Thursday, July 13, 2017

"You better lie to me"

Eric doesn't give me a list of chores or tasks to do.  Some relationships work that way but with each of us working full time and his job involving a ton of travel, it doesn't suit us.

Sometimes, however, Eric will ask me to take care of something for him.  It's usually time sensitive and needs to get done before he's back home or some such thing.

As I said, Eric travels a lot and much of it is international.  Over a month ago, he realized his passport was about to expire.  He filled out the renewal paperwork and was about to take it to the post office when I jumped in and offered to do it for him.  Since then, he's been watching for the new one, with a big trip planned the day after it's expiration date.

Today, almost a month after my offer, I reached between the seat and center console of my car because my lipstick fell when I was precariously attempting to drive and apply at the same time. My fingers hunted around and pulled up, not the lipstick, but the envelope that I was supposed to mail.  I was horrified.

When Eric called to let me know he was on his way home, I asked, "Remember when I told you I'd mail your passport application?  What would happen if, say, I forgot to do that?"

Stone cold, Eric replied, "You better lie to me if that package didn't get mailed."




  1. Oh.....I have been in your shoes.....I see a very sore bottom in your future......hugs abby

  2. Replies
    1. OUCH! I remembered when Master used one of me...HE shaped it in the shape of an R for for His first name....HUGS..abby

    2. That's funny, the "R", not the "OUCH". When Eric finished, he handed me a rather bent hanger. His hand-hold was pretty tight and the poor thing was all out-of-shape. It sure did it's trick, though. That sting is INTENSE. May you not meet another hanger anytime soon. Me too! Amy


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