Thursday, November 30, 2017

Spanking Dare Number 3- Romantic Wish

Katie dared me to write a romantic wish for Fantasy Friday.

Thank you Katie and thank you PK!

My romantic wish can be found



Saturday, November 25, 2017

Spanking Dare Number Two - All Done Baker!

Eric's birthday is on Tuesday so we skipped town on Thanksgiving and made our way to the beach.  He rented a cute little bungalow close to the water in a place I refer to as paradise.  We will spend a total of five days with our piggies in the sand and then Eric is back to his travels.

Tonight we decided to celebrate the birthday boy.  I'm on a tight budget right now, living in a no spend zone. I had to rely on my creativity to make a present for Eric. I worked on it for hours and hours but enjoyed every second I put into it.  Basically, I wrote him a story about us but I took a bunch of naughty pictures and have them interspersed throughout the pages. I printed it out on my home computer and wrapped it in bright blue and green foil paper. Then I tucked it away in my suitcase.

Meanwhile, my husband was up to his own "tucking" away.  Baker had dared Eric to use the paddle I bought that he's never gotten around to and that was just part one. Part two was to use the slotted spoon in such a way that is was pleasurable rather than painful.  Well Baker, both items made the trip with us!

Mid-day Eric was going out to run a few errands.  I told him I'd stay behind and bake his cake, an odd request since I've never known him to be a cake guy.  As I placed everything on the counter, my husband sneaked up behind me and WHACK, I got a good one with the slotted spoon.

"You brought that!" I squealed but then noticed a little heart tied around the handle.

"Mix the cake with this," Eric said handing it over to me.  "I added the charm so you'd always remember I use it in love."

That man knows just how to make me swoon but could he leave it at that? NO. The"paddle" he's never used appeared next.

"Before I go," he suggested, "let's get these birthday spankings out of the way.  Then I won't have to listen to your boo-hooing because this thing is going to be like swatting you with a brick."

I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it in the first place. It is actually a cutting board and as noted by Mr. Visual, it is quite thick!

"Is that why you never used it before?" I asked, internally planning to make sure the thing does not get packed when we leave.

Eric took my arm and led me to the couch.  He sat down and patted his lap.

"Over you go, Amy Lynn," he grinned.  "It's not every day you get to take my birthday spankings."

Eric is OLD.  Not really.  If he were dishing out birthday chocolates, I would say he is too young. With that darn paddle though, let's just say I did not last beyond his first decade.  Actually, he didn't either.  We both hated it.

"Let's accidentally leave this behind," Eric said putting it down and resuming with a lovely hand spanking.  (Great minds do think alike.)

With nice warm buns, I went about mixing the cake batter with my newly decorated slotted spoon. Eric hung around, looking adorable, flirty, and like he was going to get presents.

"Get undressed," he ordered just as I was about to pour the batter into a sheet pan.

"What? Did you say get undressed?"

Eric frowned.  "Don't question me.  Take your clothes off, NOW."

Not sure where he was going with this, I stripped down and was told to lay on my back on the counter top.  Then, dipping the slotted spoon in the cake mix, Eric took his time drawing little heart shapes all over my body.

"You're going to make a mess!" I scolded, his lips tasting a heart drawn around my left nipple.

"It's okay," he said, kissing another one further down my thigh.  "It's my birthday.  Somebody else will clean it up."

I can't complain, even though we all know that "somebody else" is me.  Eric is happy and relaxed and incredibly fun to be around right now.

We never did bake the cake.  Eric doesn't really eat cake and he's out now, running those errands, while I shower and get ready for our birthday party for two.

Thank you Baker, for the fun dare.  The slotted spoon has a new place in our lives and the other, not sure where that thing went.


Thursday, November 23, 2017

One down - Meredith's Dare

During LOL days, we played Truth or Dare and Meredith dared Eric to give me an outdoor spanking. Spoiler alert! One down, two to go!

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Wednesday was a half day at work and by two o'clock, Eric and I were free from the chains of his career and my J-O-B.

"Are you ready to go?" he asked, referring to our traditional pre-eat-all-day hike into the hills.  It was a beautiful day, unseasonably warm, and I was excited.  I love this hike, one we used to do regularly when we were dating, and it had been two years since we had been back.

The trail was lined with trees fashionably displaying red, orange, and yellow leaves.  We held hands, listened to the babbling creek, pointed out the occasional newt wandering the trail, and chatted about the year we've had.

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As we neared the top of the ridge, Eric squeezed my hand and told me we were going to veer off the path. Mind you, my guy is adventurous but he's also a total rule follower so "veering off the path," not something I ever expected from him!

We stomped through thick wooded patches, jumped across the creek on wobbly rocks, climbed over a fallen tree and eventually come out into a tall grassy meadow surrounded by bright yellow quaking aspens.  It was amazing.

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"Amy Lynn," there it was. The familiar voice, the tone, the first AND middle name. "Do you see that tree trunk over there? The one next to the mossy rock?"

"Yes Sir," I replied, playing up the part.

"I want you to pull those shorts down to your knees and bend over with your hands against that tree."

I walked across the meadow and slowly tucked my thumbs into the waist band of black spandex running shorts.  Inch by inch, I pulled them over my cheeks, down my thighs and to my knees.  Then I leaned forward and held onto the white peeling bark of the aspen.  A few minutes passed and then Eric tucked my hair off to the side and placed his lips to my ear.

"You are so sexy, pretty girl," he whispered and gently kissed the side of my face. "The way the sunlight framed your body, your beautiful ass, I could have looked at you forever."

