Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Eric's responses to Terpsichore's Place Meme, Brought to us by PK at New Beginnings!

PK saw this over at Terpsichore's place. Eric decided to play too! Here are his answers:

1. How would you feel if you were outed among your social circle?

If something like that came out it wouldn't be a big deal.

2. If you had to choose one spanking and could repeat it, which one would it be?

I love all the spankings. I love the little riding crop that started on Amy's ass and moved across her front. I love the belt. All of the above. Check D, all of the above.

3. Name two of your most favorite items (vanilla and something to do with TTWD)?

Vanilla: Tomato soup bowls - a Christmas present for Amy. I have really good memories about sharing lunch over soup one day.

TTWD: My black belt. I tied Amy's hands with it the first time she gave me a blow job.

4.  Book or E-reader? 


5. How do you prefer being spanked?

I don't!  Spanking Amy is my job.

6.What can you see out of your window?

A parking lot where Amy threw my keys out the window. Bad girl, Amy! I still need to spank you for that one.

7. What's the most expensive thing you've bought in the last month?

Nothing but I'm inspired. Think I'll get a shopping cart at the bondage store. Watch out Amy. I've got some surprises for you.

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