Saturday, October 31, 2015

Consequences - how nice to be grounded

"Get up."

His voice was stern and it was 4 o'clock in the morning.

"I said, get up."

He pulled the covers from my body and I curled into a ball, trying to make sense of the orders, the darkness, the moment.

My bottom was exposed and in the perfect position for a loud slap, which is exactly what I heard when Eric's hand landed square on my right cheek, jolting me awake and into an upright stance.

"I'm awake!" I yelled and he laughed, moving in for a quick kiss before taking my hand and pulling me toward the back of the room.

"Come with me, young lady!" 

Again, that stern authoritative tone came through and I stumbled in the darkness until I found myself over his lap on the spanking chair that seems to get used far too often lately.

"Thursday you got punished for not keeping up," Eric said as he rubbed my cheeks, warming them for the early morning inevitable.  

"Today," he continued, "I'm going to motivate you to get on top of your school work."

I was still bleary eyed and half with it when that strong masculine hand came crashing down on my tender behind.

Smack, smack, smack.

"You had better not waste a minute over the next three days," he threatened and I agreed as he continued to rain down spank after spank.

My cheeks sizzling, Eric finally stopped and stood me upright.

"You have five minutes to get dressed," he stated and pointed to the lighted bathroom where he'd laid out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, some undergarments and my toothbrush.

"Why are you..."

Before I could finish the sentence, I was back over his knee for another round of hard smacks.

Spank, spank, spank.

"There is no time to question me, young lady," he stated and pushing me towards the bathroom a second time, mentioned "You now have only three minutes to get ready."

I covered my ass fast and with thirty seconds to spare, was back in our room.

Eric led me downstairs to the front door and I saw my backpack, a small suitcase and my laptop lined up on the floor.  Completely confused, I looked into his eyes and saw that look of incredible love that I fall for every time.  He kissed me deeply and held me in his arms.

"I know this hasn't been easy," he began, "but I'm really proud of you and you are doing an amazing job.  I realize you have too much on your plate and I need you to catch up so I'm sending you away for three nights to get completely on top of things while I'm at work. Consider yourself grounded, Sweet Pea.  No texting and no talking.  Just get your work done."

My eyes grew huge.

"Where am I going?!"  I squeaked, thinking of the Halloween plans I had made with my girlfriends who also have kids out of the house.

Eric smiled and the lights of an airport shuttle pulled up outside our home.

"You'll see," he said quietly and walked me to the van.  Once inside, he kissed me passionately and handed me a ticket to our favorite beach resort.  "I only wish I could be there with you."

Eric slammed the door and eight hours later, I'm here!  After a sound spanking and a long flight, I've been grounded.  :)  I can hear the waves outside my window and have a perfect view of the crashing surf.  My homework is spread out on the other bed and I'm determined to get completely caught up and show Eric that I can and will finish this semester, despite my falling behind.  

Thank you, Darling!!!!  I won't let you down.


PS - You packed your cologne scented t-shirt in my bag!!  Awww.  You know I always sleep in that when you're away.  I LOVE YOU ERIC!!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Paying the price - more than just a spanking

Eric's instructions were clear.

"Four things, Sweetheart.  Nothing on but a black thong.  The butt plug in place.  The implement box on the dresser, with the blind wand across the top.  Pillows off the bed."

I flipped and flopped all night, knowing full well that Eric was very serious about these consequences.  We'd been playing around on the phone, laughing about little flirtatious infractions that were used to get our juices flowing before he came home again.  A mouthy text.  A naughty picture.  My smart ass.  Then he asked for "the list" and I copped to the real deal.  It was more "real" than he expected.

"Are you truly that far behind?!"

Eric's text was clearly not foreplay.

Thursday morning came, 7am, and I did the "four things", including the butt plug with a little dab of lube so it would slide in easily.  I had to get the gel out of the closet and inside, I found a silky smooth winter coat that I love wearing at the snow and I put it on, leaving the zipper down low so the curve of my breasts would just peak through.  I was admiring how the jacket gave me shape, cinched around the middle and flaring out past my waist, and I heard the front door open announcing that Eric was home.  His roller bag skidded on the tile, his brief case clunked on the end table and his footsteps sounded purposeful coming up the stairs.

Eric's serious face softened when he found me, wide eyed and playful in my snow jacket.  He shook his head slightly and undid the belt, seductively unzipping the coat and sliding it off my shoulders.

