Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"Go to bed!"

Eric called to say good night. He sounded tired 
and like work had burned him completely to the ground.

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"No boo-hooing tonight, Amy Lynn," he warned, 
"I'm here, just doing my thing, and nothing has changed. 
I love you, I miss you, you are still my girl, so there. 
Now go to bed. We both have an early morning."

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"What?!" I whined.  "That's it?! Honey, you're making me pout!"

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"If you want to pout, I'll give you something to pout about," he said.

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I started laughing. I started laughing so hard that it turned into tears.

"If you want to cry, I'll give you something to cry about," he responded playfully.

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Eric had told me years ago those were lines his mother had used when he was growing up.

"If you were here right now," I threatened, 
"I'd throw all of your pillows on the floor and make you pay attention to me!" 
(Thank you for that idea, Jan.)

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My age does not matter.  
Sometimes it just feels down right good to throw a fit 
and Eric caught onto my vibe without a hitch.

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"Young lady!  If I were there right now, you'd be getting your ass lit up 
while you picked up every one of those pillows."

My darling husband was suddenly awake and full of creative scenarios. 
We watched a few naughty videos together 
and fantasized about new things to try when he gets home.  
We talked way too long and then I reluctantly let him go, 
with direct orders for me to get some sleep.

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I can't sleep now!  
My head is swimming 
with the promise of delicious fun to come.

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Night night all. Sweet dreams!

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  1. Hi Amy, you are much naughtier than me!!!
    love Jan, xx

    1. Good morning Jan,
      Trust me, the bratty side comes out much easier when I know Eric is miles and miles away. I seem to get mouthier the farther away he is, but I button up when he's on his way home. :0

  2. Love the way Eric calls you Amy Lynn when you are in trouble. Its like when I was a kid being called by my full name. Hope you got some sleep after that phone call.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. It's rather silly but I get a rush when he pulls the middle name. My cheeks flush and something inside is thrilled that I'm about to be scolded.

  3. Amy, Made me smile. I thought I was the naughty one around here:)


    Sorry about deleted commentx

    1. Ha ha. I've read your books. You ARE the naughty one. LOL

  4. We do get braver when our men are not around....it is always good to have something to look forward to..hugs abby

    1. You know it! Eric is flying back today. I hid all of the pillows in the house this morning. Hee hee.


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