Thursday, February 15, 2018


I had to look back to remember what my goals were.  I really ought to post them next to the couch as a reminder.
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1. Eat healthy the entire month of February.
Well that didn't happen.  My wonderful neighbors brought all kinds of lovely lunches and dinners to my house while Eric was away.  Needless to say, when one is down, there is quite a bit of comfort food that is created for said person.  I appreciated it all but with it and taking quite a few drugs, my weight has gone up ten pounds instead of down eleven.  I'm no math major, but I think that means I'm tasked with losing 25 pounds once I'm back on my feet.

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2. Write, write, write.
Thanks to Abby, my esteemed editor and partner in this endeavor, I have written twenty pages that are now in her hands.  I just type away at whatever comes to mind.  She makes it organized and provides insight and inspiration. Woo hoo, Abby. That's ten pages a week!!

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3. Exercise.
Eric suggested, "Three times a week, you do some arm exercises. Bicep curls one day, triceps another day, and shoulders. All from a seated position."  I did that. Once. Sigh

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4. Hydration.
Eric actually lined 20 mini water bottles up on the bathroom counter.  Every time I go in there, I have to drink one before I come back out.  It worked for about a day. I'm such a bad girl when it comes to consistency. 

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Had a post op appointment on my knee and everything is healing well and as expected.  Eric is being a wonderful help but after the incredibly heart wrenching news about the Florida High School shooting, I've gotten quite down. I may not personally know any of the victims but for them all, I'm grieving.

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  1. Well Amy at least you have tried with exercising. Just need a reminder perhaps or a nudge from one of us. Maybe that Genie can visit again to tell you what to do. Good on you for doing all that writing, a wonderful team effort between you and Abby.
    Gosh if I had to drink a bottle of water each time I paid a penny, I would be living in there even more. You should wear your fitbit to see how many steps every time you visit the bathroom. It might surprise you.
    As for the comfort food you need a bit of that at the moment, so don't feel guilty about it. Enjoy! You will lose that weight plus some when you are back on your feet.
    Lets hope week 4 is an improvement for both of us.
    Hugs Lindy xx

    1. I wrote this post last night and was feeling so down. Then, I woke up inspired and motivated. I think it is important when we need a moment to be sad, that we take it. I think it allows it to go faster. I'm ready now. New week, new day. Tell that genie I'm good... but with the 20th not far off, perhaps you could ask if I'm home another week or at the beach? :)

  2. Hi Amy, hopefully you can get back on track this week, don't give up! Keep writing too.
    love Jan, xx

  3. Hi Amy,

    Way to go with the writing, and how sweet of Abby :)

    You need to heal right now so don't fret on the exercise. I too would struggle with the water. Glad the post op appointment went well and that you are healing as expected.


    1. Hi Roz,

      Overall, the writing is what is going best and that's something I've thought about doing my whole life but never had the time for. Lucky for me, I shattered my knee! What a positive outlook I have this morning.

  4. This has been an emotional week for all of us...not my best fff week either...but we will get there!
    hugs abby

    1. Abby,
      I want to write because there are stories inside of me that want to come to life. I do write because I know you are watching your email to see what I come up with next. I can't thank you enough.

  5. Yeah, the shooting in Florida is heartbreaking - another heartbreaking one.

    It's really hard to lose weight when you can barely walk, hard to lose weight when people are showing their love by bringing you food. For me, that layer of guilt is often what pushes me into "i don't care, bring on the food" mode.

    Hoping next week goes well!!


    1. Hello Olivia,
      I had a psychologist friend tell me once, "Guilt is like your appendix or wisdom teeth. You don't actually need it. Your heart is required to stay alive, much like love is an emotion we all need. Your brain and lungs are necessary organs and to keep you safe, so is fear. Guilt? Remove it. You don't need it."

  6. Yeah, good that you did some writing. Keep going, you'll get there.


  7. Amy,
    It all takes time. You are erasing old habits and instilling new ones, better ones and it takes time to make it last. Inch by inch and one day you will be healthier and enjoy all the other benefits. Keep going and keep writing.

  8. You’ve already got a broken knee, don’t beat yourself up as well, Amy. There’s plenty of time to work on your goals when you are up and about again. In the meantime, keep writing!
    Sending sympathy your way,
    Rosie xx

  9. Hi Amy, :) Be gentle with yourself! Heal up, write, do those little exercises as best you can, and save the big stuff for when you are back on your feet!

    Love that you have Abby cheering you on with your writing and helping you too. She is Soooooo sweet!

    Feel good, and have a nice weekend! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  10. Tomorrow is a new day. It can be so hard to resist those comfort foods. I know I would have indulged too. I try to limit portions when those things happen.

    I didn't exercise as I should have either, and there's nothing wrong with my knee!

    Hope it's a better week. <3

  11. Great job Amy!! Sounds like your going in the right direction.
    I hear you about the school shooting. I cried with my daughter. This is one of the many reasons we chose to homeschool. Try not to think too much- easy to do when you can't get around much.


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