Sunday, November 29, 2015

Three Articles Worth Reading


  1. Hi Amy, the link won't work for people who are not members of D and L. Just thought I'd let you know that :)

  2. Oh shoot! If you fall in the above mentioned category, click on the Discipline and Love Blog link under my blog list (to the right). Then go to DD Resources. The articles are titled:
    A Five Minute Guide to becoming a Spankerman
    A Good Old Fashioned Spanking
    Adult Consensual Spanking

    I found them interesting but now I wonder if you can even get there by clicking on the blog... I think I joined that site. Ugh. Not computer savvy... can you tell?! Good luck!


    1. They'll have to join the forum, which can take a couple of days to be approved ( as you know *wink* )


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