Monday, February 19, 2018

It don't matter

It's freezing with a wind blown cold front making it's way through town, but it don't matter!

I'm with my kidlets and sibling.

All puffed up and broken am I, but it don't matter!

I'm with my kidlets and sibling.

The wild one got a nose piercing, but it don't matter! (I actually kinda like it)

I'm with my kidlets and sibling.

You may not see me for the rest of the week, but it don't matter!

I'm with my kidlets and sibling.

Calm, content, happy me.

I'm with my kidlets and sibling.


Friday, February 16, 2018

Another carrot

You've all supported me throughout my injury and disappointment in a false start on my goals.
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I'm better, for sure, but it will take more time than I want to give it.  I'm tired of sitting on the couch. I'm tired of being drugged and down. I'm tired of feeling stuck.
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Sooooo, I have another carrot dangled before me.
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If I behave over the weekend and keep icing, keep resting, and keep following doctors orders, I will get to see my sibling and kids on Monday!

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Now there is a great incentive to continue getting stronger.

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Amy, being good and staying on the couch!

Thursday, February 15, 2018


I had to look back to remember what my goals were.  I really ought to post them next to the couch as a reminder.
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1. Eat healthy the entire month of February.
Well that didn't happen.  My wonderful neighbors brought all kinds of lovely lunches and dinners to my house while Eric was away.  Needless to say, when one is down, there is quite a bit of comfort food that is created for said person.  I appreciated it all but with it and taking quite a few drugs, my weight has gone up ten pounds instead of down eleven.  I'm no math major, but I think that means I'm tasked with losing 25 pounds once I'm back on my feet.

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2. Write, write, write.
Thanks to Abby, my esteemed editor and partner in this endeavor, I have written twenty pages that are now in her hands.  I just type away at whatever comes to mind.  She makes it organized and provides insight and inspiration. Woo hoo, Abby. That's ten pages a week!!

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3. Exercise.
Eric suggested, "Three times a week, you do some arm exercises. Bicep curls one day, triceps another day, and shoulders. All from a seated position."  I did that. Once. Sigh

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4. Hydration.
Eric actually lined 20 mini water bottles up on the bathroom counter.  Every time I go in there, I have to drink one before I come back out.  It worked for about a day. I'm such a bad girl when it comes to consistency. 

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Had a post op appointment on my knee and everything is healing well and as expected.  Eric is being a wonderful help but after the incredibly heart wrenching news about the Florida High School shooting, I've gotten quite down. I may not personally know any of the victims but for them all, I'm grieving.

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