I went to stand, wanted to embrace and kiss my sweet husband but Eric caught my hands and placed them back on the tree.

"Uh, uh, young lady," he scolded.  "Someone is getting a spanking."

Those words.  The whole scene.  I owe you one, Meredith.  It was incredible.

Eric lined himself up and snapped my electric blue thong.

"Not much protection darling," he said and then right there, in the most gorgeous spot on earth, his hand proceeded to spank my bottom until my cheeks were a sizzling crimson.

Eric stepped back and eyed his work before running his hands through my hair.

"I love you, pretty girl," he said and his fingers clasped my thong and pulled it and my shorts down to the ground.  I spread my legs and braced myself against the tree while he... well, this is really a spanking blog rather than a sexual site so I'll leave the rest up to your imagination, but... yes.

Our trek back to the car was one of unbelievable closeness.  A day to remember. A reminder of how important it is to play, be silly, and have fun together.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May you have a stress-free weekend of love and laughter and just maybe, your own outdoor spanking.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Truth or Dare - the Truths

Hello LOL Party Attendees,
Thank you for playing truth or dare with us.  The dares will take a bit longer to complete but I thought it would be good to post the truths here. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.  Hope everyone is happy, healthy, and hugged this year.  After all, every spanking should be followed up with a hug. ;)

Cat: What are Eric's favorite and least favorite implements? What are Amy's favorite and least favorite implements?

Amy: Eric's favorite is a leather strap that fits perfectly in his hand. His least favorite implement is a small wooden cutting board that I gave him with grand visions of it landing across my cheeks. He's never used it, not even once. As for me, my favorite is Eric's black weave leather belt; for sentimental reasons I suppose. His hand, also a favorite. Especially when I'm over his knee. Least favorite? The slotted spoon. Hurts like hell and used only in punishment, never for pleasure. 

Jan: How often do you provoke Eric into spanking you just because you fancy one? Or are you naturally naughty?

Amy and Eric:  I would say I provoke Eric most often while he is traveling. Perhaps it is a bit of long distance foreplay, a little tease to keep us both going while he is gone. Naughty? Not really. Only when I'm provoked by my husband to act out. Mind you, Eric said he would answer your question differently. He says, "Amy Lynn? Naughty?" (Imagine a huge grin here.) "Let's just say, I've always got a reason to put her over my knee."

Katie: The post that you wrote, describing the wonderful, dinner, spankings and fun that Eric surprised you with recently was SO romantic! LOVED it! What other romantic adventures have you both had? If you could dream up another romantic scenario, what would it look like?

Amy: I will say, Eric is quite the romantic. He often surprises me with flowers, or better yet, plants that continue to bloom throughout the year.  He will draw me a bath, brush my hair, and be a perfect gentleman when we are out. He sends playful texts and messages while he travels and he usually comes home with a bunch of "fun facts" about where he has been. I'll do a full blown post about my dream romantic scenario but most recently, he touched my heart with this... the last time Eric was traveling we were both spending a large amount of time talking about how horny we were, how much we wanted sex, how we couldn't wait to blank and blank and blank. He flew in fairly late and we were both completely wound up but the text he sent from the airport said, "I just want to make out with you." It was so sweet. A whole night of just soft, sensual kisses and then we drifted off in each other's arms.

Ella: Have you ever read that book, Consensual Spanking?

Amy: Sadly, I haven't read anything but text books in three years! Oh, except for Ronnie's books. I read those.  Next, I plan to read PK's Cassie series.  There are ten now! Do I start with one or ten? Help!

Deena: What is the most difficult part of this dynamic for each of you, and what is the best?

Amy: Hands down, the most difficult part for us is lack of time. We would do so much more but it's hard to be consistent with Eric's travel schedule and I've been in school for the past three years. Life gets in the way, you know?

The best part is, the dynamic has taught us to truly communicate well with each other and the closeness that has come from that is incredible.  Also, neither of us holds onto emotional baggage anymore.  Eric gets the physical release when he spanks me and I have no need to carry years of self inflicted guilt around. Emotional freedom.  Oh, and some really fun and sexy play times as well. ;)

Lindy: With Eric traveling so much do you ever get a chance to go also? If so does he spank in motel rooms with his favourite strap or a quiet implement.

Amy: We tried, in the beginning, to have me join Eric on his work travels but it did not turn out well.  When he's working, it is non-stop meetings and calls, long long days, and many long nights.  I was alone a lot and then he would feel bad that we didn't get to do anything together.  However, when we vacation together, especially at the beach, the spankings continue and in some cases, increase.  Eric is very conscientious about not being too loud when we have relatives around. Hence, the wire hanger that seems to travel with us.  However, when it's just us, that man holds back for nothing!  Once we were in a hotel and I was just being really mouthy and obnoxious (Me? Certainly this was a one time thing) during a buffet breakfast.  When we finished up, Eric went over to the kid making pancakes and asked if he could borrow his spatula because, "My wife has been begging for a spanking all morning." The poor boy looked like a deer in the headlights, but he handed it over and I got marched up to our room, spanked, and then had to return the implement to the dining room.  I don't know who was more embarrassed. Me or the server!

Friday, November 17, 2017

LOL Party Game

It's Love our Lurkers Day Two!

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Welcome to the party.

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How about a party game?

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This is a 

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between Eric 51% and Amy 49%.

Whether you are a Lurker 

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or long time Blog friend, 

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let's play!

Leave a question, "truth"
 or a "dare" in the comment section
and we will either answer or turn the dare into an upcoming post.

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Have fun!

Amy and Eric