Sunday, July 23, 2017

Out-Bratted by the Man

I knew something was up when Eric text me from the airport.

"Heading home, my Angel."

Okay, the man has called me:
Amy Lynn
Sweet Pea
My Girl, MG
Young Lady
Red Ass Amy
Pretty Girl
and many other things, but never "Angel".

Obviously, he was onto me.  I scrambled to appear "angelic" by putting all the pillows back on the beds, returning the food to the fridge, and loading the chest with all of our implements and toys. By the time he reached the door, I was completely out of breath and drenched with sweat, so I flopped on the couch, lounging as though I'd been there all day.

Eric put his suitcase down and greeted me with with a hug and kiss.

"Were you working out?" he asked.  "You're all sweaty."

"No," I replied, "Just a little hot."

"I have something for you," he said returning to his suitcase.

Out of the package came a tiny stuffed angel.

Image result for blonde angel toys

"She looks just like you, Amy."

I laughed.

"Very funny. So, when did you start reading the blog again?"

Eric looked uncomfortable.

"Sorry honey, I know I'm behind.  I still haven't had a chance to get to it."


"What about the angel?!" I said.

Eric looked confused.

"I told you, she looks like you."

That man spent two hours playing it off and I fell hook, line, and sinker.  It wasn't until we went to bed and he threw my pillows on the floor that I knew he had been toying with me the whole time.

I've been out-bratted! Anybody have a small stuffed devil I can borrow?

Wink, wink,



  1. Hi Amy, he is the Dom, you were never going to win!
    love Jan, xx

  2. Oh sweetie...they always know....hugs abby


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