Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Where did they go?

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It's getting pretty lonely out here!



  1. Amy it is sad when our blogger friends disappear. I guess life becomes busy for them. I'm missing them also.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  2. Misty is here:

    Mouse does post now and then!

    1. Wow Daisy. Thanks for the update on Misty. Just read her posts. She's been through quite the changes since I last checked in. I'll follow along, wishing her the best. Amy

    2. No problem 😊
      I know right she's been through a huge change around!

  3. Amy,

    I am right here, but have only begun to follow your blog again. Please stop by my blog and say hello. You do not list my blog in your blog list, but I am been in blogland since 2013. The way to get comments is to comment on the blogs of others. You have stopped by blog a few times, I think.

    1. Hello Meredith!
      Thanks for coming by. I'd love to add your blog to my list but I'm terrible with this technology stuff and when I click on your name, I get to G+ but it doesn't open up to your blog site. If you can tell me how to get there, I'd gladly visit regularly. ;) Amy

  4. I can't speak for everyone, but I can for a couple of us. There comes a time when blogging doesn't 'fit' the life we lead anymore. We can make excuses that we don't have the time, but in truth for many of us our lives aren't busier, our priorities are different.
    Once upon a time I NEEDED blogland and thankfully the women (and few men) that were around at that time responded to me, helped me and supported me. Times have changed. I no longer NEED to be here. I no longer feel the need to process 'outloud' any more- which explains my blog absence. As for reading and commenting, well the landscape has changed (not saying it is a bad thing) and the draw for me is not what it once was. I am afraid my level? type? of experience is generally not valuable in the current landscape- which again is perfectly fine...Barney and I are just vastly different now from many (not all) in this corner of blogland.

    I don't mind resuming our correspondence via email- not because I feel the need to be private, but because I check it occasionally more than my blogger dashboard, if you'd like.

    I do agree with Meredith in the sense that if you would like to interact with different women, perhaps you should comment a bit. I can provide you with the names of many D/s Wordpress blogs that might suit your dynamic if you'd like- as well as a few Tumblrs.

    Best of Luck Ami


  5. It's like old times! I loved finding this long comment from you. Thank you. So good to hear from you again. I know you are way ahead of where Eric and I are but I do think you give the most incredible advice and have the greatest insight. I'll catch up with you on email but it was lovely seeing you here. Amy PS - Yes please, share the blog names! :)

    1. oops sorry I when I used the terms experience and level I didn't mean that I was MORE experienced or at a higher level...I merely meant that my/our experiences so far with ttwd or the type of D/s we have found ourselves in isn't always comparable to many around. I would never pretend to be 'way ahead' of anyone as really ttwd is very subjective and unique to all who partake. We still struggle, sometimes limp along just as much as the next me!


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