Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Dent in the Car: a serious off-the-cuff, hands down whipping

The dent in the car, has been there for over a year.

I backed into someone,
who was parked directly behind me.

I tend to drive in reverse, while looking forward, when leaving our house.
This is something I'm working to change but when it initially happened, Eric was nothing but concerned for my safety and lovingly protective.  We hadn't started ttwd yet but still, I think in any accident, he would remain steadfast in his most caring and non-punishing role.

Recently, unrelated to the paragraph above, the doctor gave us the green light to jump back in bed and passionately reconnect with all of my body parts after a 21 day restriction following minor surgery.
Seventy two heavenly hours and I got scolded only once; by Blondie no less! I was on the blog mid-sexual extravaganza when she reminded me not to waste time, "And you are spending time blogging???? Get back into that bed and only come out to shower and eat!" That is some truly sound advice , but I digress.

Between bouts, Eric and I had scrolled around the internet; looked at other blogs, watched a few videos and checked out the toy stores. New Beginnings had a post about getting a real discipline spanking but in many cases, the punishment is such a sexual high for the HOH, it feels more like foreplay than anything else.  Eric agreed, spanking is a huge turn on and though I also fantasize about experiencing a serious off-the-cuff, hands down whipping; we know the odds are against us.  Our conversation was good but this weekend, role play and spanking didn't come into our romantic hiatus. 

Day three, the  bedroom smelled of gooey sweaty sex and Eric announced he had a conference call. We'd both been craving ripe juicy cherries from the local farmers market so I offered to pick up a couple of pounds while he finished working.  He put on some khakis and a thin brown belt, then walked me to the car.  Shirtless and handsome as hell, he stood waving as I backed out.  I repeat, shirtless and handsome as hell, NO I WASN'T LOOKING BEHIND ME!  Obviously (dripping with sarcasm, like this was his fault), my eyes were on him. 

Well, let's just the say the "wave" turned into a "get your ass back in this garage right NOW young lady" and next thing you know, I was being pulled out of the car by my arm and marched over to the dent from my previous accident. (Refer to paragraph one if I have lulled you into a state of forgetfulness by now.)

Bent at the waist, hands on either side of the dent, framing it for my eyes only, I stood perfectly still while my husband whipped my butt with that thin brown belt.  He was fuming.  Said something about, "could have killed someone" and "what will it take for you to learn?"  

Eric finished and spun me around. He told to march upstairs, remove my jeans, pull out the hairbrush and find a spot in the corner.

OMG. Here it was. That moment of dread, the "careful what you wish for" voice in my head. The long never ending climb up the stairs. The trip to the chest of implements and the cold hard hairbrush in my hands.  Shoes off. Pants down. A glance at already rose colored cheeks in the mirror.  The silence broken by my breathing and his feet in the hall.

"Amy Lynn," Eric sounded authoritative and completely in command of our world, "Over my knee."

I turned to see STILL shirtless and handsome as hell, seated in the spanking chair and holding out his hand for the hairbrush.  Over I went and the lecture began.

"I love you, Amy Lynn but we are ending this habit of backing out without looking TODAY."

I swear, that darn brush felt like it took a bite right out of my ass.  I threw my hand back but Eric just folded it at the elbow and pinned it below my shoulder blades.  I kicked my feet but Eric just wrapped his own leg around them and stuck, in place, I became.  I yelped. I bellowed. I begged and I promised but the hairbrush did not stop until I lay limp and still over his lap.

Eric placed the brush on the floor and with the cool touch of his hand, gently caressed my stinging buns.

"It's okay now, honey" he cooed, stroking away the pain and my embarrassment for truly deserving a spanking.

"I'm sorry," was the most I could muster before he kissed my forehead and placed me back in the corner.

"I have to get on that call," he warned, tapping the wall where he indicated I stay.

I thought about the heat my body experienced; first in being called out for driving so poorly, second during the belting in the garage and third when the wooden surface of the hairbrush relentlessly smacked my behind. 

A drawer opened and closed.  The faucet turned on, water rushed, again the drawer opened and closed.

"Bend over."

I was sure I'd misheard.  Eric had his call.  I was duly punished.  We were moving on.

"Bend over and spread your cheeks."

There was no mishearing.  There was no misunderstanding.  Nose to knees, my hands opened my cheeks and slowly, carefully, Eric inserted the largest butt plug we own. It was lightly coated with minty, burning, toothpaste.

I swallowed hard as Eric stood me upright, staring straight into my eyes. 

"You will go to the market,
and get those cherries,
with this plug in place,
as a constant reminder to pay attention while you're on the road. 
Am I clear?!"

My cheeks flexed around the plug and a constant sting radiated from the toothpaste.

"Yes sir," I whispered, nodding and reaching for my clothes. 

