Sunday, June 4, 2017

What is FetLife all about?

I read blogs.

People mention FetLife here and there; many quit blogging once they join.

They quit writing everyday and pop in now and then to say their lives have changed drastically.

I watch videos.

People share email addresses and stories.

FetLife names pop up now and then.

The actors refer to each other by them.

I wonder.

What's it all about?

Can you enlighten me?



  1. Amy I would also like to know what Fetlife is all about. So this is a great question. Hope everything is going well for you and Eric.

    Hugs Lindy xx

  2. He's traveling too much but otherwise, things are great. When he is home, we couldn't be happier. Let's hope we get some good feedback here. I'm ready to explore with my free time but not sure about it all. Hope you are having a great summer? Or is it winter there? :) Amy

    1. Its winter over here Amy and a bot chilly. We don't get as cold as the USA but its cold enough for me. Its been down to 1c in the mornings already and winters only just started.
      Enjoy your summer.


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