Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Spanking Inventory - Somewhat Complete

Jeans Bare
Crop 1 2
Bamboo 3 6
Tree Stick 6 8
Bullwhip n/a n/a
Sir Strap 7 10
School Stick 6 8
Eric's Fav Strap 4 6
Rope 1 4
Slotted Spoon 3 6
Heart Paddle 2 5

There you have it.  The results of our spanking inventory. Effectiveness scale 1-10, 10 being the worst. Wait, worst? Maybe, 10 being the "most" is more accurate. I mean, 10 left the biggest impression.

Anyway, let me start by saying, thank goodness I have a reasonable man in my life.  Eric had instructed me to get all of the implements we have out of our chest; which meant the vanilla imlements we routinely use were not part of the inventory. (Kitchen items, wire hanger, blind wand, cheese board, hairbrush, bath brush, his belt, etc.) 

We discovered by the bamboo stick that ten swats is not necessary in order to rate an implement. My darling Eric knocked the requirement down from ten to five.  First with jeans on, then again on the bare bottom. You will also notice, he skipped the bullwhip.  He's used that on me many, many times... but only to tie my hands. ;)

If you've been following along, it's been a really tough couple of months for both of us and for numerous reasons, spankings were either not possible or had too many extenuating circumstances coming into play to give them a shot.  I needed something, we both knew that.  We just weren't sure what I could take or how I would react to it.

The "inventory" reddened my ass for sure.  I got the sound of the smack, but not the lecture.  I got the pain, without the story line.  I got the heat, but it was more like test driving than practicing ttwd. That's not to say it wasn't a huge success. It was just more businesslike than personal  That in itself made it funny.

So, Eric and I laughed.  We laughed A LOT.  We both needed that as much or more than anything else and it felt good to take our little inventory, track our results, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Our night turned into stories, "Remember when we bought this? Remember when you did that? Remember how we went with one and then the other?"  After Sir Strap, I spent some time across his lap so he could rub out some of the pain in hopes of not tainting the results for the items that followed. It felt nice, being safely held over his knee.  Nothing went too far, nothing went rogue. It was all good.

When I crawled into bed, I realized how exhausted I was just from being tense for such a long time. The laughter and the closeness to Eric was by far more important than the spankings themselves and taking inventory was a beautiful way to ease back into where we left off.

Eric kissed me good night and said, "Maybe next week, when I get back from traveling, we can finish the inventory."

"What do you mean, finish?" I asked, thinking of all the household implements I managed to avoid because he stuck to the chest.

Eric grinned.  

"It seems someone hasn't been putting things away like she's supposed to."

I blushed.  Remember when we found Eric's favorite strap in a suitcase not so long ago?  Well apparently we're also missing a red acrylic paddle, a wooden paddle, and a leather paddle.  Where did those things go?!



  1. Very interesting. It's always good to take stock every once and a while. I noticed what you said "I got the pain, without the story line." I don't enjoy that although I always have to make up the story line in my head.

    For me bamboo is one of the worst! I read out in blogland enough to know I'll never let an acrylic paddle into the house.

    1. Hi PK, I can't say I'm sorry I "misplaced" the acrylic paddle but there have been times where it really has done the trick. Especially when I need a reset. Sir Strap is the killer. OUCH!
      One huge bonus of Eric traveling all the time is that out of desperation, we tend to spend many hours on the phone which leads to the creation of story lines. Then when he's home, we can carry them out.

  2. Wow Amy!:) That is quite a collection of spanky implements, well organized and each reviewed too! I'm with PK. No thank you- acrylics of any kind. We also do not use wooden spoons, as Rob thinks that they bruise easily. From reading around, I have no desire to try any kind of bath brush, or the silent... carpet beater type thing (can't think of the name at the moment). I'm thinking that we have quite enough weapons of ass destruction around here. LOL! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

    1. Hahaha, "weapons of ass destruction". That's funny. I saw a video once of the carpet beater thingy. I want to try it! The one I'm so afraid of is the cane. You ever try that?

  3. Amy,
    We have never done an implement review. I often do not want to even look or see those things especially collectively. Jack's leather paddle has been the go-to implement for almost three years and I'd say he loves it and I do not. Interesting post about your inventory.

    1. You know, I realized with all of the laughter and stories how much of this thing we do is around role play and fun. Even when I deserve or am given a punishment spanking, it's usually so long after whatever has happened because of the travel schedule, that is turns into a form of anticipation and play. At some point, please post a picture of the leather paddle. Eric is curious what a three year go-to looks like since we've only been doing this two years and he's slightly attached to one strap but truly all over the board in his selection process. :)


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