Sunday, July 2, 2017

Thinking About Spanking - An Answer to PK's Blog

PK asked a series of questions.  You can see her post by clicking HERE.

Dear PK,

I read your post and was inspired to reach out to you.  As you can see by our title, Eric51Amy49, I'm in a relationship that is pretty equal as well.  Eric has always been attracted to very strong and independent women, though we both like what TTWD has brought to our marriage.  He travels a ton for work so we have little time together.  Two years ago, we started talking about spanking and DD based on some things I was reading about Clint and Chelsea.  I shared the idea and we discovered there was a common interest. See our first post HERE.  Looking back, we sure have grown!

In answer to your questions, Eric and I do talk about TTWD, spanking, our feelings and our relationship a lot and we've really grown closer in our marriage because this thing we do has taught us both to communicate more openly.  Like I said, we are not together nearly enough so most of these conversations happen over the phone and through texting.  He used to read our Blog all the time but now he's too busy with work.  I miss the insight he got from it but it's taught me to be more outspoken about what I need.

Interestingly, spanking has improved the trust and closeness between us by creating that secret, private bond that only we share.  I need it to clear my head; a reset when I'm overloaded.  It builds my confidence and makes him feel as though he can help me achieve my goals.

We also have playful and sexual spankings; the opportunity for me to serve him and be extremely giving. During these times, he is able to ask for his needs to be met without fear of being turned down or rejected, which sometimes happens just based on events of the day.  These times are carved out and planned ahead of time so life won't interfere.  It's a form of foreplay, knowing we will have time on whatever day, when we can unwind and play out each other's fantasies.

Finally, we have had a few discipline punishments.  As we've gotten closer, I've been able to explain to Eric that most of my life, I've had all of the responsibility of the world on my shoulders and I have a habit of carrying a lot of guilt and negative self talk.  By punishing me for things I deem unacceptable, Eric frees me from the feelings I carry and we are both happier.

Eric always says, "Keep it simple and just tell me what you want.  I'd move Heaven and Earth for you but I can't read your mind."

Fantasize, PK.  Run through your head all of the things that would make those butterflies in your stomach come to life and share those thoughts with your husband.  You might be surprised to learn what's going on in his head as well.

Best of luck!



  1. Amy I appreciate you taking the time to write this. It seems you two are doing a great job incorporating DD into your relationship. Spanking does bring that closeness and talking really brings it home.

    I do fantasize ALL the time I guess it all goes into my books. I know I should talk to him more, but after 11 years I just don't know what else to say.

    One other thing - I know Eric has to be very busy and my husband is too, but I still think they should read our blogs. Can you imagine you guy taking the time to write what is in his heart and mind and you just saying, "I don't have five minutes today to read it." If they blogged - we would read it.

  2. Hi PK! I told Eric about your post yesterday and then I read my response to him. LOL That guy isn't going to escape my writing. Hee hee. I think time is one reason he doesn't read it much anymore but I also think it's that he won't go on his work computer to look at it and he's working way too much now.

    It sounds to my like you are really hurt that your husband isn't taking an interest in what you are writing anymore. What if you wrote him a love letter? What if you wrote him personal, sexy, upbeat and playful notes/cards and tucked them in places he would find throughout the week? Nothing negative - all loving and fun. Try that but don't say a word. Let him come to you. Blogs are great but maybe your fella needs a little personal attention.

    Sending you a HUG. Happy Fourth.



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