Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Good Time to be Thankful - TBT

Throwback Thursday seems to be the only time I get around to blogging lately but with multiple health issues between myself and my love right now, things are just all around difficult.  Here is an old Thanksgiving post - a reminder of the good times, of things to be thankful for, and a glimmer of hope for future adventures. Enjoy!

A Trip through the Woods

This morning I woke to a soft dusting of white snow.

Leaves covered with powdered sugar; red, yellow, orange, brown.

"We're going for a drive," Eric said.

He is leaving tonight.  A trip long enough to miss Thanksgiving and his actual birthday.  I know better than to complain.  We've been down that path and it just hurts us both.  I smile and remind myself of all the good times we had last week, yesterday, today.

Eric drives, quite well, with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on my ass.  He's had me over his lap, spanking me soundly, while maneuvering through traffic more than a couple of times.  I learned early on that being away from home means nothing when it comes to my bare bottom being reddened on the road.
I assumed this spontaneous "drive" was code for a quick reset before I was on my own.

"Pants down," he said, glancing in all of the mirrors to look for other drivers on the windy path up the side of the mountain.

I complied and undid the seat belt to find my way over his knee.

"Not today, Sweetheart," he said pushing me back against the seat.  His fingers slid down my breast, over my belly and onto my peach.  (That's what we call it now, since I don't like the word "pussy".)  OH... the way he can make me feel.  Fingers lightly tapping, stroking, circling; diving deeper and deeper into my wetness.

"Put the seat down, honey," his voice was strong and caressing.  "Relax.  Look at the clouds.  Enjoy this."

I lay back and let his magical hands go to work.  He pinched and tugged at just the right time.  He pulled back the hood, massaged the button and my head went fuzzy.  We hadn't even made it past the first hair pinned turned and I was lost in la-la land.  Twenty minutes of pure breathtaking pleasure.

We stopped for a family of deer.  I noticed him straining to break free from his jeans.  We parked and walked down the frozen path to a little bridge.

"I love you," Eric said as we stood, elbows on the wooden rail, looking down the hill through the forest of trees.

"Then catch me," I yelled, laughing and running to a small little cave under a tall set of wavy branches.  I crouched down and watched as my handsome husband walked toward me, shaking his head at the muddy tracks I'd made and he avoided by sticking to the grass covered ground.

When he reached me, I went to my knees and pulled his belt buckle apart and his zipper down.  I placed him deep into my mouth and searched with my tongue for the soft secret underbelly that I know is quick to make him cum.  Steadily, he pumped between my lips and just as the hot liquid filled my cheeks, he said, "Don't swallow.  I want to see."

I took every drop and then stood, opening my mouth for him to view the gift I had just received.  He smiled and I swallowed.  Pants back on, we walked to the car and my gentleman handed me a bottle of Scope. Always thinking, that one.

"Perfect honey," he said and I gazed into his gorgeous blue eyes.  "Too bad I have to spank you now," he continued, trying to sound sorry about the whole thing.

"Why?" I asked, doe eyed and woozy.  "What did I do?"

Eric pointed to the floor and I looked down at a trail of muddy shoe prints all over the passenger side.  No way to deny that one.  Over his lap I went.  I held onto his leg and closed my eyes as the sweet gentle hands from before carefully pulled the waistband of my pants down to my thighs.

One, two , three, four hard smacks and I was on fire.  His hand, as solid as the wooden spoon at home.

"I want this to last for the next six days," he said and five blows across my left side set a blaze so hot my back melted into a pool of sweat.

"Do you need more?" he asked and this time, instead of staying silent, I told him to feel my back.

Two fingers slid up and down my spine, affording me a moment to breathe and confirming for him, the power he currently had over my body.

Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack.

"Sit up."

I did and we drove home contented.

My ass still stings a bit and that was hours ago.

I love this man.

We may be apart, again, but I feel calm and warm and loved.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

We have a ton to be thankful for.


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Throwback Thursday

A time of discovery....

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Leather Belt Brings a New Spanking Sensation

"Get over my knee NOW," Eric said sternly, "Or we're skipping the warm-up and going straight for the belt."

We both knew this was coming. The spanking was inevitable.

Eric rolls up his sleeves for three reasons.
1. Erotic, playful spanking
2. Mental, reset spanking
3. Punishment, straighten up spanking

He was about to leave for two weeks, so I was getting all three.

1. Twenty one day medical restriction of "no sex" and the Chinese Eggplant appetizer a few nights ago had us both heated up.

2. Eric will be gone, without communication, for two weeks. Uh, ya, reset required. (More like "set up" than "reset". The reset will come when he returns.)

