Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Resistance Has Failed Her

In the 17th hour
of this 20 hour day,
the resistance has failed her
and Amy has eaten a piece of caramel candy.

So sorry.


  1. You stopped at just one...that is a lot of will power....and almost 3 weeks is a lot of resistance! hugs abby

  2. Hello Abby,
    Your support is appreciated but I'm pretty ticked that I fell for the marketing "Home-made caramel" in a bin at the register. I bought one and didn't even think it through. Pealed back the wax paper and let it just melt on my tongue. Amy

  3. That small kind of candy doesn't count in my world as a sweet. Just sayin'.

    1. Hi Deena, The candy isn't so much the problem as the fact that I really pushed Eric on holding me accountable if I had any kind of sugar because of a goal I have set for myself. We agreed to talk about it before I ate anything but last night, I just thoughtlessly brushed that all aside. It's truly not a big deal except now I imagine he's under the gun since I asked him to be heavy handed about this and now.... well, we shall see when he gets back home I suppose. Amy


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