Friday, September 14, 2018

Car Trouble? AAAmy!!!!

I can't believe Eric has been back a week and I've not had a moment to share with my wonderful bloggers.  So many stories.  So little time.

I have an older car so before Eric left on his latest trip, he told me to get AAA. I did. (not)  Monday I was back at work and naturally, ended up with a flat tire.  My adorable husband came to the rescue and didn't even give me a hard time about not being prepared.  I promised to take care of it and we celebrated the fixed flat with some friendly frolicking. Hey!  The man has been gone for weeks.  We can't keep our hands off each other and it's a good thing.  Mmmm. Yes. A very good thing.

Anyway, two days later, I was driving down the road and suddenly there was smoke billowing from the hood of the car.  We happened to be on the phone at the time and Eric told me to pull over immediately and call AAA to have it towed.  I did. (not)  I hadn't gotten around to buying our membership yet!  And I didn't want to look like a total idiot (make note of that thought) so instead I kept driving until I found an auto shop.  Only after it was safely in the hands of an expert, did I admit that I hadn't had it towed.

"Amy Lynn!  What is the point of having AAA if you won't use it?!  You could have destroyed the entire engine driving under those conditions!"

Well, he was partially right. What is the point of AAA if I never sign up for it? (Not a word! It's done now.)

Fast forward six hours.  Eric was coming from his office to pick me up so we could go get my car.  The smart girl at the house decided to start walking toward him to try and save him some time.  I got a good bit down the road and figured if I could get to a main artery, I could cut down his drive time by maybe 15 or 20 minutes.  I knew I wouldn't have time to take the regular streets so I decided to cut across a large dirt field nestled between suburbia and the highway.  Genius.  Right?

Well, my timing was a little off so when Eric called, I was halfway down a dirt path in the middle of a complete strangers property with the wind blowing so hard, my man could barely hear a word I was saying.  I was in sandals and a billowy skirt and top, kicking up dust as I hustled to get through to the other side.  Eric was not happy.  He questioned, scolded, lectured, and threatened to the point that I just wanted to forget the darn car and go back home.

"I know you're having a bad day," he said, doing a terrible job of hiding his annoyance, "but that's no reason to turn your brain off! I'm getting a headache trying to hear you through all this wind and I can't understand why on earth you didn't just stick with the plan."

Meanie.  I told him to forget it.  He could just keep on driving and I'd get there myself.

"I'm behind you," he said sternly.

No sooner had those words come out of his mouth, the wind picked up and so did my skirt.  That's right.  A full moon for the man to see.

I opened the door and slid down low in the passengers seat.

"Oh great," Eric couldn't help himself.  "My white car is getting dirty and now you're flashing the whole neighborhood!"

I took a deep breath and mumbled something about him making a big deal out of nothing, noting that he could have just waited for me on the other side at the convenience store at the corner.  (Remember that thing you noted earlier?  I won't bore you, but apparently there is no convenience store at the corner. Ugh.)

A moment of silence passed and then Eric said, "Well, you showed me the backside.  Pull up that skirt and let me see the front."

I waited until the car in front of us went through the stop sign and then spread my legs for Eric to see.  He grinned and rotated his fingers in a crazy 8 pattern on my clit, making me squirm and giggle.  We got on the highway and drove for a half hour.  Eric pointed out the beautiful landscape; patches of bright purple flowers under pinkish clouds at dusk.  He took the exit and as he pulled up to the stop, told me to raise my skirt again.


Suddenly, I had four large red finger prints blazed across my inner thigh.  I caught my breath, audibly sucked in the air, not expecting nor seeing that slap coming.

A short time later, I was dropped at the auto mechanic with a kiss on my lips and $500 to cover the costs.

"I'm sorry about today," I said getting out of the car.

Eric caught me and put his hand between my legs again. He smiled.

"Mmmm. Wet.  Do you like it when I punish you, little Missy?" he asked, a devilish look crossing his face.

I blushed.

"Yes sir," I mouthed.

We raced each other home and there was much more frisky frolicking that took place in our room.  Then, while recovering in each other's arms under the covers, I asked if smacking my thigh helped Eric to let go of the anger he had toward me with the whole leavingthehousewalkingthroughthedirtflashingtheneighborsgivinghimaheadache thing.

"No," he said, letting the word linger, fully aware that I wanted to have a full blown conversation about the benefits of ttwd.

"You seemed a lot happier afterwards," I prompted, again.

"My anger went away the second I saw you stomping through the mud," he said laughing, "but I couldn't resist giving you a good smack after all of your shenanigans." 

Then he kissed each of those finger prints displayed on my thigh and we cuddled the evening away.

Awwww.  Eric!!! You are adorable.



  1. Aw Amy, nice post. Glad all is well with you two
    love Jan, xx

    1. Hi Jan,
      Things are certainly settling down with Eric being home. :)

  2. Hi Amy,

    This was a joy to read. So glad you and Eric seem to be enjoying each other and having fun :)


    1. Hey Roz,
      I am happy to say, no matter what is going on around or to us, at the moment, we are enjoying each other through it.

  3. Big question is, what did the smack do for you, I mean besides the obvious *wink* ? Or was that the only thing it did for you? I just curious as you 'wanted to have a full blown conversation about the benefits of ttwd" .

    Hope you continue to enjoy your time together.


    1. Hi Willie, Good question and that could be a post in itself. The short answer is, I was feeling guilty about the "trouble" I caused him, I felt stupid about the decision I made to head out rather than just wait for him, and I had insisted there was a convenience store on the corner but was wrong. All of those emotions on top of having to deal with an expensive repair. The smack? ALL of those thoughts went away, immediately. One split second of pain inflicted by a man who loves me no matter what and all was good again.

    2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All;s good, but what did you want to talk about? Lol. Come on Amy you know how much I love a thinking post! Lol

  4. I loved reading your story even though the whole thing was a PAIN. Some good pain though, too, eh? haha Glad you two are enjoying one another!!! Hugs! Windy

    1. Thanks Windy. It was "one of those days" but I'd do it again. How often can we say that?

    2. PS- Eric just said to let you know he would NOT do it again. LOL. The day, not the smack. Ha!

  5. Speaking as someone who destroyed engine do to lack of oil - way back in the day and long before I was married. Don't drive it if it's smoking! But the rest of your story turned out so very nicely.

  6. Yikes! Thankfully I do have AAA now so no more driving if everything isn't clicking along well. ;)

  7. That is cute, that he was done being mad the minute he saw you stomping through the mud. I hope you'll get AAA now. :) At least for his sake. :) Were the four fingerprints still on your thigh later? Man, maybe the Duke spanks me too light. LOL I never have fingerprints later. Now other implements, yes, but never hand prints. :) I might be missing out. lol

  8. Ahhh, hindsight is 20 20. I get the not signing up.... then needing the service!
    Glad you had some fun though!

  9. Well Amy,

    It sounds like you guys have been busy! I underdtand about car trouble though. Fortunately, the man is a little more involved in car maintenance! And maintenance of me!

    Give Eric another cuddle (ahem!)

  10. Loved reading this. Happy your Eric is home and you are having some fun.


  11. So glad your Eric is home again. Enjoy every moment you have together. :-) Hugs


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