Saturday, November 7, 2015

Blogland.... give us the lowdown please

A counter... someone had a count of days since her last spanking... fun to watch!  How do we get it?

Blogs we follow - how do we get the list to update so when we start to follow someone new, they are added?

Lurkers?  Explain please.

Google plus... what exactly is it and should we be on it?

Subscribe?  Again, please clarify.

Comments - they mean so much.  How do we get more?

Other advice?

Thank you!!

Amy (and Eric from afar)


  1. Counter--no clue. Must be an app she found. Google it
    Blogs we follow--When you add a blog to your blogger reading list it will automatically come up when there is a new post by them.
    Lurkers--People who read but don't leave comments.
    Google plus--Up to you. Go read about it and you will see how it connects you to be able to chat etc.
    Subscribe--when you read a post and leave a comment you can check that. You will then get an email each time a new comment from that post gets put up. If you subscribe to a whole blog you will get their posts via email
    Comments--Honestly, the only way to find commenters is to make the rounds yourself and consistently comment on others ones, people who write often. They will then notice you as a new name and pop over to read your blog. I made a few very good friends by doing that. It's really the only way people will even find your blog these days.

  2. I agree with most of what Susie said... I think though that maybe the subscribe she is referring to is 'subscribe to comments' or 'notify me' but there is also subscribe to this blog, which might be a Wordpress blog option more than blogger. It means you can have their posts delivered to your inbox. It generally takes about 24 hours after the post has been up.

    As far as google plus, there are many benefits. You can have sort of like a face book 'wall' and post pictures of quotes that mean something to you...etc. But for most of us we used it to chat with each other. You need to have the other person in what they call your circle, like a friend on facebook, but then you can chat real time with them if you want to.

    And I can't agree more with Susie, if you want comments you have to leave comments. People want to connect with others that is why the generally blog. If you are a 'lurker' that can't happen. Don't worry that you are 'new' and might not have much to add. The basis of ttwd, generally, is all about relationships, so experience in Dd doesn't always matter when commenting.

    Also it helps greatly if you link your blog to your blogger ID so people can 'follow you back' to your blog. Your blog is listed on the D and L blogroll so people do read it I"m sure. However if you want comments you also should answer every comment left on your blog. No one likes to take the time to comment and then not know if you actually read it. Just a few tips.

    As for Susie's comment about a few 'good' friends...CLEARLY she forgot the one "FANTASTIC, Oh My Gosh I can't live without her friend" she met through blogging and google plus! Okay off to remind her again!

  3. It's love our lurkers day soon and you can find out more at Hermione's blog. It's a good way of introducing yourself to more readers.
    Google Plus links your blog to your Google+ profile so links to your posts and comments appear there too.
    If you use the Blogger dashboard to follow blogs they should appear there as they're updated, it's not always reliable. This is not the same as your blog list on your actual blog which you have to manually update by using layout and updating the gadget. Remember to save changes.
    Comments, like Susie says, it a two way thing, the more you comment, the more you are visible. My blog can only be found via other blogs as it isn't indexed by search engines. So I try to find new bloggers through other peoples blog lists.
    It takes time to build a following. At the end of the day, it's your blog and write what you want.

    1. I found a lurker clip art! Looks like the Peanuts are coming back around again. From reading your blog, I think you are in England with young girls.... have the Peanuts made their way into your home?

      Thank you for the tips. I hope to use Blogger Dashboard but so far have not figured it out. Computer illiterate to say the least!

      I see you write and compose music. That's fantastic. I'm in school right now but will have a month off in December. The plan is to read one of your books. Looking forward to it!


  4. *** Don't see your email address here. I really hope you didn't take my comment to Misty's post in a way I didn't intend it to be, and that is why you removed your comment.


      New to Blogland and unsure of "blogging etiquette".... I value your insight and advice so much, when I thought I'd offended you with my post I figured it was best to delete it. You have no idea how much your take on things has helped me to communicate with Eric better. Didn't want to do anything to jeopardize it. XO

    2. No, gosh no you didn't offend me in the least. It takes a lot to do that. I was afraid that maybe you interpreted it in a way that I hurt your feelings~ especially after I encouraged you here to comment other places.

      I just wasn't sure my story about Barney and I would be great for Misty. I didn't want her to think she insulted her husband if she didn't. I just said to you that that it how HE felt. Plus I get a little embarrassed when people point me out..LOL

      Anyway it all worked out in the end. I hope you continue to post on other's blogs and not let my comment dissuade you.

      Ps. you might want to put your email address on your blog so I don't have to air my dirty laundry out in public! lol
      (serves me right through ? :D)

    3. Over-Thinkers Anonymous meeting is in order...

      I was worried I said/did something wrong!! Lol. I didn't know what to do!

    4. Over-thinkers?! Have you been talking to Eric? LOL We just CARE, that's all.

  5. Google plus...I'm not really a fan. I switched my blogger profile to it and my blog started doing some weird stuff, so I switched back. (Nonetheless, you'll find Blogger doesn't always cooperate!) Lots of people use it though.

    Comments...I agree with the others, comment on other blogs and reply to your comments. I also LOVE comments, I think we all do.

    I think it's important to keep going, if you like blogging. Sometimes I start feeling super vulnerable and want to delete my whole blog, but people are so nice and there is so much to gain if you stick it out. :)

    1. Thank you Misty. Eric and I spent about two hours at dinner the other night reading most of your posts - we are both so glad you decided to stick with it!! What was most interesting to us is that you and your husband are about two years ahead of where we are (we just started in July) but there wasn't one thing you posted about that either of us didn't find intriguing. When you speak candidly about your vulnerable side, Eric literally asked if I had written your words. We have a lot in common and it is very exciting to read what may lie ahead of me.

    2. Wow! Thank you so much, you made my day.

      Vulnerability, for me, has been the hardest part to all of this. Learning how to deal with it and accept it, has been quite the chore for both of us.

      I'm happy for the both of you! This life is a lot of work, but it is so rewarding.


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