Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ten Hard Swats Vs. Forty Well Placed Spanks

Eric is gone for the rest of the month and I'm really floundering with midterms, work and an overwhelming sense of loneliness.

Last night I woke up at 2am and could not go back to sleep.  I got on the computer and watched some videos.  There is a series of  "Training Gracie" that caught my eye on Spanking Tube. Her boyfriend is overseas in the military so she's being disciplined by a hired hand.  Click here. I learned a lot watching all five episodes.

I always thought of a spanking as a quick over-the-knee hard ten swats.  It would hurt like hell while it was happening but then the burning afterwards was amazing.  Eric has figured out how much I can take and when I throw my hand back, a sign I'm over the edge, he will pin my wrist down and go for that ten.  Then, I'm in the corner for the short lived sting.  My brain is clear for awhile but the burn wears off far too soon unless we add capsicum cream to make it last longer.

I watched the hired hand and got to see a different style.  I liked the conversation as much as the punishment.  He involved her mind as well as her body; used multiple implements and always included corner time and a lesson learned. He was just a hired hand so there was no love or forgiveness at the end, but I know that part comes into play with my husband.

Anyway, as I was watching, I found myself counting.  The hired hand always started over her shorts, followed by an equal punishment on her bare bottom.  Then he'd move onto another implement and in many cases, go through the same routine.  I counted an average of forty well placed spanks each time. In one episode, he made the girl choose her own switch. Another time he made her count out eleven with shorts on and eleven with them off.  Intense, more what I'm used to.

After watching the videos and still unable to sleep, I got up and cleaned out our toy chest.  I used every implement we own on my ass; five swats on each cheek.  By the time I crawled back in bed, I was quite warm.  I reached under the mattress to tuck the computer away and my hand touched the hairbrush, a most painful implement that somehow didn't make it's way back to the chest the last time it was used.

I rolled on my side and took that brush to my boy shorts forty times.  By the end, my cheek was on fire with a nice steady burn that lasted longer than I expected.  My shorts came down and again, forty spanks on that same cheek.  I watched the clock and felt the sting for over a half hour before I finally nodded off.

I can't wait until Eric comes home.  I want to try my newfound technique.  Surely there is a time and place for each but I think a long lasting series of well placed spanks is something he and I will both enjoy.  I also want to be forced to choose my own switch and experience the cutting edge that put her so quickly on alert.

Thank you to Gracie and hired hand from Connecticut. You got me through one more night without my love and have given us both something to look forward to trying.


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