Thursday, September 22, 2016

Self Discipline; Spank that Red Ass, Amy

I've been spiraling downward; too lonely, too many changes at work, too much homework, not enough sleep.

Eric said enough was enough.  He told me to get the big strap, "Sir Strap" out of the chest and place it on our dresser.  He instructed me to call him the minute I got home from work.

"Did you do as I asked, Amy?"

His voice was stern and authoritative.  There was no question, I was to comply and do so without pause.

"Yes Sir."

I can answer him with that now.

"We are going to set your mind straight, honey."

I knew what he meant.  I was in desperate need of a reset.

Eric had me strip down to nothing.  He asked me to describe my body in the mirror, explain the curves, send him a before picture of my "pristine little ass".

When he'd seen and heard enough, Eric instructed me to take Sir Strap and on his count, inflict five swats on each cheek.  We started with "one" but he couldn't hear the slap on the phone so we had to begin again.

"Harder Amy."  We both needed this to work.  "Reset your mind honey. Shut it down so you can carry on."

I whipped my own ass, to my husbands count, until he could hear me catch my breath and prance around the room.

"Do you need another round?" he asked.

I wanted to say "no" but knew I wasn't quite there.  Ten more, each cheek and I was a heck of a lot closer.

"Get in the corner, Amy."

He was so strong and firm through the phone.  I didn't hesitate.  Took my place, nipples against the wall.

"Think about what you need to do this weekend and promise me, no matter what, you will get your homework done."

I promised.

"I mean it Amy," he insisted.  "No matter what, you will get everything done."

"Yes."  I said it again.

"How red is your ass?" he asked and the tone changed to curiously playful.

I grinned.

"That's for me to know and you to miss out on," I said, mouthy and feeling much more like myself.

"It better be red," he threatened.  "My Red Ass Amy."

For a moment, there was silence and I relaxed into the wall and felt my bottom sting while my heart filled with peace and comfort in the closeness between us.

"I'm coming to see," he said and my mind didn't register, the words not making sense, not even when followed by the sound of the garage door opening.

I stood, naked and not fully understanding.

Suddenly, Eric was running up the stairs.

"I'm home honey!" he yelled and I jumped, racing down the hall and crashing into his arms with tears streaming down my face.

Five weeks early. Unexpected. Untold.

Eric said he didn't want to disappoint me in case it didn't happen.

There is no disappointment.

My husband is home.

He looks amazing.

He is, amazing.

I'm still in disbelief, but I'm breathing and smiling and happy, so happy.

And, I'll be keeping my promise because next time this girl gets behind, Eric is home to take care of business.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Spanked with a belt for not making the bed

Two days of a three day weekend have slipped away
and I've done almost eleven hours of school work.

I know Eric is proud and doing his best to keep me motivated.

I drove in the darkness, wanting nothing more than to crawl into bed.

I ran upstairs and was shocked to see, the bed was not made.  I flash backed....

Kids, work, school, volunteering, exercise; this girl always has her hands full
and things seemed extra busy for whatever reason.  I came home from a late night
meeting and Eric met me at the top of the stairs.

"The bed is unmade, young lady," he said as he followed me into our room.

There, in the middle of the mattress, was a mound of sheets and blankets all wrapped up in each other. On the floor, lay a million pillows that usually rest in a neat little line along the headboard.

I could barely remember the previous two hours, let alone what had, or rather hadn't taken place that morning.  I turned to acknowledge his observation just in time to see his hands undo his belt buckle and then pull, one loop after the other, the thick leather woven belt from his pants.

"What are you doing?!" I asked, stepping back against the door for protection.

Eric gestured toward the hope chest at the end of our bed; a place I've found myself kneeling before.

"For not making the bed?!" I exclaimed.  "Are you kidding me?!  Since when was that a punishable offense? We never talked about that. I just make the bed because I like it that way!"

Eric stood solid for a moment and then asked, "Are you done, Miss Mouthy? If so, I'd like to see your ass over the back of the bed please."

I was floored, and furious, and freaked out and ... five strokes in, feeling much more relaxed and in control.

We talked after a truly sound whipping and Eric enlightened me on a simple fact.  

"You always make the bed, honey," he explained.  "So anytime it's left a mess, I know you're overwhelmed and need a reset."

He's right.  And here I lie, in an unmade bed, typing on a blog when what I really need, is a round with his belt.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Waiting for you

Another busy day,
followed by a long weekend packed with "I have to"
I crawl into our bed, alone
to face another night
without you
between the sheets
breathing softly
next to me
as I rest
in your arms.

You are in another time zone
and it's nearly impossible
to get a moment together.

I close my eyes.

At some point in the night
my phone plays a sweet simple tune.

Your text pierces through the darkness,
"Amy don't reply. I just wanted to say how HOT you are"

I nuzzle deeper into my pillow,
my body smiles at the thought of you
imagining yourself coming in behind me.

"Eric loves Amy"

Your second text lands like a warm blanket
gently placed overtop of my tired bones
It's wraps around my shoulders, breasts, belly and bottom
My feet stay free
too hot to be covered

"I can't wait to see..." (this text is too graphic to share)

You have set the fantasy in motion
erased the lists of "to do" in my head
and released my mind
from all thoughts other than those
of you and me
in the world we have created for ourselves
as lovers
as a couple
as husband and wife.
I drift off and dream of you coming home
for good
for a lifetime of erotic exotic adventure.

I miss the last text,
your first three having tucked me in
and sent me off to a safe and comfortable place
of love and security.

I wake to begin another busy day without you
but your words glow on the screen,

"I love you"

and I know I can get through one more day,
take one more step
wait one more moment
because you are out there
working your way
home to me.

The simplest gesture,
as tiny as a text brightening our room
in the middle of the night
brings peace to my heart
while I wait for you.