Friday, November 13, 2015

Calling all bloggers - please advise my husband! Help a girl out. :)

Happy Love Our Lurkers Day!

I've been lurking around and realize, having just started down this path in July, there is a MUCH bigger world out there than we ever imagined.  I've been whining lately because Eric will be traveling for work the last two weeks of December.  Boo hoo.  Well, today I'm brushing away those tears and asking you bloggers to send Eric my Christmas Wish List (seriously, he does owe me on this one).  Educate him on all of your favorites so I can experience them too.  For example, I've never read anything spanking related other than Fifty Shades of Gray - tell him your favorites and where to get them please!  We don't own a flogger.  Is that a mistake?  I'm not sure what a "strop" is.  Are we missing out?  And what about that leather spanking bench?  Is it scary to be strapped in?  So many things to try.

Oh! And I changed the settings so you can post anonymously if you prefer.  Share your favorites!  (Sex toys too.  :)  Eric will be home January 4th and like I said, he owes me for this one.)

X's and O's,


  1. Hi Amy,

    I suggest this. It's inexpensive and oh so effective. Also, every spanko couple should own a good leather paddle. We use this one. It's pricey, but ours has survived twenty years of fairly regular application.

    I can take or leave the flogger. It's OK I guess, but other toys (see above for examples) work better for me.

    We acquired a spanking bench last summer. and I need to write a post about it. I love everything about being strapped down for a long spanking. Just the thought... I can give no more complete consent than placing my wrists in the cuffs. From that moment forward, I know he is in complete control of everything. If it's scary, it's in a totally delicious way.

    For sexy fun, I recommend a medium size smooth bullet vibe (and maybe even two). A smallish butt plug might also be good for a change of pace. And let's not forget scented lube and massage oils. You can find these almost anywhere including this shop.

    If vibrators are old hat, try this one. Words fail, but take my word, it's intense.

    Oh, yes, and this.

    Perhaps it will be a happy new year for both of you.


    1. Bonnie, Jan and Misty,

      I just found these comments today!! I had turned on "comments must be approved" by accident way back when I wrote this and then turned it off, not realizing you had all responded. Love the lists. Thank you!! Maybe for Valentines Day? Amy

  2. Hi Amy, bless you. Start easy , my favourite things are my leather cuffs and I have a silicon spoon I quite like. Avoid wood at all costs,lol
    The most obvious thing is for you to buy Eric a nice new leather belt for Christmas. I am not the most experienced out here though. Whip over to some of the writers for advice, like DF or Casey McKay. Whether they have experience or not they do have great ideas ;)
    Hope Xmas turns out great whatever you gift each other!
    love Jan,xx

  3. I asked this exact same thing when I first started blogging! And, if I remember correctly, it was for Christmas, as well. Lol.

    I haven't gone back and read any of your other posts (I need more hours in the day!) so I'm not sure what you two are in to...
    I think anal plugs are awesome for a lot of reasons--there are many choices out there, I'm more than willing to give what advice I have.
    The crop my favorite, but we haven't tried a lot off spanking implements.
    I'm also in love with nipple clamps. Clothes pins are an awesome alternative.
    A vibrator is a must.
    A spanking bench sounds fabulous! But I really like bondage :) He uses an old workout bench which works just fine.

    We decided to go with cheaper (not cheapest) stuff at first, just to make sure we liked it, and moved on from there. Do be careful buying cheap though, make sure you read reviews.


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