Saturday, October 28, 2017

An Unexpected Dinner Party

There were butterflies, the thrill of anticipation, and moments of giddy excitement from the time I noticed my Band of Thieves Membership list was missing this morning, until the time I received a text from Eric. Suddenly, all thoughts of Blogland were gone and I was full speed ahead in party planning mode.

"Sweet Pea, I know it's last minute but Ben is sick so we are having 14 out-of-town dinner guests tonight! I'll take care of the food.  Please get the house ready. Going into a meeting. Text you soon."

A few days ago, Eric had mentioned that his partner would be hosting a dinner for a number of clients from other states.  I thought little of it as I never attend client events but only go to the annual work functions his company puts on. 14 people?! Thank goodness I only work a half-day on Fridays.

I raced home at noon.  By then I had received a few additional bits of information so I vacuumed, cleaned off counters, lemon pledged the furniture, and put on a little black dress.  Our dining table seats eight and the kitchen table seats six, so I was able to accommodate fourteen even though the party goers would be eating in two different rooms.

Eric got home around 5:30 pm, with a huge bouquet of beautiful orange and yellow flowers. I split it into two vases and decorated each table while my husband prepared dinner. He told me the food would be ready at 7, with our guests arriving about 6:30 pm. He was happy and all smiles, proud of the way the house and his wife looked.  He kissed me, tucked my hair behind my ear, and whispered "I'd hit that" as he reached under my dress and lightly smacked my bottom. He was flirty and fun, the relaxed easy-to-be-with man I'd fallen for five years ago.

"I'm going to make place cards," Eric said, shuffling through the desk drawer and pulling out my calligraphy pen and some card stock. "Would you mind running to the store for dessert? I've still got to change before everyone arrives."

I zipped out the door for a peach pie and a couple pints of ice cream.  When I was in line for checkout, Eric text, "Hurry Amy. Everyone is here."

Twenty minutes later I pulled into our garage and heard music coming from the house.  I opened the door and was greeted with a passionate kiss from my sexy husband.  He was wearing my favorite shirt and pants; classy, black, and fitted. He took the bags from me and went into the kitchen.  The house smelled of his famous carne asada but was empty except for the two of us.

"Where is everyone?" I asked. "I thought you said they were all here."

Eric grinned and handed me a crystal wine glass full of sparkling grape juice. He raised a matching glass and toasted, "They're all here, Amy Lynn.  Everyone is seated at the tables."

Confused, I looked at the kitchen table.  The flowers were gorgeous, placed in the center of a festive looking table cloth with matching napkins tucked in copper rings.  At each seat, was a small folded place card with a name sketched across it.

I looked at the first name.


Next to it, "Lindy".

By the third name, "Ella", there was no doubt who our guests were to be.

I gulped and every nerve in my body sprang to life.  Eric was beside himself with pleasure.

"Tonight, my naughty Amy Lynn, you will meet your band of thieves first hand."

He gestured toward the table once more and then I saw it, on the chair under the place card "Ronnie" was a blind wand.  My eyes grew wider as I went from chair to chair; each with an implement resting on the seat.

Eric beamed.  He had been planning this for days; planted seeds and set me up just perfectly.  Having been apart for quite some time, I had been reading the blogs to him during some of our calls. At one point, Baker was having people suggest names for a new paddle of theirs.  Ella's husband and some of the others had also named various implements.  Eric decided the Band of Thieves would each earn a place in our discipline box.

Honestly, we spent a rather romantic evening during our "dinner party".  We ate, danced, and chatted in between "meeting" and "spending time" with each of our guests. One by one, Eric would say something like, "Amy, I'd like you to meet Penny," and then he'd put me over his knee and give me ten good swats with our newly named implement.  This went on for a couple of hours; silly, seductive, and spankie all in one.

I was introduced to the following:
Penny - Riding Crop
Katie t - Belt
Terpsichore - Hair brush
Ronnie - Blind Wand
PK - School stick
Blondie - Eric's Favorite Strap
Jan - Leather paddle with three red hearts
Leigh - Ping Pong Paddle
Meredith - Slotted wooden spoon
DelFonte - Wire hanger
Ella - Cheese Board
Rosie Jones - Flogger
Lindy - Wooden spoon

At the end of the evening, Eric brought out the big gun, "Sir Strap" and asked me if we should rename it Jz since she was the original thief; though she'd been given permission. ;)  I took ten in her honor and with cheeks on fire, we called it a night.

Music turned down, lights low, Eric and I made our way to the bedroom.  We opened the chest and tucked each of our implements away, reminding each other who was who.

"Better behave, Amy Lynn, or Blondie will be coming to visit."

"If you get mouthy, young lady, you'll be spending some time with Meredith or Ella."

My silly man.  I love how much attention he pays to what is important to me.  I truly appreciate all of my Blog friends and for those of you who played along and became a thief, we now have an implement named after you.  And for those of you who didn't play but just followed along, thank you for being there.

As for thieving? I have definitely learned my lesson.  It is TOTALLY WORTH IT.


Friday, October 27, 2017

The Band of Thieves Member List

Am running late for work

Eric has been home all week but we've both had too much going on and have barely seen each other.

The Band of Thieves Member List has stayed on his nightstand ever since I gave it to him six days ago.

This morning,

Eric left well before I even opened my eyes.

I took my time getting up,

rolled onto his side of the bed,

hugged his pillow and noticed,

the list is gone.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Homecoming Paddling

Eric came home Thursday, late.  He was jet lagged and worn out.

Friday was busy and we didn't end up seeing each other until after 9pm when I came home from a co-workers graduation event.  The lights were off, except for a small table lamp in the den.  Eric was seated on the far end of our couch.

"Come in here Love," he said and I kicked off my heels and went to him.  He looked comfortable, in casual jeans and a blue and yellow plaid button down. He seemed relaxed, patient, and calm.

