Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thursday Night Binge

Tomorrow we officially start our FFF - Fit for Friday, achieve our goals event.

As only Amy can, I am at the starting gate celebrating with a full on Thursday Night Binge.  I went out for dinner.

Couldn't make up my mind.

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Went with a SAMPLER platter.

A Coke.

And the whole Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae.

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Came home, phat and happy, with a food baby and a sugar high.

Then I told Eric on our "Good night, Sweetheart" call and he said,
"AMY LYNN!  Step away from the bowl, you little phatty."
(Mind you, I'm his "phatty", never "fat". He supports my weight loss goals because I want to lose the weight. He loves me all sizes.)

I made some snide comment about him never being home so what did it matter. Oh boy!  That was not a good idea.

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"You're lucky I'm not home right now," he said sternly over the phone, "or you would be marching upstairs to get my belt!"

I beamed.  "Tell me more!"

"I'd bend you over the kitchen counter and whip your mouthy butt."

Image result for adult spanked with belt

I gushed.  "And then what?!"

"Then I'd undo your zipper, slide your jeans down to your ankles, and spank that bare ass for eating all that crap."

"Oh honey," I squealed with delight, "Come home NOW!!!"

Image result for fly home

He wants to.  I want him to.

Sixteen days will fly by and then I will happily be nestled in his arms.  Perhaps, even a few pounds lighter than I am today!

Good night all.

Tomorrow.... we begin.

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  1. Hey, at least you're being honest about it. One last party before motivation. That tends to be how I roll also. I'm working on trying to break that.

    Hooray Fit for Friday!

  2. Hi Lea,
    I thought about breaking that habit but then I thought I should save my strength for the gym so I simply gave in. LOL

  3. Oh Amy, consistency is the key to dieting just like ttwd!! hugs
    love Jan, xx

    1. Hmmm. I'll have to look "consistency" up in the dictionary. Don't think that's ever been part of my vocabulary. ;)

  4. Amy Lyn didn't you have a Genie in a bottle tell you to eat healthy snacks after going to the gym with your girlfriend. Tut Tut! Now no more pigging out on junk food.
    Hugs Lindy xx

    1. Yes, the Genie did say that but I thought she only meant Tuesday. Binge night fell on a Thursday. I'll shine up her bottle and maybe she'll be more specific next time. :O

  5. I'd have eaten that brownie too!
    So not helping, I know. Sorry!


    1. No Baker. That is not helping. However, had we split that brownie - that would be helping. :)


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