Monday, May 20, 2019

Really?! Is this really happening?!!!

"Amy Lynn!  Get your butt out of bed!"

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"Sniffle. Sniffle."

"Amy Lynn!  Do I need to call you a waaaaaaaambulance?!"

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No need! 

I got the message. 

I'll make it a good week.

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I appreciate Eric making me laugh as I battle...


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Here's hoping we all leave our worries at the door and have a wonderful week!



  1. Amy,
    On the bright side, you'll probably get spanked a lot for irritability and sass. Other than that, peri-meno stuff stinks! Hang in there. Maybe our smart friends here in blog land have some good advice! Hugs, Windy

  2. Amy,
    I have so been right there.

  3. Been there also...a long slow spanking helps...sometimes..and then a quick hard one helps....sometimes...and then a glass of get the picture...hand in there..hugs abby

  4. Scrap the last meme, Amy ... she lies! ... I'm 12 yrs in (not counting peri meno) ... still having hot flashes, insomnia and brain fog ... gahh!! ... best advice ... when it looks like it's really landed, talk to your Doc .. they've come a long way with HRT ... hugs! ... nj

  5. I am so in favor of NJ's suggestion. Talk to your doctor. The initial research the did on HRT was flawed, and once, my doc explained the error, I was willing to talk about some help with this nasty visitor. Be gone!

    Hugs And Hormones,

  6. Hi Amy,

    It definitely sucks! Love the wambulance and glad Eric was able to inject some humour to brighten you up. Hang in there!



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