Sunday, July 9, 2017

Closet Spanker

Eric is working in a location where communication is impossible.

He'll be back tomorrow.

I miss his touch, having him wrap around my body while I sleep, his voice in my ear.

I took a wooden spoon in the closet after a hot shower where I fantasized about his print on my ass.

Ten swats on the left side, a stinging reminder of the last time he was home.

I switched to the right, one swat and a child's voice rang out.

"Mom?" it questioned.  "What are you doing?"

I quickly threw on  some clothes and came out of the closet, wooden spoon in hand.  Grabbing the bathroom rug, I announced, "Just beating the dust out of the rugs, honey."

I guess when Eric returns, I'll have to let him know my butt is now known as "the rug".

Can't wait til his plane lands!!

He's home all week.

Woo hoo!!



  1. Amy,
    Thank you for commenting on my blog and adding me to your blog list. Please email me so we can get to know one another. My email is on my blog on the upper right.
    I do hate those wooden spoons and this time, you were very lucky with your little one on the edge of things. LOL

  2. Eric is home but just until Friday; sighday. LOL. I'll pop you a quick email but then it will probably be the weekend before I get back on here. :)

  3. LOL...quick thinking!! I have been ordered to self spank when we are sorta works. Hope you are having a great week...and once again, I have just caught up on your last few here is still drama filled, I am starting to think I should try to write for a soap opera..hugs abby

    1. Based on what I've read of your life, you probably could! I hope things lighten up a bit soon for you. You've been a great friend to me. Please feel free to email anytime you want to vent or just talk to someone who isn't a part of that world. You were there for me. It's easily reciprocated. Just reach out. Amy

  4. Sounds like that was some good covering on your part, lol! It is much harder to achieve this lifestyle with kiddos lurking around.

  5. A couple birthdays back, I got Eric a large chest with locks that resides in our closet. Too many close calls and too many new toys/implements, we had to get rid of the drawer. I bet you get there too. ;)


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