Friday, July 14, 2017

Spanked by that darn hanger

Eric went back to traveling for work again today.  If all goes as planned, he'll return on Thursday. He left just after lunch so we ate together and then he took me in his arms on the couch so we could say our good-byes.

That'd be wishful thinking and not what was on his mind.

"Where is my passport renewal?" he asked, lacing his fingers through my hair and drilling into my eyes with his own.

I remembered his words from yesterday, "You better lie to me if that package wasn't mailed" but I had no need to lie because by this afternoon, it had not only been handled, it had been personally driven 80 miles from here to be placed in the expediting hands of the closest agency.

"It's handled," I said happily.  "You'll have it before the end of the month."

We both breathed a sigh of relief and kissed passionately for a few minutes.

"Thank you, Pretty Girl," he said, stroking my breasts as he released them from my bra.

I stood before him, hungry for a quickie, when he told me to drop to my knees and bend over the couch.  His hand rested on the band of my spandex running shorts and suddenly, the sting of that darn hanger crossed my right cheek.

"Ouch!" I yelped, but he was nowhere near finishing.  Four swats on each cheek set my back ablaze with sweat and that was just a warm-up.  My shorts came down and that sucker (the hanger, not the man) smacked my bottom a good ten times before Eric was kissing my wounds and then making his way inside of me.  My husband, tanning my hide and then riding me, filling me full of his love - amazing.  Mind you, had he not been leaving moments later, I'm sure the love making would have happened after quite the long lecture and some corner time, but quick as it were, it was greatly appreciated.  That darn hanger stings like a thousand bees, in a good way.  I hate the initial strike but the after-burn makes me glow.

Kisses at the door and Eric was off. I lingered for a bit, rubbing red streaked cheeks, before getting back to my day as well.  I eventually went out to pick up the mail and there, at our door, was a beautiful potted plant with lovely purple flowers.  Thank you Darling!  You sure know how to make this girl smile.



  1. I am not a fan of hangers. They take nothing to sting and are so quiet. Hoss uses them as his go to when there are just too many kiddos to hear and my attitude is popping out for a visit.

  2. I read about the hanger in a blog where a couple was staying with their in-laws for a few weeks and needed something to get through a visit that long but it had to be silent. I was intrigued and wanted to know what it felt like. A perfect example of "be careful what you wish for". Ouch!


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