Eric ran off to his call and I drove, rather defensively I must admit, both to and from the store.
That night, after another lovely evening of romantic play (with fresh juicy cherries nibbled off my belly) Eric asked, "So how was your real taste of discipline today? Everything you thought it would be?"

I flushed, ashamed and a little surprised he wanted to discuss it.

"So glad we'd just spent three days fucking each others brains out," he continued, slapping at my tender cheeks. "Or I'd never been able to pull that off.  Spanking you is so HOT!"

I giggled.

I totally love that guy.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So much to tell you


Yes, the green light was INCREDIBLE.

No, I haven't been in bed this entire time.

I was also fucked in the closet.

And screwed on the kitchen counter.

Not to mention... the floor, shower and on all fours over the spanking chair.

Not talking though.

Not the kiss-and-tell type of girl AND

am grounded off this blog. ;(

Ten days and the semester is over.

Too much homework to do.

I'll be back soon.

I have a story for you - this girl actually got punished for real (in between all that lovin').

"The dent in the car" will be my first sentence

of that story.

Don't forget me!!

"YES ERIC!  I'm logging off right now!!"

Amy ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Could our sexual hiatus be coming to an end?! The answer

One little Amy, jumping on the bed
She fell off and bonked her ... well, it wasn't her head
Eric called the doctor and the doctor said,
YES YES Amy, get back in bed!

That's right, we got the green light.




Monday, May 9, 2016

I see you!

Hello Love!

You just popped on the blog.

I see you!! Quack quack.

I love you!!!!

I miss you!!!!!!

Kiss U,


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Could our sexual hiatus be coming to an end?! Say YES!!!

There is a woman in line in front of us at the grocery store. 
She has three Chinese eggplants in her basket. 

Eric whispers, "Monday, my Chinese eggplant will be in your basket."

I blush and become instantly wet between my legs.  

It has been weeks since my minor surgery and the follow-up appointment is finally here.  

Fingers crossed for the green light.

Amy, S.L.S.

Stop it Amy. (This must be what sub drop feels like.)

Eric and I had a wonderful night on Monday even though we weren't together last week. (See prior post: Lectured - "Off to class with you, young lady") Not two days later, I was feeling blue and questioning everything. I wrote the following:

Another night on the phone. Eric was supposed to be home for dinner. That got changed to "running late", which became, "don't wait up".

The pout I texted didn't seem to make a difference.

Eric's been in work mode and though no fault of his own, I'm feeling sad and neglected. He's constantly "running for the border" but the border is the opposite direction of where I am.

"Snuggle down, covers up, good night sweetheart. I love you."

I wasn't ready to get off the phone.

"I'm not tired," I stated like a four year old trying to get out of bedtime.

"Yes you are," he sounded confused.  "You've been telling me all day how tired you are."

I huffed and puffed; really feeling the pout pressure cooker boiling inside. Before this new job assignment of his, we would text throughout the day, meet for lunch, go for a hike, catch a movie, hang at the library, head for the beach. Now it's always about someone else's demands and all of his downtime is spent anywhere but home.

"Amy," his voice was stern.  "Why are you acting like this?"

I wanted to throw a fit.  I wanted to hit the floor kicking and screaming that I'm tired of never having any time together.  I wanted to stomp my feet and cry from the hurt that everyone else in his life is in front of me. And I wanted to bawl because the fun times he has are always on weekends when he's working and we are apart.

"Our whole relationship is becoming phone calls!"

Eric 0% Amy 0% Phone 100%

(Note: I love the phone calls and never want to give them up but it's starting to feel like we are married to AT&T.)

My exasperation came out high pitched and hysterical and Eric went silent.

Then the call dropped.

I threw a textbook across the room and burst into tears. What was I thinking? I'd spent years alone, building a hard shell that no one could penetrate so I wouldn't be hurt again and here I was, married to the man of my dreams but because of the situation, unable to do any of the things we talked about doing.

The phone rang but I was crying too hard to answer.  The idea of running away grabbed hold and I took off. I ran and ran and ran. I injured my foot I ran so hard. Classic.

When I got home, I listened to the message he left.

"Stop it Amy."

I called him back.

"I'm running," I said when he answered.

"I know," was the reply. "I expected it.  The semester is coming to an end, you are stressed and overtired and I can't be there the way we want me to be."

"Do you still want to?" I asked. "Do you still want to be married to me?"

"Stop it Amy."


"I'm too upset to sleep," I cried.

Eric sighed.

"Go to sleep, love. I'll be back late tonight and we can talk tomorrow."

The anxiety released under my skin. He wasn't reassuring me. He wasn't saying what I wanted to hear or needed him to say.  Suddenly I wanted to vomit and questioned everything.

We sat in silence and my tummy hurt.

"Amy," Eric finally broke in. "What are you doing?"

I paused.


"AMY, get in bed NOW."

My eyes welled up with tears again.

