Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Brat is on the Loose!

Eric is coming home tonight and I'm feeling sexually starved and playfully bratty. 
What a lovely combination.

On our last call, he threatened a spanking to any girl who dared to throw his pillows on the floor. Determined not to risk being anything other than his perfect angel, 
I've hidden every single pillow in the house - including the two from the couch.  

"But darling, I didn't want to risk a pillow being thrown!"

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Eric was annoyed at the hotel because he ended up with a rather dry sandwich and no ketchup, mustard, mayo or salsa in the place.  My man is the condiment King and I listened to him gripe about that sandwich for days.  Last night, the condiment fairy filled the top two shelves of our refrigerator with every sauce known to man.  There is caramel, honey, hot fudge, chocolate, three types of mustard, BBQ sauces, salsas, relishes, gravy, dressing - oh the list goes on! 

"But sweetheart, I'd hate for you to ever have to eat another dry sandwich again!"

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I can hear him now.  "Amy Lynn!  Upstairs this instant."  We'll make our way to the spanking chair where I'll receive a classic strip down and warm up with his hand.  Then he'll take the key to the toy box and throw it open to release his favorite leather strap but the inside is sparkly clean and empty. 

"But honey, you told me to clean up our toy box and I promised you wouldn't come home to a mess!"

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At some point, when it's time for the great reveal, I'll show my love that the tool shed he 
ordered came a week early and is already constructed behind the house.  
Maybe he should have bought a bigger one.  There is hardly any room left after I 
stocked it with pillows, implements, toys and a mini-frig full of our food. 


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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"Go to bed!"

Eric called to say good night. He sounded tired 
and like work had burned him completely to the ground.

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"No boo-hooing tonight, Amy Lynn," he warned, 
"I'm here, just doing my thing, and nothing has changed. 
I love you, I miss you, you are still my girl, so there. 
Now go to bed. We both have an early morning."

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"What?!" I whined.  "That's it?! Honey, you're making me pout!"

Image result for big sad pout

"If you want to pout, I'll give you something to pout about," he said.

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I started laughing. I started laughing so hard that it turned into tears.

"If you want to cry, I'll give you something to cry about," he responded playfully.

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Eric had told me years ago those were lines his mother had used when he was growing up.

"If you were here right now," I threatened, 
"I'd throw all of your pillows on the floor and make you pay attention to me!" 
(Thank you for that idea, Jan.)

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My age does not matter.  
Sometimes it just feels down right good to throw a fit 
and Eric caught onto my vibe without a hitch.

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"Young lady!  If I were there right now, you'd be getting your ass lit up 
while you picked up every one of those pillows."

My darling husband was suddenly awake and full of creative scenarios. 
We watched a few naughty videos together 
and fantasized about new things to try when he gets home.  
We talked way too long and then I reluctantly let him go, 
with direct orders for me to get some sleep.

Related image

I can't sleep now!  
My head is swimming 
with the promise of delicious fun to come.

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Night night all. Sweet dreams!

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Read the Warning Labels

My latest posts have been somewhat blue.

Seems I've been getting seriously down about Eric being gone, school being over, and being alone. Bloggers have piped in, trying to cheer me up.  Suggestions have been made that are right up my alley and things I would normally enjoy doing but somehow, none of them are happening.

Eric and I talked for over an hour this morning.  He chatted about our good-bye on Friday.  A stinging spanking with the hanger, kisses all over my body, a doggy-style quickie in the living room. All good. All special. All us.

When we hung up, he said, "I miss you," and then he went to work.

I should have jumped in the shower and gotten dressed but instead I crawled into bed worried that he no longer loves me.  HUH?!!!

I thought back over the past few days.  I'm sad. Down. Feel like I'm going nowhere and more and more like the world is a depressing, unhappy, lonely place.  HUH?!!!

I won't drag this on a moment longer.  I started taking a new medication last week.  After that call, I read the warning label.  "May cause anxiety, mood swings, depression."

Classic.  Trying to get healthy and... a good reminder for us all!

I knew something was wrong this weekend when the thought, "I don't care if Eric ever spanks me again or not," crossed my mind.  Hello!  Not this girl.