"You look incredible darling," he said kissing me passionately, his hand gently placed at the base of my skull.  Our soft lips reached out to each other and his tongue danced over my teeth.  I relaxed, realizing it had been far too long since we'd seen one another for him to want to punish me this morning.  My tongue danced back and my hands went to undo the belt on his pants but the strong comforting hand on my head suddenly tightened it's grip throughout my hair and Eric pulled away.

"Not today, Amy Lynn," the stern voice and serious face returning.  "You're going to get it, as promised, before anything else today."

I swallowed and followed as he made his way around the bed to the implement box.  He examined the wand and swished it through the air a couple of times. The sound alone sending chills down my spine.

"On your knees, on the bed," he ordered and I scrambled as he reached in the box, pulling out a small rope that he used to tie my wrists to the headboard.  Then he brought out a black leather riding crop which he gently ran up and down my shoulders, back, butt and legs.  I lay on my stomach and bent my knees, feet in the air, as I got wet from the tantalizing strokes on my skin.

"Feet down," he said, and I did so until the crop slithered down my spine and my right knee bent again.


The crop came down on the bottom of my foot.

"Ouch!" I yelped and my legs lay flat.

"I said, get on your knees," Eric repeated and the crop smacked against the back of each thigh.

I rose slightly to my knees, approximately half of what he was looking for, embarrassed to have my butt in the air.

"More!" he snapped and again the tool pelted my thigh.  The riding crop is intimidating in appearance only.  Eric knows this.  When I did not move, he crossed over to the box again and this time pulled out a brightly colored ping pong paddle.  A warm up.  My bottom took it well.  Pink hue and slight heat to the surface.  Twenty or so soft swats and the thong was removed, the paddle replaced and the blind wand in hand.

My wrists were tied, but I could see what was coming and the lecture that had begun was rather indicative of the pain I was about to endure.  My mind raced and I allowed my hands to twist as I rolled onto my back, protecting my poor bottom from the welts of that rod.

"Turn over," the demand left no room for interpretation yet I still did not move.

Eric paused and looked at me lying there, naked before him. His left hand cupped and covered my special spot and he told me to spread my legs.

At the very beginning of ttwd, Eric and I discovered my inner thigh is a very sensitive spot and when he cannot dish out a traditional spanking, that area seems highly affected by just a few slaps; leaving a lasting impression.

My legs parted and Eric raised the wand.  I heard the swish in the air and just as it would have landed, I closed my legs and he missed.

I'm not sure if the shock on my face was greater than the look on Eric's, but we both were a little surprised at my deliberate avoidance of the wand and an uncomfortable silence hung in the air. Eric put the wand down and returned to the box.  He placed a satin blindfold over my eyes and again commanded, "Spread your legs, Amy."

I knew what was coming and I really didn't want it.  The wand has a sharp bite to it and on my bottom, it stings like a swarm of angry bees.  On my thigh, it burns like a barelegged trip through a patch of thorny roses.  I clenched my teeth and bit down as the rod swung straight to my inner right thigh, leaving a raised red welt of pain that would surly leave a mark.  Two more tracks of the unforgiving tool and surprisingly, Eric's fingers slid into my wet lower lips and began to ride the area he had so graciously covered.  As the sting subsided and his speed increased, I slid my hands from the rope (he's so good to me, always leaving me an out) and undid his belt, zipper and pants, blindly bringing him out of his work clothes.

"I need to finish punishing you," Eric said, his fingers not showing any sign of slowing their exploration of my swollen walls.  He pulled at my hips and coerced my feet to the floor so I was bent over the bed.

"I'm going to get the paddle downstairs," he said and as his hand pulled away, he took the butt plug with him.

"No," I squeaked, ready to try something new that he'd been wanting since we'd met.  "Take me instead," I said and reaching back, spread my cheeks to expose the starfish he'd been dreaming of so long.

"Are you sure?" he questioned and I nodded, grateful the blindfold was still in place so I wouldn't see the size I would soon have to endure.  Eric placed a condom over himself and generously lubed the end.  Then he gently slid himself into my ass; going slowly enough that I wouldn't clench up, wouldn't tear and wouldn't change my mind.  He felt strong and solid; much like he does when he makes love to me, but filling my ass instead.

I inhaled sharply when Eric started to pull back and then again when he thrust forward.  He rode my ass in and out, just like his fingers had done in the front, and then when it was clear I could take him, handed me a pink vibrating hummingbird. The bird brought my clit to the table and the shaft alternated in time with Eric. My lower half completely came alive.  My inner thigh was still on fire and now the heat from him sliding throughout my bottom, the hummingbird singing and our bodies colliding; we both came.