"I'm not tired," I said quietly.

The old Eric would have said something like "this obviously isn't a good time to talk so we'll catch up later" and hung up, leaving me to wonder even more why his love had suddenly been swept away.

The new Eric handled it very differently.

"Amy Lynn, you are under a ton of stress right now and you're way overtired. You can be a good girl and go to sleep or you can wait three hours until I am home, get your butt spanked with my belt and then go to sleep. It's your choice."

"That doesn't sound like much of a choice," I complained, suddenly feeling like maybe he cared after all.

"Get up," he commanded. "Go to the closet and get my belt. Hang it over the foot board and then go to bed. If you're still awake when I get home, that belt will be kissing your ass goodnight."

I hung the belt as instructed and noticed the sickness in my belly had changed to a somewhat nervous excitement.

"Snuggle down, covers up, and GO TO SLEEP."

"I'll try," I lied.

I curled up around Eric's pillow and smiled, anticipation of his return filling my mind.

Then I fell asleep.

Didn't even hear him come in.

Not eight hours later, we were both at work again.

Eric and I still haven't talked. He's back on the road for two more days and then... maybe I should just go back to bed. My head keeps dreading the future, when I'll have free time and he will be off in another world without me. Sunny days make me miss him more.

Kiss me like you miss me, Eric.


Maybe this is sub drop!  Abby talked about it in her most recent post.  It's the emotional low after the emotional high of an intense session or closeness. (I go through the same thing after a fabulous vacation. Hmmm.) Life is really getting in the way of our spending time together but the time we do get, we've been extremely close in our conversations, closet time and our bondage/spanking exploration. 

I should just quit overthinking everything and get my homework done. Ack! Here I go again.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lectured - "Off to class with you, young lady"

The semester is coming to an end; only three weeks left and a ton of papers, projects and presentations staring me in the face.

I spent two hours playing with our "toys" while I waited for Eric to make his good night call after a late meeting.  I planned to cum with him in my ear and playfully texted sexual innuendos to entice him away from his work world and into our closet.

"I'm in the corner, wearing your t-shirt and the purple plug, waiting for further instructions, Sir."

I knew that would get him.  "Sir." (Giggle)

He didn't reply, during the sixty seconds I managed to stand still with my nose to the wall.

In the closet, I lay on my back, vibrating rabbit riding my clit while I imagined Eric standing over me, fully erect and wanting.  He called shortly after I came and we talked about the sexy details at length; phone sex for my long distance husband.

"I can't believe you didn't wait for me," he said, adjusting his cock for the rest of the drive.  "Maybe I should make you come again."

He did. Phone sex for me. It was amazing.

I was already ultra sensitive; lips swollen and clit on high alert.

My orgasm rolled, legs shook and pleasure escaped in a passionate scream.

Eric reached the hotel and checked in while I showered.  He called back to tuck me in.

"Snuggle down, covers up, good night sweetheart. I love you."

"Good night honey," I replied. "I love you too. Oh, and tomorrow I decided to skip class so I can work on one of my final papers. I never have enough time to get everything done so I'm just going to hit the library for three hours instead of sitting through another lecture that won't help my grade."

The title of our blog is Eric51Amy49 because we truly have an equal partnership. I'm very independent and Eric is beyond supportive, but since discovering ttwd, both of us are starting to enjoy his HOH side. I did not, however, expect to hear any dominance in reaction to my final statement before drifting happily off to sleep. Instead, I got a surprise lecture.

"You had enough time to spend two hours masturbating in the closet, cum without me and then get back on the rabbit to cum with me; but you have to skip class to get your homework done?! I don't think so, young lady.  You will go to class and you will get your homework done on time. Is that understood?"

The independent adult in me flared up and "Who the hell do you think you are?!" stood at the starting gate on the tip of her tongue. Just before she let loose, the little girl inside who has desperately wanted someone to care about what she is doing, gulped and whispered, "yes sir".

It was an incredible moment and I can't even explain why.  We hung up and I fell asleep feeling more safe and loved than I have in... well, maybe than I ever have.

And at 3 a.m., when I unexpectedly woke up turned on more than ever, this girl took another trip to the closet. (Shhhhh. Eric doesn't know about that one. Wink, wink.)

I'm not sure how I will get everything done this week but tonight, I will be in class. That is for sure.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Implement Advice - looking for an intense spanking without the bruise

Whoah Nelly!

Three days out and the bruise on my left leg is wicked.  It doesn't hurt at all but it looks horrendous.

That said, the trip to the closet cleared my mind, calmed my nerves and pushed me through another insane set of work/school/family days.

Help us out please.

What implement can provide one hell-of-a spanking: intense and long lasting without leaving a bruise behind? Or was it the location (back of leg) more than the tool (small folded leather strap)?

Thank you in advance.

Amy (and Eric)