When I walked over to him, Eric's hands slipped under my dress and pulled the black satin thong from my hips to the floor.  He lifted the pleats, up around my waist, and pulled me into a seated position on his lap.  Passionately, he kissed my lips and I nestled into his arms, feeling safe and securely buried against the chest of the man I married.

"Tell me about your boss," Eric said, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear and looking intently into my eyes.  "I want to know everything that happened and where you stand today."

Eric has always been a good listener, a skill we both picked up with endless hours and days on the phone rather than in person.  True to form, I spent an hour detailing every second of my distaste for my boss, the situation, and the drama that had ensued while Eric was away.  There was no judgement, no condemning, and no outrageous reaction to my tale. Just a quiet understanding of what I had been through.

"Did you write everything down?" Eric asked at the end of my story.

"Yes," I said emphatically, but my body language did not give the resounding confirmation that my voice was attempting to portray.

"Aaaaaaamy?!" The tone.  Ugh. I know that tone all too well.

"Yes Eric!" I reiterated.  "Yes, I wrote it down.  It's just that, I wrote it in the blog so I haven't technically put it in something that I could turn over to HR but it is written. If I ever had to complain, I could easily rewrite it."

Eric didn't move a muscle but simply said, "You need to write something that you can turn over to HR."

I nodded.

"And as a reminder, I'm going to turn you over my knee right now and spank you for not doing it right the first time."

I heard the words and then there was this pregnant pause.  You know what I mean? That moment of realization where even your breath stands still, your body knowing full well what is coming while your mind takes a moment for it to truly sink in.

As promised, dress and I flipped from the safe keeping of a giant hug, to a solid head down, butt up position across his lap.  Eric took his time spanking each cheek, hard and steady as he made his point.

"You are an intelligent, trusted, hard-working woman who deserves to be respected as a valued employee at work," he insisted as his palm landed squarely on my bottom.  "You did the right thing, standing up for yourself, but you have to follow through with documentation or it won't matter."

My cheeks were quite warm by this point in the lecture and I was just about to reach back, when Eric paused.

"Amy Lynn, I am proud of you," he said and I relaxed, draped over his knee with my hands holding onto his ankle.

Eric told me to spread my legs and I closed my eyes, expecting his fingers to dance and play with my girl parts.


I jumped and my hand grasped the searing flesh of my right buttock where the cheese board had just made it's mark.  Ready, Eric clasped my wrist and pinned it down to the small of my back, swatting the same spot five more times while I screamed out and begged him to stop.

Finally, the board was placed on the floor and Eric's hands massaged and caressed all of the places that longed for his touch.  His cock cut into the side of my ribs, stretching beneath the denim of his jeans, and we both knew homecoming was not far off.

Eric shifted and then picked up the board again.

"I'm going to punish you, Amy Lynn, " he said with a strong authoritative voice. "All I wanted tonight was to make love to you but instead, I'm going to paddle you for making me wait while you finish your job."

I wriggled and twisted, trying to avoid another round with that paddle and promising that we could go straight to the bedroom. There was no need to wait, but Eric's arm was already tightly holding my middle as he leaned across my back.

Fifteen hard smacks and I was on my knees on the floor, clutching each cheek and melting under the burn of wood on skin.

Eric stood and walked into the kitchen, pulling an old farmhouse style chair up to the table and opening my laptop.  Led by the back of the arm, I was seated on my bare red ass and told in no uncertain terms that I was not to leave that spot until a written account suitable for HR was complete.

I started to type and Eric called my name one more time. Turning, I found him standing on the stairs, halfway up to our room.  His jeans were unzipped and down around his knees.  There was no question he was ready for me to be done.

"Better type fast," he said, his eyes glistening and a huge grin across his face.  "We'll be waiting for you!"

Eric stepped out of his jeans and turned, his sexy butt walking away up the stairs.  Trust me, it took every ounce of restraint I had not to run up behind him and smack that thing. ;)

"Oh, and Amy," he called out as an after thought.  "When you finish that memo, I'm going to need a list of your band of thieves."

Eric peeked back at me and raised his eyebrow.

"I've been reading," he noted, shaking his finger at me, "I know what you bad girls have been up to."

I don't think I've ever typed so fast.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Eric Michael! We need to talk.

Do you ever just need a helluva spanking just to clear your mind, settle your nerves, and handle a situation?  Uh, I'm there.

Eric has been gone for awhile and if all goes well he'll be back on Thursday.  Thank goodness for my band of thieves.  At last count, I think I am due 170 swats and boy am I ready.  I'm wound so tight right now it literally seems impossible for me to make a rational or logical move.

Eric is my HOH and I've mentioned this before.  He can scold me, punish me, put me in the corner; the list goes on and on.  He can and has done it all but never once, not one single time, has he ever made me feel disrespected or under valued.  My boss at work, on the other hand, has a habit of it.

No need to bore you with the details but my boss can be very degrading and when he made his way to my office and decided to pick apart the way I speak, the educated ideas I have, and the value I provide, I walked out on him.  Literally got up and left my own office after telling him that nobody deserves to be made the way I feel at work.

When I relay this story to Eric, I know he will remind me that he has been telling me for years to stand up for myself and to document every single time my boss makes me feel this way.  I've finally done it.  I just don't know what the ramifications will be.  I hope Eric is proud of me, though at the moment I'm wondering if the risk I took will prove to be not at all worth the reward.  I truly love my job and would hate for it to change or worse, go away.  The straw broke. I just couldn't take the abuse anymore.

On Thursday, Eric and I will "talk".  By then I'll know the consequences of my actions at the J-O-B and I'll be even more ready for a reset, courtesy of my Band of Thieves.  Stay tuned!