Sunday, May 28, 2017

You are that girl

The long weekend,
memories of graduation:
the pride on Eric's face,
my children,

"You are that girl," he says.

He knows the want, the desire, the goal.
He knows the struggle, the battles, the suffering.

"You are that girl."

This pretty pony marches across the stage, 
exuding confidence, intelligence and class,
making years of work look effortless.

"You are that girl."

I'm leaving for the beach,
this time to celebrate rather than run.
Next week we will make the symbolic trek
to check off the box
to finalize the goal
and talk about the future.

"You are that girl."

Tell me what you want,
tell me what you need,
tell me where we go from here.

You tell me, Eric.
I am that girl,
and you,
are that guy.


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