3. I went through an entire monologue on how I have always wondered what a real legitimate punishment spanking would feel like, explained that I crave both the emotional and physical side, pronounced the need for Eric to be mad at me so he can punish me so I can see that he still loves me even though it has never worked out that way in my past with anyone else, thus affording me the freedom to trust that I am worth sticking around for.

We were in our bedroom and I was wearing nothing but a thong.  Eric pulled out the spanking chair and as he prepared to start, I inquired why he was mad at me.

"I'm not," he answered.

"Then this won't work!" I stated. "If you aren't really mad then how will I know you still love me when you're not mad anymore?"

My brain.

My brain on female hormones.

Really?!  Was I really saying those words?

Eric cornered me and held tightly to my arms. He looked deep into my eyes and said, "I think the world of you. You still don't get that, do you?"

I literally lost myself in the sincerity of his voice. I couldn't breathe and searched his eyes looking for the catch.

"You have a lot of baggage," he stated and my thoughts grasped onto the negative voice in my head which reassured me, it was my baggage that was the catch. "but that's okay," he continued and the negative voice disappeared like magic, "as long as you don't spend your life looking in the review mirror."

Eric waited until I acknowledged his point.  And then, we began.

"Get over my knee NOW," he said sternly, "Or we're skipping the warm-up and going straight for the belt."

There is a solid intimacy in being across Eric's lap, his cock growing under my ribs and his palm reddening my ass one cheek at a time. He can talk, tug at my hair, hold my hand in place when I try to use it for cover; comforting actually.

The warm up ended and I became knees on the bench, butt in the air, body over the foot board of the bed. Eric struck out with his belt.  The slaps stung and clawed at my bare skin. I squirmed and yelped, gave into the pain and then danced around fighting the burn.

I scurried away at one point and then found myself draped over the chair, Eric threatening me to move my hands out of the way of the spanking I was to continue receiving.

My hands did not listen and WHACK, out of nowhere, the belt landed in a solid thud across my right shoulder blade and down my back. The sensation was INCREDIBLE. Eric held off, not knowing what I was thinking or experiencing.  I looked up into his face and beamed.

"I want more of that," I panted.

My tone and breathing was extremely convincing, because I meant it.

"You do, don't you?" he stated. "You want me to beat on your back, on your whole body, until you feel every inch come alive, don't you?"

Time seemed to stand still as I looked into Eric's bright blue eyes.

"Yes Sir," I replied.

Oh did Eric go to town on me. My pussy, tits, ribs, inner thighs, back, bottom, and quads.  Each strike held a different amount of pressure to it, some sensual and sexual, others biting and long lasting, still others quick but effective.  I loved everything he did. He loved everything he did.

In the end, my hands were bound with the belt and Eric was coming in my mouth.  Then, with a beautiful red heart drawn on my left cheek, we were both ready for a nap.

"Next time," Eric cooed in my ear as I drifted off, his body spooning mine between cool crisp sheets, "we use the flogger."

Two weeks.

I can't wait.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Things that have caused me to get punished over the years

This "get Amy out of the blue funk" prompt came from Wilma, as did the prompt idea. Thanks Willie!

"Amy Lynn!  Get yourself up those stairs NOW young lady. You're about to be Red Ass Amy," occasionally rings throughout our home when Eric is fully prepared to get his HOH on.

We have three types of spankings here.
1. Playtime - a great prelude before sex, during sex, but rarely if ever, after sex.
2. Reset - my brain seems to be running a million miles a minute about 100,000 different things. A reset allows me to focus on just one thing, the spanking.  As a result, everything else in my head takes a back seat and I am able to deal with things in a rational and pragmatic way instead of bouncing all over the board.
3. Punishment - rarely but there are times....

This prompt was about punishment spankings so here we go with number 3!

I suppose I get punished most often for being "mouthy" as Eric puts it.  The man has a brain like an elephant and rarely forgets anything. We are not adversarial in nature but when he's about to go on another traveling stint, I tend to be more emotional and say things, challenging type things, that I would never say knowing he could be on my butt a moment later. Eric always remembers those things, even weeks later, but at the time, I always forget that he won't.  Anyway, mouthy usually finds me otk with a sound hand spanking, often long after the offense so it tends to serve as a way to get back on track with our ttwd lifestyle.

