Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A trip through the woods

This morning I woke to a soft dusting of white snow.

Leaves covered with powdered sugar; red, yellow, orange, brown.

"We're going for a drive," Eric said.

He is leaving tonight.  A trip long enough to miss Thanksgiving and his actual birthday.  I know better than to complain.  We've been down that path and it just hurts us both.  I smile and remind myself of all the good times we had last week, yesterday, today.

Eric drives, quite well, with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on my ass.  He's had me over his lap, spanking me soundly, while maneuvering through traffic more than a couple of times.  I learned early on that being away from home means nothing when it comes to my bare bottom being reddened on the road.
I assumed this spontaneous "drive" was code for a quick reset before I was on my own.

"Pants down," he said, glancing in all of the mirrors to look for other drivers on the windy path up the side of the mountain.

I complied and undid the seat belt to find my way over his knee.

"Not today, Sweetheart," he said pushing me back against the seat.  His fingers slid down my breast, over my belly and onto my peach.  (That's what we call it now, since I don't like the word "pussy".)  OH... the way he can make me feel.  Fingers lightly tapping, stroking, circling; diving deeper and deeper into my wetness.

"Put the seat down, honey," his voice was strong and caressing.  "Relax.  Look at the clouds.  Enjoy this."

I lay back and let his magical hands go to work.  He pinched and tugged at just the right time.  He pulled back the hood, massaged the button and my head went fuzzy.  We hadn't even made it past the first hair pinned turned and I was lost in la-la land.  Twenty minutes of pure breathtaking pleasure.

We stopped for a family of deer.  I noticed him straining to break free from his jeans.  We parked and walked down the frozen path to a little bridge.

"I love you," Eric said as we stood, elbows on the wooden rail, looking down the hill through the forest of trees.

"Then catch me," I yelled, laughing and running to a small little cave under a tall set of wavy branches.  I crouched down and watched as my handsome husband walked toward me, shaking his head at the muddy tracks I'd made and he avoided by sticking to the grass covered ground.

When he reached me, I went to my knees and pulled his belt buckle apart and his zipper down.  I placed him deep into my mouth and searched with my tongue for the soft secret underbelly that I know is quick to make him cum.  Steadily, he pumped between my lips and just as the hot liquid filled my cheeks, he said, "Don't swallow.  I want to see."

I took every drop and then stood, opening my mouth for him to view the gift I had just received.  He smiled and I swallowed.  Pants back on, we walked to the car and my gentleman handed me a bottle of Scope. Always thinking, that one.

"Perfect honey," he said and I gazed into his gorgeous blue eyes.  "Too bad I have to spank you now," he continued, trying to sound sorry about the whole thing.

"Why?" I asked, doe eyed and woozy.  "What did I do?"

Eric pointed to the floor and I looked down at a trail of muddy shoe prints all over the passenger side.  No way to deny that one.  Over his lap I went.  I held onto his leg and closed my eyes as the sweet gentle hands from before carefully pulled the waistband of my pants down to my thighs.

One, two , three, four hard smacks and I was on fire.  His hand, as solid as the wooden spoon at home.

"I want this to last for the next six days," he said and five blows across my left side set a blaze so hot my back melted into a pool of sweat.

"Do you need more?" he asked and this time, instead of staying silent, I told him to feel my back.

Two fingers slid up and down my spine, affording me a moment to breathe and confirming for him, the power he currently had over my body.

Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack.

"Sit up."

I did and we drove home contented.

My ass still stings a bit and that was hours ago.

I love this man.

We may be apart, again, but I feel calm and warm and loved.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

We have a ton to be thankful for.



  1. Oh Amy, sorry you have to be apart for a little while but at least he gave you something nice to remember!
    love Jan,xx

    1. Hi Jan, Truly my only complaint with this relationship is the lack of time we get together but Eric loves his job and it has him on the road a lot. He does try to "take care of me" before he leaves each time. Maybe I should enjoy the time off while he's gone! Lol. Have a great weekend. Amy

  2. "Don't swallow. I want to see it"

    Good GOD how sexy!!!! Huge secret turn on for me. Having to wait to be told to swallow now makes everything tingle. I LOVE it!!

  3. RIGHT?! I'm so with you on this one. It was a total turn on and being outside, in the woods - all fabulous. :)


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