Saturday, January 20, 2018

I'm going to sit down now

Lately it seems I just don't know where I stand.

Is it my age?  Is it my circumstance? Is it even about me?

I spent years building a foundation.

Children raised, venturing out on their own.

A perfect match, love even with an impossible situation.

Graduation, career, goals; all met.

House. Mine.

Aging nicely.



Big dreams and big plans in the works.

Why this sudden uphill battle?

I'm spinning in a sea of confusion.

Don't know where to go or what to do.

Everything is out of my hands.

I truly don't know where I stand.

For lack of a better plan,

I'm just going to sit down

and try not to move.

Ttwd doesn't work when you are home alone.



  1. awww, your heart comes thru in this piece. sending more hugs.

  2. big HUGS my friend...the missing part means that both Eric and TTWD are important in your life....hard to look at the bright side when you are so lonely...check your email later today...hugs abby

  3. This is beautiful. And True. And Sad. I hope Eric knows your feelings.

  4. Thanks Lea. Eric knows and he does his best to make up for the time he is gone. Thanks for writing.


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