My most memorable punishment was actually a spanking I received for something that happened when I was five or six.  I was playing with matches and ended up lighting a tree on fire.  It was very scary and I never told my parents, but instead carried that guilt for thirty-five years.  I told Eric the story and he didn't skip a beat. I was lectured about the dangers of playing with matches, about hiding something that could risk someone's life, and about not using my own brain when it came to right and wrong. (There were older kids involved at the time.) I'll never forget him saying, "I'm going to spank you for this because I don't ever want you to forget what you've learned today. Then it is over and you don't have to feel guilty anymore."  He followed with a hard bare bottom spanking with a slatted wooden spoon that left many imprints both physically and mentally.  After all those years, I was finally able to let go and quit thinking about and feeling bad about that fire.

Overall, most of my punishment comes from beating myself up and listening to a negative inner voice.  Eric can deal with mistakes I make; be it wrecking the car, forgetting to do something, and even being cranky and moody.  However, he will not allow me to carry unnecessary guilt or negative feelings about myself. Oh... and if I really want to get my ass tanned, I just need to let someone take advantage of me when I know better, rather than speaking up for myself. "Couldn't find your voice, Amy?" he'll say. "Let me help you locate it."  Uh oh!!

Well, there you have it.  I sure could use a spanking now.  Eric has been gone way too long and we  miss it.  I think we were both surprised to learn how much he craves it now that we've gone down this path.  I always knew I wanted it but because I only like the receiving end, I was concerned it was something he would "have to" do for me. He's been pretty clear that he likes to do it though.  We just lucked out that we are opposite as to who wants what position.  Phew!  ;)


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Prompt for Prompts!

My body is 500 degrees fahrenheit. It feels as though someone shoved a blowtorch up my ass and is cooking me from the inside out.

Image result for fahrenheit 500 degrees

This, while I sat in a chilly air conditioned restaurant with my daughters, who had to buy sweatshirts because they were so cold.  Meanwhile, my forehead and back poured with sweat as I downed iced water with lemon.

Image result for hot or cold

Five minutes, maybe ten, and I joined them on the cold front. So weird.

Anyway, I am trying to get out of my rut and thought writing would be a good way to move forward. Willie suggested I ask bloggers for writing prompts to get me going.  So, here is my prompt for prompts!  Give the girl some homework. :)

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Time to Plant Some Seeds

Having spent most of the night boo hooing and blogging or blogging and boo hooing, whatever the case may be, I've finally crawled out of bed at half past nine to the sound of a rather large lawn mower belonging to my across-the-street neighbor.  That sound made me think of grass.  (Actually, it made me think of Nora Jean's lawn mowing posts and waxing the kitty, shaving the mitten, and plucking the pussy... but then I moved on.)

Eric tends to our yard.  Whenever he's home, he is outside fixing sprinklers, planting flowers, raking leaves, shaping bushes, trimming trees, and so on.  We've both been gone more than two weeks and it occurred to me a few days ago, our lawn is quite brown in front and the back is practically dead. It's been neglected. We didn't plan to destroy it but we weren't here so when the pipe got plugged in the back, cutting down the water pressure to the point that the sprinklers wouldn't pop, there was no one here to call the plumber.

Anyway, much like the lawn, I seem to be surrounded by situations that I have no control over and can't change.  So, no more boo hooing and probably a lot more blogging (just ignore the whining of neglected spanko if my therapeutic outbursts become mundane). Today I'm going to plant some seeds.

Mental Seeds:
1. Write daily - maybe even Blog more often
2. Read things I've written in the past for inspiration
3. Come up with three goals for the next twelve months

Physical Seeds:
1. Work out everyday even if it's just enough to get my heart rate up
2. Eat as healthily as I can but stop beating myself up if I eat cake at my kids birthday
3. Eric is gone - I have a chest full of toys - USE THEM

Spiritual Seeds:
1. Remember who I am and who I want to be
2. Share what I know and what I have with others
3. Tell people how much I love them

Love you Bloggers,

Where is Wonder Woman?

"Make it a great day," Eric said as we got off the phone.  He had me laughing the entire conversation.

Image result for haha

I had surgery and am finally out of chronic pain but I'm not myself.  I'm trying.  I'm pushing to go to the gym every day, to look for a new job, and to get our house in spring clean condition.  Yet everything is a struggle.

Image result for get life in shape

Eric and others are very encouraging.

My daughters are visiting.

I have no reason to be boo-hooing.

Image result for boo hoo

There are unexplained mood swings.

Image result for mood swings

I want to write about and feel playful and sexy.

Image result for sexy adult spanking

Where did I go?  Where is the girl who did a million things and was happy about it?

Where is Wonder Woman?

Image result for where is wonder woman

Come on Amy Lynn - pull out of this!!  I have nothing to complain about unless...

could it be?????

Image result for menopause?

Nooooooooooooooooooooo! That's a myth, right?

Amy's Inner Voice