Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Apparently somebody needs a spanking." Part Two

The quiet drive home let the layers of guilt I was taking on fill my head.  How could I put him through that and then not give him a heads up when it was over?  Why would I challenge him when he'd spent the last week truly being there for me?

The knot in my stomach grew and I just wanted to run away or curl up in a corner and retreat.

"Dinner on the table," Eric said, handing over the packages from the backseat of the car.  "And your panties come off," he added giving my bottom a sound smack as I exited the garage.

Plates, napkins, glasses.  Robotic, I managed to get everything in place before he came to the dining room.

"It's going to be a big night for you Amy," he said and leading me into the living room, bent me over the couch and raised my dress once again.  "Spread your cheeks," he commanded and the knot grew as a cold dab of lube pressed into my starfish, followed by the largest plug we own.  Tears of shame began to form in my eyes but before they could grow, Eric had me upright and seated at the table.

 "I want you to tell me all of the things you panicked about this week that turned out not to be a big deal," he stated but I couldn't speak.  

"Eat your food," he said pointing to my plate but I shook my head, uncomfortably aware of the plug and overcome with a sick feeling.

"Young lady," Eric's tone became one of confident control.  "You will stay there until every last thing on that plate is gone.  We can enjoy our meal together or you can sit in silence but either way, overreacting ends tonight."

I didn't say a word but ate my food and listened as Eric actually chatted about his job, his younger brother and his plans for our backyard.  He was relaxed and easy to be with.  His laughter spilled out following a tale about his childhood and he caught me smiling.  By the time dinner was done, we were almost playful in our washing of the dishes and at one point, he kissed me and said, "Honey, you've got to let things go."  

Upstairs, Eric unzipped my dress and hung it over the spanking chair (phew, not going there).  Then he undressed while I chatted in his ear about how much I missed him, what LOL days were like and ...

Suddenly, Eric's relaxed demeanor changed and gripping my shoulders, took me to my knees.

"That's enough chatter Amy," he stated, positioning himself right in front of me.  "You didn't want to talk at dinner so you're not going to talk now."  

Eric pulled a small rope from the chair where my dress lay (where did that come from?) and tied my hands behind my back.  Then he put his soft cock between my lips and instructed, "Make me hard."

My mouth went to work, tongue to tip, up and down as he ballooned inside of me.  Without my hands, he slipped and slid off to one side, out the corner, in all directions.  Each time, he'd gently swat a breast, an arm, a cheek. 

"Try again," he'd command.

Finally, Eric was rock solid and feeling rather accomplished, I breathed a sigh of relief.  On my feet, bent over the bed, I clasped my fingers together as he pulled out the plug.

"This is for me, Amy Lynn." Eric said putting a condom on. His huge shaft dove in where the plug had been until his balls rested up against my backside.  His hands held tightly to my hips and he rode in and out of me, forceful and strong, taking my ass one thrust at a time.  He was not gentle, like the first time, but he didn't hurt me either.  With each plunge I felt a sense of relief and my inner walls and clit began to glow.

Eric didn't cum.  He was very close but just when I was sure he would, he pulled out.  The condom came off and he untied my hands.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him reach for his pants and yank the belt from it's waist.  Without warning, the black leather smacked in quick hard succession ten times straight across my bottom.  I yelped and grasped at the bedding, determined to take what he thought I deserved.

Ass on fire, Eric threw the belt on the floor and turned me over on my back.  He grabbed my wrists and held my hands down close to my ears.  

"Don't move," he threatened, "Or I'm getting the belt again."

Then he stepped back and spread my legs, his fast wet tongue flicking around my clit and diving into my walls.  I moaned and my breathing intensified.  I told him I was close and he slapped my ass hard.  

"Not yet."

A few more licks and Eric was back on the bed with me.  He slid passionately inside and loved me deeply until we both came.

I could have stayed in his arms forever.


  1. Hi Amy, ooh this is much better ;). Have a great week
    love Jan,xx

  2. New to your site, still catching up on some new LOL day blogs. I look forward to seeing your posts!
    XOXO Pearl

    Happilysurrendered.blogspot. com

    1. Pearl! I just read your post about fisting. Wow. I can't imagine but at the same time, I know Eric is the man to try anything and everything with. It's so hard to talk about these things. Thank you for being so candid. :) Amy

    2. First, sorry for the double posting. I think that it happens when I post from my phone...I need to learn patience and wait until I have computer time!

      I am SO glad you liked the post. You know, re-reading it myself, I wouldn't change a thing in it. It is still all true even now! It really is something you can work up to and (for us) it has been SO worth the effort!
      XOXO Pearl

  3. New to your site, still catching up on some new LOL day blogs. I look forward to seeing your posts!
    XOXO Pearl

    Happilysurrendered.blogspot. com


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