Thursday, October 25, 2018

Finally got that 100

After months of battling injuries and ailments, Eric decided my body was good enough to take 100 spanks rather than our traditional tail blazing ten or twelve.

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Here is my take on the whole thing.  You know when you are going to cook an egg?  Think about putting that skillet on the burner and letting it heat up for awhile before going anywhere near it.  Then, when it's good and hot, cracking the egg and watching it sputter and sizzle and sear real quick.

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That's our typical 10 or 12er - surface level, fast and furious, highly effective discipline.

The 100, on the other hand, was more like putting the egg in the pan before turning the stove on.

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Kind of like a lobster in the pot. The heat came on slowly, my body relaxed over Eric's lap, and took each spank in stride until I started to get uncomfortable and an internal fire grew from the inside out.  Long lasting, deep seated, slow and seductive, highly effective discipline.

Of course, I'm not an egg but bring it on, Chef Eric.  It's all good to me!


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

You Da Boss!

Good Morning Bloggers!

It's Bosses Day and though Eric and I truly have a partnership, that 51(%) after his name does give the man a tad more power than the 49(%) I possess.  Therefore, I dedicate this post to him and all HOH's out there.

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always doing what's best for us.

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