Amy - not taking anymore pills.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


sit still
I realized this morning, when I woke up pouting and sad that Eric is not home, I need to have goals and something to do because this girl does not sit still well.

Students share study tips and motivation on Tumblr

Being in school gave me purpose, assignments, social interaction and a million things to do.  Yes, I whined my way through the semesters and required the occasional paddling to stick to the plan but it was good for me.

I have all the pieces.  I just need to find a way to put them together so I run to my life rather than from it.  There is part of me that's still running.

More People Made 'Prohibited' by Supreme Court of the United States

"Amy Lynn!" I can hear Eric now.  "Stop it. You're getting all spun up for no reason. We have a plan. Be patient."

beach love graphics and comments

Believe, Amy. Believe...

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Trying to be Patient but Missing my Love

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I woke up 15 hours after I went to bed. Eric is on the road again and the beautiful pot of purple flowers he left behind is sitting on the patio outside the sliding glass door to our bedroom. I can see it from where I lie, a bright full sun soaked day, the backdrop for it's dainty petals.

I lift the hanger from our bedside table and examine where Eric held the wire, squeezing it hard enough to misshape one side while punishing me with the other.  I had suggested this implement, "the silent spanker" I had read about in other blogs.  It is only silent until I squeal.

Are there some things that you wonder about airplanes? This website ... 

On a fourteen hour flight, we will not reconnect until tonight.  He will be tired, worn out from travel, and ready for work but he'll call.  I'm like a teenager with a giant crush, waiting for his ring to break through the silence of a house in which I wait alone.  It's hard to be alone again.

I wonder if we will ever have enough to keep him here, home with me.  Is it the money, the history, the travel, or the commitment to the job that keeps him away?  I want him, crave him, need him, miss him.  His kiss, his touch, the magic of us - holding his hand makes my heart skip a beat.  

Patience is not a virtue of mine
 and though I never want to take anything away from him, 
selfishly I wish that he would choose to be home more. How unfair of me.

Red Oak Heart Adult Spanking Paddle by BlondiesPlace on Etsy

Break out the paddle, my love.  
Your girl should be lying here feeling grateful 
for all of the support and love you shower upon me.  
I don't mean to complain. 
Yesterday was pure magic 
and too short lived when I'm dreaming of you.  


Keep Blogging

Writers block has set in but I want to spend my time here rather than drowning in a mist of alone time. I looked up some of my old favorite writers and explored some new bloggers that were listed on Ronnie's site "Heart and Soul".  I read blogs, emails, and stories from people all over the world. I read spanking tales and love stories and looked at silly pictures. I have discovered that everyone has a tale to tell and the more I read, the more I realize how nice it is to have a group out there who play, explore, and experience the same kind of relationship that I'm in today. Keep writing fellow Bloggers. Your words help to keep me strong.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Spanked by that darn hanger

Eric went back to traveling for work again today.  If all goes as planned, he'll return on Thursday. He left just after lunch so we ate together and then he took me in his arms on the couch so we could say our good-byes.

That'd be wishful thinking and not what was on his mind.

"Where is my passport renewal?" he asked, lacing his fingers through my hair and drilling into my eyes with his own.

I remembered his words from yesterday, "You better lie to me if that package wasn't mailed" but I had no need to lie because by this afternoon, it had not only been handled, it had been personally driven 80 miles from here to be placed in the expediting hands of the closest agency.

"It's handled," I said happily.  "You'll have it before the end of the month."

We both breathed a sigh of relief and kissed passionately for a few minutes.

"Thank you, Pretty Girl," he said, stroking my breasts as he released them from my bra.

I stood before him, hungry for a quickie, when he told me to drop to my knees and bend over the couch.  His hand rested on the band of my spandex running shorts and suddenly, the sting of that darn hanger crossed my right cheek.

"Ouch!" I yelped, but he was nowhere near finishing.  Four swats on each cheek set my back ablaze with sweat and that was just a warm-up.  My shorts came down and that sucker (the hanger, not the man) smacked my bottom a good ten times before Eric was kissing my wounds and then making his way inside of me.  My husband, tanning my hide and then riding me, filling me full of his love - amazing.  Mind you, had he not been leaving moments later, I'm sure the love making would have happened after quite the long lecture and some corner time, but quick as it were, it was greatly appreciated.  That darn hanger stings like a thousand bees, in a good way.  I hate the initial strike but the after-burn makes me glow.

