Friday, March 9, 2018

March Matters: Ronnie's Question

Do you have a spanking fantasy? 

Amy: Yes I do but it's the kind of fantasy that I don't know if I could ever actually have become a reality.  I love the idea of Eric being my knight in shining armor and coming to my rescue.  In my dreams, I get myself into a real mess where I exhibit risky behavior and end up either behind bars, or in a situation surrounded by unruly men, or some such thing.  Just when it looks like I'm going to be locked away for good or taken advantage or or whatever, Eric comes in and saves the day.  He defends my honor, rescues me, and gets me way from all of the bad things that can happen in the world.  I'm head over heels in love and gaga over my dashing husband who has stepped in and conquered the evil forces in my life.  We get home and I'm relieved but then, he very calmly and sternly lets me know how my actions played a role in the situation we had just come from.  He takes his time making sure I understand the point he is making and he doesn't back down from the punishment he is planning to dish out no matter how much I pout or beg or plead.  He paddles by behind in jeans and then drops them to the floor. He puts me bare over his knee and spanks me hard with his hand.  Then he stands me in the corner and switches the backs of my legs every time I flinch or move a muscle.  At the end of the fantasy, Eric is always bathing me and then taking me to bed, to prove that I am still loved and that the event of the evening is forgiven, never to be mentioned again. Ahhh. Thanks for letting me play that out in my head again.  :)

Eric: I have dozens and I get to play them out on Amy.

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  1. Oh Eric does make me laugh....
    love Jan, xx

  2. Hi Amy, I love your fantasy. Eric cracks me up too. Lucky man lol


  3. LOL @ Eric...Love your fantasy, in many ways I am sure he is your knight in shining is just easier to walk without all that gear..hugs abby

  4. Amy, love your fantasy. Eric is your knight. Eric's answer made me smile. Thanks for answering.



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