Sunday, August 23, 2015

Running Away from Home

I drove for seven hours.

I ran at least ten miles.

I got my hair colored.

I had a massage.

I slept alone.

I drove back home - seven hours.

Nothing has changed.

(Except the hair color.)

I miss Eric.

I miss the career I loved.

I miss the kid who moves in three days.

I miss peace and contentment.

I miss happy Amy.

Hell, I miss fellow bloggers who used to leave me comments!  Where'd y'all go?


  1. I have been away, not on a vacation, just from the computer. Too many people wanting to use the computers. And I broke by phone, so that way was out too. It your kid is moving out, does that make you an empty nester? Think of all the possibilities that could bring. All of my children live at home, even though the older two should be living on their own. My daughter leaves for Bible College in a month and that leaves just a middle schooled and one in high school.
    Maybe find some hobbies that you can do when Eric is away. Are you going back to school? My college classes started today. I am wiped out. I am never missing anything when I have a good book.
    Hang in there.

  2. I haven't been away from the computer like Blondie, although I have been trying to catch every ounce of summer left. I just don't always comment on every post. Sometimes I have a LOT to say, as you have seen, and other times I really have nothing to add.

    I agree with Blondie find something enjoyable to do while Eric is away, but more importantly find something to empty your mind~ especially of ttwd. The goal is to move to a place (eventually) where it is just part of you life, not the whole of it, and that includes your thoughts. It takes a LONG time to get to that point mind you, but focusing on other things does help.

    Good Luck


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