Sunday, July 16, 2017


sit still
I realized this morning, when I woke up pouting and sad that Eric is not home, I need to have goals and something to do because this girl does not sit still well.

Students share study tips and motivation on Tumblr

Being in school gave me purpose, assignments, social interaction and a million things to do.  Yes, I whined my way through the semesters and required the occasional paddling to stick to the plan but it was good for me.

I have all the pieces.  I just need to find a way to put them together so I run to my life rather than from it.  There is part of me that's still running.

More People Made 'Prohibited' by Supreme Court of the United States

"Amy Lynn!" I can hear Eric now.  "Stop it. You're getting all spun up for no reason. We have a plan. Be patient."

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Believe, Amy. Believe...

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