Sunday, April 10, 2016

Vacation Discoveries

I've been gone, away from this cold nasty winter weather, to lounge at the beach with five girlfriends. Eric is working and won't be home until tomorrow or the next day. I have a renewed appreciation for him, for me, for us.


1.  I may have a past and a ton in the rear view mirror to deal with or get over, but I am NOT high maintenance.  Traveling, it becomes clear quickly who is temperature sensitive, food adverse, drink intolerant, moody, whiny, picky, bratty, rude and on opposite sleeping schedules.  Before noon on day one, Eric would have wanted to punish them all and I bet, we would have gotten a room at another hotel.

2.  I have no problem going off on my own and creating a perfectly wonderful time for myself. I also have no trouble talking to complete strangers and enjoying their conversations sometimes more than those of my own "friends". Hmmm.

3.  None of my girlfriends have a clue how nontraditional my relationship with Eric is.  What is more vanilla than vanilla?  My girlfriends.

4.  I will suck, swallow, lick, kiss, stroke, poke and cherish every inch of my husband. Some girls won't even entertain the basics. Each to her own but how boring to me!

5.  Eric can have my body any which way he ever chooses and I'm happy as a lark because he chose me.  Others, not so much. "Anal" is not a word ever spoken in some homes and an adult spanking?! Heavens no!!

6. I really get my feelings hurt when my best girlfriend confides in me how the other girls are driving her crazy and then when she thinks I am out of earshot, confides in them, I'm driving her crazy. That one smarts even more than the fake compliments they dished out all week before gossiping behind close doors about each other. Why do some girls act like that? Yuck!

7. Many husbands put weight on the shoulders of their wives. No matter how sad or bad things get with us, Eric consistently strives to take weight off of mine.  Thank you, my love.

8. There is something wonderful about coming home to a hot bubble bath and a tiny almond joy your husband threw in the freezer months ago for you.

9. Vacationing can include many fantastic get-away moments but real life is something that we all come home to. I can't imagine going back to work and being in school again. Morning will come way too soon.

10. I need a spanking. Break out the paddle and reset this girl, honey.



  1. Hi Amy, bless you , you need some new friends. Maybe us bloggers should have a girl's trip. I think that would be a different kettle of fish!
    love Jan, xx

    1. Round two - last night I went out with my "friends" again and you are so right, I need some new friends. I was doing really well and they tanked me. :( Amy

  2. You know your 'discovery' of your friends is a pretty typical when we first start ttwd. Try and be 'gentle' with them however because you may have walked in their shoes not too long ago. As for your friend commenting on others 'driving her crazy' that is more a statement of her life than it is anyone elses.

    I have had the pleasure of vacationing with both Dd couples and just a Dd girl's week. I will tell you it is nothing like I have ever experienced in my life. Why? Because you can just 'be'. Not that we went around discussing our sex lives, just that the invisible cloak we don't realize we are wearing came off.

    Fear not Amy, some day ttwd will just be an extension of your life. It won't constantly be on your mind every second and it won't be the measuring stick that you judge everything/everyone else by. I know you might think, " why would I want that? " LOL. Because then you can 'just be'.


    1. Hi Willie,

      My focus on the discoveries about my friends was less on ttwd and more on the fact that they are really catty and rather cruel. I was also surprised how judgmental they can be. Sigh. As for my "vanilla" comment, they rattled on for hours about how unhappy they are in their relationships and it seems the answer most found was to withhold sex, love and affection. They could all use some other options but I wasn't about to speak up because I already felt attacked.

      I bet it would be cool to have some Dd couple friends to go out with and talk to. I don't know anyone, other than the blog friends I've made, who I think would be on this path; though, who would guess that I am? Anyway... looking forward to ttwd becoming an extension and getting out to make some new friends.



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