Saturday, July 15, 2017

Trying to be Patient but Missing my Love

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I woke up 15 hours after I went to bed. Eric is on the road again and the beautiful pot of purple flowers he left behind is sitting on the patio outside the sliding glass door to our bedroom. I can see it from where I lie, a bright full sun soaked day, the backdrop for it's dainty petals.

I lift the hanger from our bedside table and examine where Eric held the wire, squeezing it hard enough to misshape one side while punishing me with the other.  I had suggested this implement, "the silent spanker" I had read about in other blogs.  It is only silent until I squeal.

Are there some things that you wonder about airplanes? This website ... 

On a fourteen hour flight, we will not reconnect until tonight.  He will be tired, worn out from travel, and ready for work but he'll call.  I'm like a teenager with a giant crush, waiting for his ring to break through the silence of a house in which I wait alone.  It's hard to be alone again.

I wonder if we will ever have enough to keep him here, home with me.  Is it the money, the history, the travel, or the commitment to the job that keeps him away?  I want him, crave him, need him, miss him.  His kiss, his touch, the magic of us - holding his hand makes my heart skip a beat.  

Patience is not a virtue of mine
 and though I never want to take anything away from him, 
selfishly I wish that he would choose to be home more. How unfair of me.

Red Oak Heart Adult Spanking Paddle by BlondiesPlace on Etsy

Break out the paddle, my love.  
Your girl should be lying here feeling grateful 
for all of the support and love you shower upon me.  
I don't mean to complain. 
Yesterday was pure magic 
and too short lived when I'm dreaming of you.  



  1. Wishing is not shows the depth of your relationship...Having said that, I can imagine how much you miss him and wish things were different...try to keep busy.
    hugs abby

  2. I'm doing my best, Abby. I've been writing more and reading other blogs. I think I'm coming off three years of overly busy being in school and working full time. Now that there is no school and no big goal in front of me, I'm missing Eric much more. My days without him seem way too quiet. Maybe I should get into the Red Sox? ;)

  3. Hmm...can always use another Red Sox fan...Can you email Eric...each day you might send him a 'naughty' email or text. The text could be short...and if it is safe a picture of your anatomy or doing something naughty....or just provocative..e- mails could be longer...a short story or fantasy with you being the main a special time the two of you had together...vary the theme and the time and the length ....keep him guessing and smiling ( your tush will thank you when he gets back)...commit to once a day and be creative. That helps me when I am away wearing my grandma hat...hugs abby

  4. Good advice Abby. Maybe if I get off said "tush" I won't feel so lonely. I can always clean out the garage! Ugh, can't we all. LOL

  5. Amy do you have friends around where you live. go out for girl days have a manicure/pedicure. Pamper yourself. Keep a journal to share with Eric when he returns. Start a hobby or something to fill the void. I know its not the same as having Eric home but might help a bit. Its worth a shot. Or write another story for PK, I'm sure she will appreciate it.
    Stay strong.
    Hugs Lindy

  6. Thanks Lindy. Kind of fighting a dark cloud over my head right now. I'll try writing. Something is off.


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