Saturday, April 16, 2016

School Girl Spanking

Ronnie posted about the "school girl" look and how it enticed her husband into taking care of business.

I spent time on the beach, relaxing and rejuvenating, only to come home to more work, more homework and more and more and more.

Eric spanked me on Monday.  By Wednesday, I needed it again.  Mid-semester homework had me up all night (Blondie, where are you?  Are you still muddling through school like I am? Miss you!), work had me over-the-top with projects and exercise dropped off the list of remote possibilities.

Eric gently reminded me to take care of myself, quietly mentioned the importance of sleep and sweetly whispered, "I love you Pretty Girl" every morning. He is my greatest cheerleader but his tone changed when he discovered I was surviving on caffeine.

"You will be spending the weekend doing nothing but homework, young lady," he stated, "with a red ass and a list of healthy options the next time you get overloaded."

His expectation was set and I searched around the house for a Catholic School Girl skirt and some good old fashioned spanking shorts.  Hair in curly pig tails, white collared shirt displaying a scarlet bra underneath; Eric was pleased.

"Upstairs," he commanded, leading me to the corner.  "Stand here and think about what is going to happen today.  You need to straighten yourself out and make decisions that will get you where you want to be without hurting you in the process."

I breathed and tried to focus on his words. My body was jittery and alert, the anticipation tingling throughout my limbs.

I sat on the bed and copped up to all of my indiscretions. Eric remained still and serious, listening to the list of good things I'd given up (running, massages, blogging, food, sleep) and his jaw tightened a bit as I switched to the list of bad things I'd added on. (caffeine pills, espresso drinks and five hour energy shots)

He took me by the arm and led me to the closet.

"Turn away from me," he said and I swallowed as he picked up the flat wooden cutting board from the kitchen. I faced a long rack of clothing and got lost in the colored hanging sleeves as he warmed my seat, one side after the other.

Eric grabbed a pony tail and pulled my ear up to his mouth.

"You know I'm doing this because I love you," he said. "Raise your skirt."

I didn't hesitate, but pulled the material up to my waist and relaxed as he tapped my right cheek three times. Tap. Tap. Tap.


My bottom suddenly lit up and my back broke out in a sweat. I turned to Eric and threw my arms around his neck, holding on while settling into the pain.

"Turn around," his voice was stern.

"That hurt," I replied, eyes pleading with him.

He took my shoulders and rotated me back into position.

"It's supposed to hurt," he replied and once again, tap, tap, tap on the other side.  WHACK!

I grabbed my cheek, danced in a circle and caught my breath. Eric didn't wait this time.

"You better not clench anymore," he ordered. He spun me around and let me have it.


I wailed and wrapped myself around his body, holding onto his strong shoulders in an attempt to melt into his chest.

"Let it sink in honey," he said softly and when I began to relax, Eric looked deeply into my eyes. "Are you ready to go over my knee?"

My ass was on fire.  My skin was moist with sweat and between my legs, I was beyond squishy. The clutter in my brain was vanishing and I suddenly understood that this was all about making me feel better. Eric wasn't punishing me or trying to teach me a lesson.  He wasn't stepping in so he could be the boss.  He was studying my every move and doing whatever he could to get me back to a place of productive happiness.

"Yes," I said.

Eric had me undress before him and as my breasts fell from the red bra, he caught his breath and beamed at me.

"Pretty girl," he said.  "I do get turned on spanking you."

I looked down and saw his cock straining, hard and straight, against his jeans.  I reached out to unbuckle his belt but he pulled away.

"You don't get this today," Eric said, allowing himself to pop from the jeans and point in my direction.  "Only good girls get cock," he stated, putting it away and re-buttoning his pants.

Bare and exposed, over his knee, my bottom received a solid and memorable spanking.  Back in the corner, Eric lectured me about staying on top of my school work and keeping away from caffeine.

"Today is just a warm-up Sweetheart," he stated. "Next Friday, you'll be getting a round with every implement we have in the chest."

Sometimes I wonder why I tell Eric what is in my head. I've got a crazy week ahead of me and then a weekend that is so intense, I don't know how I can get through it.  Apparently, he does.

On my knees, I was permitted to watch as the cock I worship came out and "came" out. I was not allowed to touch but when I opened my mouth, I did get a little taste.

"Swallow," he commanded and we were done, back to work and school and life.

Admittedly, the rest of the day was extremely productive.  That night, I slept over ten hours and I am back on top of things today. The man knows me, and I have no doubt my ass will know him again on Friday. 42 days left in the semester. We'll get through it together.



  1. Hi Amy, good for Eric, knowing just what to do to help you get on top of things! Hope you manage to get to the end of term more easily.
    love Jan, xx

    1. Hello Jan, We are both doing our best to keep me going. Sounds like you had a good week! Haven't had time to write much but read your black and white post. Sweet! Amy

  2. What? What did you say after white collared shirt displaying a scarlet bra underneath?

    1. Eric was pleased? He liked the outfit. No question. Amy

  3. Trying to be good and trying to stay focused. Sunday morning plans got changed - hoping someone can get away to hike with me. Amy

  4. Oh goodness, sounds like he knows just what you need. And it sounds like he's planning to help you get through the rest of the semester. Good luck!

  5. Thank you Lilli. Sometimes I think Eric knows me better than I know myself. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to him with an epiphany I've had, only to discover he was six steps ahead of me. Gosh I love that man. I just wish we had more time together. Today was a gorgeous sunny day but he had to work. Amy


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