Sunday, April 29, 2018

Thirty Hour Countdown

I'm going to EXPLODE (in a good way) in 30 hours when my Eric finally walks through the door.

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I spent the whole weekend getting ready for his return.

  1. Mowed and fertilized the lawn
  2. Planted new flowers
  3. Got waxed - eyebrows and yes, there too ;)
  4. Cleaned the house
  5. Baked amazing super secret chocolate overload brownies
  6. Went to gym following taste-test of amazing super secret chocolate overload brownies
  7. Built a fort in the living room equipped with six glow sticks (weather yucky so glow lights under tree not happening - thanks for the indoor idea Baker!)
  8. Created a romantic playlist for our fort adventure
  9. Stocked the fridge with Eric's favorites
  10. Dry cleaned the "spanking dress" - another favorite
  11. Cleaned and organized the toy chest
  12. Got a massage so I would CALM DOWN

In about two hours, we will have one last phone call and then he'll be in flight most of the night.  One change of planes after he's back in the States and then HOME around 9 pm.

Let the countdown begin!!!!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Celebrate with Me

Eric is coming home on MONDAY!!!!

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That's 3 days early.

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Time to do the HAPPY DANCE!!!!

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May this week and weekend fly by - celebrate with me!

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

A step back in time - YASP

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Eric mailed me a package that sent me back in time to our dating days; when he was courting me and I was drawing lines in the sand, afraid of relationships and getting hurt again. His gift was placed in a funny little box with a cloth bow.  No special occasion, I found six glow sticks and a new toy.  His card stated that upon his return, we would hang the glow sticks in a tree out back and play under the lights.

Image result for YASPThe card was signed YASP.  Back in the day,
I used to find Eric's business card on my windshield with "YASP!" sketched next to his name. "You are so pretty". Those letters sent me through a time machine of falling in love...

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Eric discovered my favorite animal is the elephant.  He surprised me with a trip to the zoo, handmade a card for me with a fun fact, "Elephants don't eat peanuts" and gave me a box of animal crackers that I still have. That was the day I wished he would hold my hand, even though I'd been pushing him away.

Having been on my own for a long time, Eric did little things, like leave a bag
of fertilizer on my front porch when it was time to get the lawn greened up.
Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food, 5,000 sq ft, Multicolor Suddenly, the single girl had the best yard on the block.

So many memories. I used to write Eric cards everyday that he was gone. He used to surprise me with  a massage certificate, or a card just letting me know he loves me. Sometimes he would get me at work for a quick lunch in the middle of the day "Come on Amy, I got a hall pass, let's play!". I used to undo his belt, slide down his zipper, and play with him under the table while chatting about mundane topics so the neighboring tables had no interest in us. He brought me to life sexually and sometimes I just couldn't resist, him.

I love what we have today and don't want to give any of it up, but I do miss the days of hot pursuit and playful gestures on both of our parts. I've got my glow sticks and toy waiting at the sliding glass door with a soft picnic blanket and a heart full of anticipation. 11 days. "YASP" he says. "YASP"