Kisses at the door and Eric was off. I lingered for a bit, rubbing red streaked cheeks, before getting back to my day as well.  I eventually went out to pick up the mail and there, at our door, was a beautiful potted plant with lovely purple flowers.  Thank you Darling!  You sure know how to make this girl smile.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

"You better lie to me"

Eric doesn't give me a list of chores or tasks to do.  Some relationships work that way but with each of us working full time and his job involving a ton of travel, it doesn't suit us.

Sometimes, however, Eric will ask me to take care of something for him.  It's usually time sensitive and needs to get done before he's back home or some such thing.

As I said, Eric travels a lot and much of it is international.  Over a month ago, he realized his passport was about to expire.  He filled out the renewal paperwork and was about to take it to the post office when I jumped in and offered to do it for him.  Since then, he's been watching for the new one, with a big trip planned the day after it's expiration date.

Today, almost a month after my offer, I reached between the seat and center console of my car because my lipstick fell when I was precariously attempting to drive and apply at the same time. My fingers hunted around and pulled up, not the lipstick, but the envelope that I was supposed to mail.  I was horrified.

When Eric called to let me know he was on his way home, I asked, "Remember when I told you I'd mail your passport application?  What would happen if, say, I forgot to do that?"

Stone cold, Eric replied, "You better lie to me if that package didn't get mailed."



Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bad Girl Bruises

Eric was gone all night.  He finally returned from the office at 9:40 this morning but I was at work by then.  He told me when the fourth hour of getting nowhere slipped by, he almost walked out.  I wish he had.  I wish he'd come home, told me he was done living this way, and that we were moving to the beach and starting again.  Instead he reminded me of his ability to wait ever so patiently until the right time, no matter how painful it was.

Eric slept most of the day and we had dinner together.  We went to bed early because sleep was not on the agenda. :)  He kissed my neck and stroked my hair.  Our lips touched, finding long lost friends in each other, and I felt his hands memorize my body as he undid and removed my clothing piece by piece.  His mouth encompassed my nipples and his fingers dipped inside me while he sucked and pulled one breast and then the other.  He continued to kiss his way down my belly and then, ready to bury himself where his fingers had been, he flipped me over, doggy style.  I expected to feel him press inside me but instead, he got off the bed and stood next to me, staring.

"What's wrong?"  I asked, looking back and wondering why he suddenly stopped.

Eric looked directly into my eyes, waiting, as though I could read what was in his head.  The silence was deafening.

"Your ass is all bruised up," he stated in a flat tone.

My face went scarlet and I wallowed in the humiliating moment of truth.  Last night, when Eric was not coming home and I wanted nothing but to yell at him for circumstances beyond his control, I'd opted to take his belt from the closet, fold it in half and whip myself twenty times on each cheek. It did the trick for sure.  I went to bed stinging and focused, Eric not knowing how disappointed or mad I had been.  The bruises gave me away.

Self discipline is not something either of us is a fan of simply because we'd rather Eric take care of my needs when they arise.  However, we both realize with a job like his, I'm alone way too much to go without and though we discussed it at one time, a hired hand has not made the list of options.  Our agreement is, I self discipline when I need to, but I always let Eric know when I do and if possible, he is with me by phone.  This time, I hadn't mentioned it. Not before. Not during. Not after.

I blubbered on and on about when, why and how.  Eric wasn't mad but stated that with self discipline, especially when done without telling him, there are consequences.  He took me to the mirror and made me look at the damage. Two large dark patches, one on each cheek.  Then he went to the closet and returned with his belt.

"Show me," he said and for the second time tonight, I blushed.

"I don't want to," I said quietly.  "I've had enough."

Eric looked surprised.  "I didn't ask what you wanted and I'll decide when you've had enough," he said handing me the belt.  "Exactly as you did last night, I want to see it."

Oh, the pain.  Twenty swats on each cheek, already bruised from before.

Oh, the embarrassment. My red hot bottom easily matched the shade of my face.