Eric got dressed to go to the office and I threw on his t-shirt and a pair of shorts while cleaning up the implement box and making the bed.

"Are you okay honey?" he asked, sweetly stroking my face and kissing my lips.

"Yes," I said shyly, deeply amazed at what we had done and even more so, that I had enjoyed it so much.

Smiling we went to the kitchen and I grabbed a water from the fridge.  When I turned to shut the door, Eric suddenly bent me over the counter and before I knew what was happening, spanked me HARD with the infamous paddle six times across the right side.  I jumped up and grabbing my cheek, danced around the kitchen in front of him.

"Don't you ever get this far behind again, young lady," he said, proudly grinning at the fact that he'd lit me up faster and more intensely than ever before.  I rubbed my bottom and allowed the sensations to clear my mind and relax my body as he marched me to the corner of the room.

"Nose in place," his hand kneaded my behind as he whispered in my ear.

"3 minutes and then you can get ready for work.  You made me very happy today. I love you, Sweet Pea."

I stood perfectly still until the door shut and then raced upstairs to get dressed and back to the vanilla world.  I glanced in the mirror at the marks on my still throbbing bottom.  Red hot cheeks, a couple of lines across my hamstrings and two raised welts on that inner thigh.

I felt good.  No.  I felt amazing.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tomorrow - "Have the wand off the blinds before I get home, young lady"

Eric didn't tell me he was going to be home tomorrow.  He waited until I'd texted the list of six infractions I'd been harboring.  Two are mild, most likely thrown in to make the others not seem so bad.  Two are bad, stupid stuff where I truly know better. Two are really, really bad.

I had a meeting at 3pm and Eric purposely called the minute I went into it so I'd have voicemail that could be replayed over and over again.  When I returned to my desk, there were three messages.

Message one simply said,  "You had better get your mind right tonight because tomorrow morning your ass is mine.  7am.  I expect you to be in the corner, butt plug in place, implement box on the dresser and all pillows off the bed.  By the end of the hour, you will have your focus back.  That is a promise."

Message two was short but to the point.  "One more thing, Amy.  Take the wand off the blinds and have it sitting on top of the implement box.  You think about that while you're falling asleep tonight."

And, message number three.  "Hi Sweetheart.  This message is not about tomorrow.  I was just thinking about how incredible you are, how beautiful and intelligent and wonderful.  I am so lucky to have you in my life and I'm not going to let you down.  This is for you.  This is all about you.  Sweet dreams. Good night."

Yes, my stomach is flip flopping and I'm craving my man coming home.  I'm so conflicted.  I want, I want, I want... but then I get.  Scary!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I know it's coming - spanked by Friday

Eric asked me about the paper I had set out to write all weekend.

It hasn't been started.

He questioned how the online classes are coming.

I replied, "You took my computer away."

Am I crazy?!

What the heck what I thinking?

We were on the phone and I could hear the steam coming from his ears.

Eric is on the road for two or three more days.

"I've been way too lenient on you," he stated.

"It appears you need a much firmer hand so your lesson lasts 20 hours rather than 20 minutes."

He told me to check out some bloggers with photos so I would have a visual to think about.

He told me there is a butt plug in his drawer and I should plan on wearing it whatever day he comes home.

He told me this will be a day that I will never forget.

I find I'm biting my lip often, imagining what he has planned.

There are butterflies and a bit of fear... but I'm excited as well.

It's so hard getting through it; but it's such a high when he's done.

There I go, biting that lip again.


Monday, October 26, 2015

Spankings and Anal Sex... I'm throwing it out there...

"I'm going to spank you and then I'm going to fuck your ass so you learn your lesson once and for all," said the handsome loving man that I am so grateful to have across from me at the dinner table.  

I scowled and he giggled.

We have never had anal sex.  He has brought it up a million times in a million different ways.  

"Would you?"

"Have you?"

"May I?"

This time he went the ttwd route...  but deep down I know he would never force me.  He's just looking for the nod to try something new.

Help me out.

Do you?

Have you?

Should I?


Spanked with a belt

Eric came home and expected to find me with my nose in a book working on my school work.

I was in the front yard talking to a neighbor.

The computer was on with Blondie's blog up on the screen.

I was marched upstairs.

Over the bed, pants down around my ankles, his belt off and flying through the air.

Eric has perfected a sharp stinging slap with just the last five inches of a black basket weave belt.

He doesn't fold it over,

doesn't hit hard,

but leaves my ass red and tender for hours.

