll take on new challenges and while the risks are high, the potential is unimaginable.  My husband always loved his career but he never thought his son would take an interest and join him in the field.  We agree, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.  They leave mid-September.

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And... it's a two year commitment. 

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We all know I wouldn't survive 24 months when 6 about killed me so... I'm shaking things up too.  Rather than sit at home and weep and moan, I am giving up the security of my stable yet hum drum job to venture out in a brand new career that will have me in the friendly skies every week until Eric is home.

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I'll be based closer to my daughters and while I'll be traveling a lot, this will give me the opportunity to finally use that degree I got a few years ago.

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We are full speed ahead, doing our best to support each other on the new and exciting paths we have chosen to walk. Everything is happening at lightening speed so there is very little time, quite frankly, to worry or wonder how this will all play out in the long run but our love is strong.

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There is definite tension in the house, with everything topsy-turvy, and we haven't even had time for a reset which would make us both feel stronger, bolder, and a tad more brave.  It's funny how a couple can be together every single day, be on the same page about every choice being made, and yet need to reconnect with each step when there is massive change taking place.

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Wish us well, bloggers.  It's a giant leap but it feels right. 

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With a spanking or two, it'd feel even better.
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PS - We could never eat an elephant.  Look how cute he is!  With the little heart on his chest and those goofy eyes.  I think I'm in love!

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