Sunday, June 30, 2019

Summer Camp

Bloggers -  I am inviting you to join me this week for Camp-I-Should.

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This glorious three to five day adventure will allow us all to take a few things off our plates that have been hanging overhead.  You know the one's I mean.  Those nagging bits of the task list that eat away at the back of our heads but for some reason we just can't seem to get done!

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I have just spent a couple of days sight seeing in a gorgeous national park.  There were oodles of youngsters in their matching camp tee's, exploring the rivers and rocks, and earning badges for their various troops.

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I was reminded of my comment a few posts ago about needing to go to Camp-I-Should, so let's do it.

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I'll be going for five days and my goal is to earn five badges during that time.

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1. Fix/replace three broken things in the house badge.
2. Update the resume and apply for other jobs badge.
3. Take care of insurance dispute badge.
4. Budget the rest of the year badge.
5. Calendar birthdays, vacations, and events badge.
6. Bonus badge - BLOG

This is my first time attending Camp-I-Should and I'm hoping it goes really well because Eric says if this is not successful, he'll be sending me to Camp-You-Will later this summer.

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So come on campers!  Put on those Camp-I-Should bright orange tees and let's earn some badges!! Blog your lists and we can chat about our badges over s'mores and a campfire. :)

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Amy at Camp