*This was two weeks ago.... I actually thought I was getting the computer back that day.  NOT!

Finally.... October 26th the computer grounding has been lifted!!

I missed blog land!

How is everyone?  What is new?  Talk to me ladies!!!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Red Ass Amy

Red Ass Amy is going without her computer until all homework is caught up.

The slotted spoon, hairbrush and my hand have spoken.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

I'm going to light up your ass when I get home

Eric caught me... and it wasn't pretty.
I'll be standing in class tomorrow.

Friday was so lovely.  Yes, I got spanked bare bottomed and otk with that dreaded slotted spoon but I also got playfully wrestled with, passionately kissed and was able to surprise my man with a lunchtime treat that left us both in la la land.

Eric left that evening and I finished the day dreamily replaying lunch in my head.

Saturday came and my plan was to alternate cleaning with studying, studying with cleaning.  I ran five miles and then found myself at a mall 100 miles away, trying on pretty things and feeling sexy and loved.  I imagined Eric coming home and making love to me for hours on end.  I tested different perfumes, tried on revealing little nighties and toyed with the idea of getting a bracelet to visually remind me of all the good times whenever I get down about him not being home much.  I bought a gift for a friend and then thought it would be fun to surprise my darling by waxing everything away, leaving a smooth path for his touch.  I got home at four - started a load of laundry and cleaned the bathroom.  A girlfriend called at five and I threw on my cowgirl boots and we headed to a bar; I told her it needed to be an early night.

Saturday ended badly.  My friend and I were at the bar for two hours when one of Eric's coworkers came in with his wife and joined our table.  I don't think they were trying to be mean but there were a lot of comments made about how lonely I must be with a husband who travels so much and on and on.  I excused myself after awhile saying that I had to get home to do homework but by the time I arrived, I just disappeared under the covers and let my brain wander back to Friday.  I've been trying really hard not to complain lately and Eric seems a lot happier.  This did not help my attempts at being a contented wife.

By Sunday morning, I was back to that grumpy, insecure, screw this, blah blah blah self.  I tried to get over it by running.  Didn't help.  I tried to eat endless sugary donuts and chocolate ice cream.  Didn't help.  I vacuumed and took three baths.  Didn't help.  Never once did I crack a book.

At 1 o'clock, I drove fifty miles to the nearest Starbucks with wifi so I could start my homework.  I started by ordering a horrendously unhealthy drink and more sugar.  Then I sat for two hours doing work email and once again, ignored my homework.  I gave up and drove home.  Got in bath number four.

My phone beeped.

Text 4:45
Is your homework done Amy?

I gulped.  Eric never texts me on Sundays because he flies the entire day.  The guilt was overwhelming and I replied, "No sir." which is a dead give-away because we joke about my refusal to ever call him "sir" but somehow today I just knew I needed him to really take over.

I watched for a reply.


I paced around the room.


The phone rang and I about jumped through the roof.

"Tell me what happened this weekend, Amy."

I elaborated on how CLEAN the bathroom was, how AHEAD OF THE GAME I was getting with the laundry and how MUCH I love, love, love him.

He went along with my charade and then asked, "What'd you do last night."

The minute he said it, I was clear that he already knew exactly what I had done the night before.  He wasn't angry.  Didn't get cross, but simply said, "I'm going to light up your ass when I get home, young lady."

Then he told me to make a list of everything we need to "talk" about tomorrow.  It will be a miracle if I can sit down for class.

Here is the list:
1.  Have missed three due dates in my least favorite class and did nothing to even attempt to catch up this weekend.
2.  Drove 300 miles for no reason but to try on things we don't need and can't afford while avoiding my homework.
3.  Went to a bar instead of doing homework.
4.  Allowed comments by other people make me question my relationship.
5.  Allowed comments by others to put self doubt in my head - thus making it easy for me to give up on everything I'm working so hard to do.
6. No school work done for an entire weekend. I just want to stop everything and am now starting the week under the gun and stressed beyond belief.

The truth of the matter is, I need a reset badly and Eric figured that out on our phone call.  I went from feeling smart, pretty and loved on Friday to wanting to give up on everything by Sunday.  I hope he doesn't let me off the hook this time.  I hope he makes it count - gives me the lecture, a warm-up spanking, a round with the paddle, corner time, another spanking, the rules for the rest of the week and the threat of a repeat if he doesn't see incredible progress by Thursday.  I don't know if I'll ever cry because of a spanking but I need to cry like it's nobody's business and more importantly, I need to quit wasting time doubting myself and my relationship and get my butt in gear.

