Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Getting to Good

It was a long weekend away. A retreat of sorts; full of deep conversation, connection, and play.  Eric learned a lot about my childhood, my first experiences, and my fantasies. I learned a lot about his childhood, his first experiences, and his fantasies. We played "Confessions", the game of money, career, sex, relationships, and family.  We took each others answers and turned them into passion.

At the hotel room, Eric and I took tubes of different colored frosting, the kind used to decorate cakes and purchased in any grocery store baking aisle.  We decorated our bodies for each other - blue, green, and pink kissable areas where we liked to be touched. Yellow - nothing worth focusing on and RED hot pleasure spots.  Off limit sections of skin were to be painted with purple icing.  That tube landed in the trash, unopened. Apparently we have nothing "off limits".

Eric dared me to tell him my wildest fantasy, without fear of ridicule or judgement.  He honored me by hearing it without making a face or questioning why. Then he promised to some day, make it come true.

I dared Eric to take me to a place he visited often in childhood and without fear of rejection or judgement, take me there, in the wilderness.

I shall not kiss and tell. 

I'll just tell.  :D

As we drove alongside the mountain where Eric camped as a child, he warned me that we were on vacation and any mention of work or him leaving or my health would require me to remove a piece of clothing.  By the time we got to where the picnic tables were (thank goodness there was nobody around!) I was stripped down to my socks and tennis shoes. We walked (I hobbled), to a large downed tree where I could comfortably rest my knee while he tooketh me.  (Shakespearean?)

Afterwards, Eric jogged back to fetch my clothes.  Then he stood at the car yelling out, "Amy Lynn!  Get your clothes on, young lady!  What are you doing down there in nothing but your shoes."  Funny guy.  Knee problems or not, this girl can hustle under the threat of bare ass exposure. ;)

A final night - sweet love on a balcony overlooking an incredible skyline. Amazing.  We didn't want to leave. We stayed until the very last second possible.  I returned to work exhausted and still smelling of him.

Now it's Tuesday and Eric was going to begin traveling again the Monday after Easter.  His trip has been bumped up to Thursday. We only have tomorrow and it will be spent mostly packing... but that's okay.  We are good.  Really, really good.



  1. Hi Amy,

    Oh wow, it sounds like such a wonderful trip just focusing on each other and learning more about each other. Awesome! I absolutely love the body painting with frosting. What a fabulous idea!


  2. Hi Amy, You long weekend away sounds just what you needed. Loved reading everything you did. Made me laugh with you have to loose one item of clothing for saying things. Eric has a fun imagination.
    Enjoy your days together before his upcoming trip.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  3. Hi Amy, sounds like a perfect trip. Hope all goes well when Eric is away.
    love Jan, xx

  4. Ahh...talk about a perfect re-charge weekend, so happy for both of you. Love the tubes of icing idea....we would also skip on the purple one. Your man is a keeper...
    hugs abby

  5. Sounds absolutely wonderful! Hang on to this when he travels - this was real life, travel is just work.

  6. Hey Amy ... Vacation getaways make for the best sexy times! and that man of yours has quite the sense of humour ...
    I'm sorry, for both of you, to hear the travelling time has returned. In spite of what many people think, travelling for work is not fun. However it does make for sweet reunions :) ... nj ... xx

  7. Yay, Amy, such a sweet post! You are so much more daring than I am. I'm so glad you had a priceless time together. Happy to know you're both good.

  8. A lovely post and a wonderful trip. Good to read you are both in a good place.


  9. Well, this sounds like a wonderful weekend. I, for one, am so happy to hear you happy and feeling better. If anyone deserved to play, it was you, Amy.

    Hugs From Ella

  10. Amy,
    I hope Jack and Eric never meet. My guy sounds a lot like yours. The thick woods, the isolated beach and roaring river..... yup! I loved hearing your story.

  11. Hi Amy, :) what a special, fun and wonderful time you had together! SO happy for you both! Sounded beautiful in every way! Glad that you are feeling better too! Many hugs,


  12. Oh, this is absolutely divine. I great way to spend a vacation. I love the ideas about the icing! Then you get to remove it, too!

    Sex out in the woods in "public" is a dream of mine. Though I'm so very nervous about being seen. Love how brave you were to be all naked out there!!

  13. Hi All! I'm way behind in Blog Land. Thank you for your comments and well wishes. Rather than reply to each of you, I'm hopping over to your sites to leave a comment of my own! :)

  14. Hi Amy. I’ve been away from Blogland for a while too. I’m glad to hear things are looking up for you. Your vacation sounds just what you needed.
    Rosie xx

  15. wonderful story...you sound happy...so glad for you both


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