When I finished, Eric took the belt and hung it back on the wall.  He walked me over to the spanking chair and placed me across his lap.  He had pulled an old wire hanger from the clothes rack and I counted as he streaked my bottom with the intense sting of the wire. One through ten.  Ouch.

"You will not be wearing your bikini at the pool, getting massages, or sun tanning until these bruises have completely healed," he commanded with each strike.  "I am all for you disciplining yourself when I am away but there is no need to go to the extremes and bruise yourself like this."

By the time we got back to bed, I was on fire and eager to lie on my stomach.

"No way," Eric said, forcing me into a seated position and handing me the laptop. "You need to reflect on tonight and I don't think corner time will cut it. Instead, you're going to sit on that red ass, Amy, and blog until I'm ready to start our evening over again."

I've typed as fast as I could.  Here you go, Eric.  May I please get back to your sexy maneuvers and leave this tragedy behind me?!


P.S. He said "yes". :)  Close your eyes, Blogland.  The rest of tonight is for us.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The threat of a spanking lingers while I blog alone in our room

After being away a solid week and knowing he's leaving again on Friday, Eric finally returned home.

We were lost in each others eyes, soaking in familiar features, our hearts filling spaces that distance puts between us.  I planned an evening of cuddling, hand holding and kissing.

Okay. Not really.  I planned to get fucked, all night.  No "making love", no "romance", no "tenderness".  Just hours of pure raw sexual passion.

After dinner, Eric got a call from work.  He told me he'd be gone for an hour or two.  At the strike of three hours later, I whined.  I complained.  I went from flirty and playful to neglected and angry.

Eric told me I would be feeling his pain on the seat of my pants when he was done.  He used phrases from the 50's. "Just wait until I get home, young lady.  You are crusin' for a brusin'. I'm going to tan your hide.  You're about to get a lickin' of a lifetime. If you want to cry, I'll give you something to cry about."

As my ass tingled in anticipation, I got a little less bitchy but then, the fatal text arrived.

"Honey. This is a grind.  I'll be here all night. Sorry."

The wrong kind of "FUCK" escaped from my lips.

I started to scream at him but then he threatened to "wash out my mouth with soap" and I was reminded that this situation was certainly not his first choice. Ugh.  I just want my husband back in my arms.

I get it.  He'd rather be here but the job, always the job.

Sad girl,

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Closet Spanker

Eric is working in a location where communication is impossible.

He'll be back tomorrow.

I miss his touch, having him wrap around my body while I sleep, his voice in my ear.

I took a wooden spoon in the closet after a hot shower where I fantasized about his print on my ass.

Ten swats on the left side, a stinging reminder of the last time he was home.

I switched to the right, one swat and a child's voice rang out.

"Mom?" it questioned.  "What are you doing?"

I quickly threw on  some clothes and came out of the closet, wooden spoon in hand.  Grabbing the bathroom rug, I announced, "Just beating the dust out of the rugs, honey."

I guess when Eric returns, I'll have to let him know my butt is now known as "the rug".

Can't wait til his plane lands!!

He's home all week.

Woo hoo!!


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Ginger Whipping

I stared blankly at the document Eric placed before me.

The words did not register.

The letters blended together forming a sea of alphabet gibberish, my mind refusing to accept the computer generated declaration.

"Well?" he asked for the third time.

Asked is being too polite.  It was more like a demand.

I'm not one ever short of speech, yet my tongue seemed caught on the lump in my throat.

$300 fine.

Toll Road evasion.

When was I there? Who misses a toll booth?  Why can't I remember even seeing one?

The nape of my neck pulls tightly against his hand, which is suddenly leading me down the hall and into the kitchen.  My clothes are removed and am I to sit, naked, on a stool as I watch my husband carve fresh ginger.  We do not speak while the soft-shoe strum of potato peeler against root sends flecks of outer skin to the counter, exposing a potent oily underbelly.

The whipping would be plenty to jog my memory and teach his lesson but tonight Eric's point will be made with a stinging reminder not to fight his discipline by clenching cheeks between rounds with the black leather weave of his belt.

Mental stamina, tits against painted wall, hands on head, bottom bared and plug in place.

Swish, whack.  Swish, whack. Swish, whack.