Even with tomorrow hanging over my head, I opted to blog instead of doing any homework.  I don't understand my own brain.  I'm so busy thinking of everything that could go wrong if I fall behind, I am getting nothing accomplished.

I do feel better than I did this morning, though.  I love that Eric called me... and even more so that he called me out on doing what is best for me.

Until tomorrow... gosh, I really should at least try to get something done but somehow, I know that isn't going to happen.

Breakfast + a Meeting = Lunchtime Beating

Breakfast on Friday... I was in my groove.  The day was completely mapped out from the first cup of coffee to lights out at 10 pm.  Eric got an earful over toast and eggs.  I didn't think it was bossy or condescending. It was merely a listing of everything that needed to happen, in the order it needed to happen, the way it needed to happen, to make sure it all happened.  I kissed him good-bye at 7:15 on the dot and headed to an 8 o'clock meeting that ran three hours and twenty seven minutes; during which time I had no access to my phone.

Text 8:30
Listen here, young lady.  I've had just about enough of your mouth.  I expect to see the slotted spoon on the table when I get home.  That will remind you that I'm 51

Text 9:46
Ms. 49  You had better come up with a plan to see me at lunch or I will march into your office and pull you out by the arm

Text 10:25
Ignoring me will only make it worse

Text 11:13
Amy, You had better answer or your bottom will pay the price

I got goosebumps... and butterflies.  I blushed and am sure my heart was beating loud enough for the entire office to hear.  It was 11:27 and would take me thirty minutes to get home; completely throwing off the plan for the day.

I abandoned said "plan" and hit the road - texting that I was on the way.  The garage door was still closing when Eric pulled up.  Just enough time for a swish of mouthwash and I greeted him at the door, arms around his neck and a hugely passionate kiss on his lips.

His fingers entangled themselves in my hair and he kissed back, long and luxuriously thrusting his tongue between my lips and teeth, taking my mouth over and making me melt from the inside out.

We pulled apart and I lost myself in his eyes.  It didn't even register that he'd asked a question.


My mind jolted back and my eyebrows expressed the confusion brought on by his harsh tone.

"I asked if the spoon was on the table." Eric stated with a stern voice that matched the look on his face.

I went red.  Tried to kiss him again.  Attempted to look cute.  Got marched upstairs and sent to the closet where the implement box resides with clear instructions to break out the slotted spoon.

Eric unzipped my dress, slid it off my shoulders and watched as I stepped out of it.  I don't care what the premise of removing my clothes is; the zipper sliding down my back, his hands at my shoulders gently pealing the material from my skin, stepping to the side and standing naked before him - it is sensual, seductive and sexy as hell.

Eric pulled the "spanking chair" away from the wall and in my daze, easily had me over his knee where he took his time slipping my thong halfway down my thighs.

"No warm up today," he stated and the dreaded spoon landed squarely on my sit spot causing my body to tighten around his legs.

Eric smacked my ass five or six times on each side, rubbing both cheeks afterward knowing full well this spoon is the harshest and most painful item we own.

Corner time, out of the question as the clock ticked and we both had to get back to work.

"Over the bed," he stated grabbing the belt buckle on his pants and I knew I was in for more.

His hand slapped my right side once and I heard the clink of the belt work its way through the loops.  A second slap with his hand suddenly turned into nine quick spanks; each a little harder until the last one popped so loudly I rolled to the side trying to get away.

"Oh no you don't!" he snapped and pulled me back around.  His hands held my hips tightly in place and then, to my surprise, his sweet loving lips were caressing the red welted hand print he had left on my ass.  He soothed my skin with gentle sweet kisses.  A moment later, I was on my feet and he was zipping my dress back in place.

We went in the bathroom and straightened our clothes and hair back to a work acceptable appearance.

"I hope you learned your lesson, Amy49," Eric said, half serious and half teasing.

"No way, Eric37," I flirted back.  Without his belt, I easily dropped to my knees taking his jeans down with me and exposing him right at eye level.

"Amy!" he exclaimed and I put my lips fully around his .....

Let me tell you, a surprise blow job in the middle of the day after a lunchtime beating sure makes for a happy couple.  Eventually my list got done.  His list got done.  The pressure of when it would happen, what would happen, and how it would happen was off and it all still happened.

Eric is gone again this weekend and I've spent two days cleaning house and avoiding homework (Hey... I could blog instead of writing my paper!) because, quite frankly, I'm still in la-la land from Friday.

Happy Sunday to all of you love birds!  Make it a good one.  :)