Sunday, March 11, 2018

March Matters: Questions from Lea

What’s something that happened or something that someone said that changed how you view the world?

What BDSM or Kink-related thing have you not yet done that you want to try?

Amy: Oh Lea, Eric is going to love that second question. LOL.  I spent about fifteen years of my life  happily believing that everything happens for a reason.  Then, my whole world shattered when someone convinced me that all he cared about was my best interest; which turned into an abusive out of control nightmare that lasted the better part of seven years. I could not rationalize in any way, shape, or form how that period of my life could have happened for a reason.  Then, I met Eric.  We both enjoy the spanking dynamic of our relationship but had I not had the past experience that I did, we probably would not have handled our coming together so well.  I have triggers and things that still affect me today but it is in taking the time to understand those things that has allowed Eric to break through my protective walls and get in where my heart truly lies.  One man destroyed my view of love in the world; another man restored it.

As for BDSM or Kink-related?  I would like to explore bondage with Eric.  Whenever we are enacting our disciplined lifestyle, I know that I have a choice at all times.  I can move. I can cover my bottom. I can ask him to stop.  The trust is there, I know Eric would never really hurt me, and I want to push the envelope because I keep reading about "subspace" but don't believe we've gotten there. So, I would like to be bound to the point that I feel like I don't have a choice (Please don't misread this, Bloggers. I always have a choice.) and then we can both see how far I can go. 

Eric: I'd like to believe that I'm pragmatic and think things through so I can't really say my view of the world has ever changed, it's just grown.  

The second question is a very long list. St. Andrew's Cross, Shadow Lane, and much more. Of course a threesome is on the list. Relax ladies, I'm a guy and the question is about fantasies. It all plays out in my head. I have a pretty wife who I think the world of and I want to make all of her sexual fantasies come true.  Sometimes I catch other men looking at her and I think, "That's right, buddy. She's with me. I get to go home with that gorgeous creature every night."  The voyeur in me wants to show her off.

Image result for question mark clipart It's March!  Feel free to ask us anything.


  1. I do hope you manage to try out bondage soon Amy. For me it is actually a very freeing experience.

    And Eric~ naughty boy! LOL. I would have too much performance anxiety with someone else in our bed/room! lol


  2. Hi Amy, ooh bondage is nice.... Eric, that is the most chatty you have been lol....
    love Jan, xx

  3. Hi Eric and Amy,

    These are great questions and I love your answers! I do hope you get to try bondage. We have only done this in a light way but there is nothing like it.


  4. Interesting answers...Hoss and I fairly vanilla in this area, but you never know where this will lead! Thanks for the answers. Now I have something to ponder and think about, what in the world are we missing out on...I'm sure Hoss will enjoy this enlightening post!

  5. I definitely hope you try/like bondage. There's different types, from rope, to cuffs, to clothing. I definitely know what you mean by "not having a choice". In my life, just because I say no, it doesn't mean no/stop... (that's what safewords are for). Something very hot about being "forced".

  6. great questions and thoughtful answers...thank-you for sharing

  7. I find bondage go be worries...hope you get to try it. Love Eric's answer! hugs abby


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