The belt soars through the air and crashes down on my wanton flesh.  The ginger slowly seeping from the inside out suddenly intensifies each time I squeeze against the strike of thick leather.

After, I'll make a call to fight the ticket with flaming buns and red streaked cheeks exposed until I succeed in arguing my case to a bored receptionist longing for her next smoke break.

I wonder, if she could feel the heat off my ass, if the fine would be waived any faster.


Friday, July 7, 2017

A Judgmental Vanilla Society Crushes my Spanking Heart

Why, Society, must you have an opinion about how I choose to deal with my struggles?

The roads we travel are hard.  We battle our way to become educated productive members of the communities in which we live.  We search for love, long for stability, work, and strive.  There is stress under whatever umbrella we stand and we must learn to manage the imbalance of pleasure and pain.

Relief comes in many forms.

The pharmaceutical company will sell you tiny fast- acting pills and so will back alley drug dealers.

The winery will give you a sophisticated taste of relaxation in a bottle and so will a seedy bar on the corner.

The cigarette companies will offer cool cancer causing nicotine habits and now there's an electronic version so you can vape your way to addiction.

I need a spanking, from my strong and loving and passionate and protective and sensitive husband.

I was never spanked as a child and I never spanked my own kids but I figured out a long time ago it keeps me even, brings me peace, and clears my head.

Don't judge me.

Let me do and have what I need, to be the best person who I can be.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Where did they go?

Image result for lost bloggers

It's getting pretty lonely out here!


2 Years of Blogging and still getting spanked!

Image result for blog anniversary 2 year

Two years ago today, I posted my first blog.  I was giddy.  I remember being just over-the-top excited about having a platform to write about our exploration of a DD adventure that Eric and I had just discovered was a common interest for us.

That was nothing compared to the feelings I got when Susie, Willie and Blondie commented!

For twenty four months, we've tried and tested various forms of TTWD and baring the confines of work and time apart, it's brought us closer than ever.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our journey.  Looking forward to many more discoveries!


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Thinking About Spanking - An Answer to PK's Blog

PK asked a series of questions.  You can see her post by clicking HERE.

Dear PK,

I read your post and was inspired to reach out to you.  As you can see by our title, Eric51Amy49, I'm in a relationship that is pretty equal as well.  Eric has always been attracted to very strong and independent women, though we both like what TTWD has brought to our marriage.  He travels a ton for work so we have little time together.  Two years ago, we started talking about spanking and DD based on some things I was reading about Clint and Chelsea.  I shared the idea and we discovered there was a common interest. See our first post HERE.  Looking back, we sure have grown!

In answer to your questions, Eric and I do talk about TTWD, spanking, our feelings and our relationship a lot and we've really grown closer in our marriage because this thing we do has taught us both to communicate more openly.  Like I said, we are not together nearly enough so most of these conversations happen over the phone and through texting.  He used to read our Blog all the time but now he's too busy with work.  I miss the insight he got from it but it's taught me to be more outspoken about what I need.

Interestingly, spanking has improved the trust and closeness between us by creating that secret, private bond that only we share.  I need it to clear my head; a reset when I'm overloaded.  It builds my confidence and makes him feel as though he can help me achieve my goals.

We also have playful and sexual spankings; the opportunity for me to serve him and be extremely giving. During these times, he is able to ask for his needs to be met without fear of being turned down or rejected, which sometimes happens just based on events of the day.  These times are carved out and planned ahead of time so life won't interfere.  It's a form of foreplay, knowing we will have time on whatever day, when we can unwind and play out each other's fantasies.

Finally, we have had a few discipline punishments.  As we've gotten closer, I've been able to explain to Eric that most of my life, I've had all of the responsibility of the world on my shoulders and I have a habit of carrying a lot of guilt and negative self talk.  By punishing me for things I deem unacceptable, Eric frees me from the feelings I carry and we are both happier.

Eric always says, "Keep it simple and just tell me what you want.  I'd move Heaven and Earth for you but I can't read your mind."

Fantasize, PK.  Run through your head all of the things that would make those butterflies in your stomach come to life and share those thoughts with your husband.  You might be surprised to learn what's going on in his head as well.

Best of luck!