Thursday, March 8, 2018

March Matters: Questions from Terps and Anonymous

Terps: Now, we know your favorite candies, what is your favorite food - meal, dessert, recipe...anything you wish to share. :-)

Amy:  I'm so fickle.  It's literally impossible to pin down my "favorite" anything because all of my tastes change with the seasons.  It's been rather cold today so I'd have to say tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich would top my list.  Of course, that's been an old favorite from my childhood.  I'm also a big fan of pancakes which Eric and I always tear into heart shapes on his birthday. We are both trying to lose fifteen pounds right now so I suppose if I had to come up with my favorite food to eat since we began this wager, it would have to be bell peppers with hummus. Mmmm. Think I'll have some right now!  (Okay, okay. The reality is, I'm a sugar fiend. I'm trying to sound all "good" here but I really loves me some ice cream, and those big sheet cakes with the 1" frosting on top, not to mention any kind of cookie in the world. Trying to stay away from it all but there is a huge place in my heart for all things SWEET.)

Eric: Pizza, soft oatmeal raisin cookies, tapioca, and almond joys. 

Anonymous: Are you in a Master/Slave Relationship? If not, would you like to be?

Amy: I know some people think Eric 51 and Amy 49 represent our ages but in reality, the numbers represent the balance of power.  In our relationship, we are pretty equal.  Eric51% and Amy49%.  Sexually, we are very playful and in the bedroom, sometimes I feel like he owns me.  He makes my body come alive and is the Master of finding the perfect mix of pleasure and pain.  However, outside of the bedroom, we are equals.  I think Eric would get bored with me in a Master/Slave relationship. We can play it but wouldn't do well living it.

Eric: I'd enjoy having Amy as my slave for few hours or even a day but just in play. I met Amy as a strong independent woman and it's important to me that she stay that way.

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March is the month to place your questions in the comment section. Go for it. Ask US anything.


  1. Hi Amy,

    These are great questions and I love your answers! Mmm Mmm, think I need some soup and grilled cheese sandwich now! I have too much love off sweet treats. So hard to resist.

    Love that you are both answering these questions, it's awesome to get both perspectives. Interesting answers to the second question.


  2. Amy, I enjoyed these questions and answers. Not keen on tom soup but grilled cheese sandwich, yes please.

    I agree with Roz, great that you are both answering. Thanks.


  3. I enjoy your perspectives on things! Grilled cheese and tomato soup is definitely one of my childhood favs as well! Sweet tooth, you have no idea. Lol!

  4. Ohhh...I do love tomato soup and grilled cheese on a cold winter's day. Master would agree with Eric, he claims it is what makes my submission to him more precious.
    hugs abby

  5. What’s one responsibility you really wish you didn’t have?

  6. I like the 51/49 dynamic. Now, I want grilled cheese too. :-) I have a sweet tooth too and the only way I can seem to get over it is when I give up sugar entirely which is not an easy task for me...and I keep saying maybe next week when I know I need to be starting now. Ah the meantime maybe I will enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich and salad for dinner tonight with my family - no sugar in that, right? :-) Hugs

    1. oh, and thanks for answering my question :-)


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