Monday, February 6, 2017

Still floating

After a week away, Eric came home and held me close on our bed. His lips, so passionate against mine, taking his time to kiss and cuddle as though there were not another care in the world.

Eventually we stood and Eric pulled my dress up over my head, telling me how pretty I am as his eyes scanned my body.  Bra and panties gone, I began to unbutton his pants; fingers searching, finding, grasping, stroking.

"Not yet," he said, backing away and leading me to the closet.  Sara was downstairs with the television on and our bed can squeak quite loudly so I felt certain he meant to avoid the noise of welcome home sex while tucked behind a second closed door.

Once inside, Eric took a scarf from the hook and covered my eyes, pinching my nipple and pecking my neck.  He left for just a moment and then returned, with the spanking chair and his favorite strap.

"You've been a very bad girl, Amy," he cooed in my ear.  His hands grabbed my ass and began to tap it softly as a lecture ensued.

"You drank five hour energies, took diet pills, pounded caffeine and sugar without saying a word to me for six weeks last quarter."

I nodded, truly ashamed of my go-to when stress and lack of sleep kick in.

"Should I leave you?" he asked and a lump grew in my throat in time with the tears in my eyes.

"No Sir," I said.  "Please don't leave me."

"Other men would," he commented.

"Other men have," I was clear.

"You are not with other men anymore," Eric stated, sitting and gesturing for me to lay across his lap.

The strap was harsh, no warm up and a sting against cold skin in a closet without heat.  When he finished, I was told to stand and place my hands above my head on the rack.  Again, the strap came down on my ass, then strayed to my thighs, then slapped hard across my back.

"You will not go down this road again," Eric commanded and I agreed, made promises and felt the power of his discipline wash over me.  I took the beating as best as I could, a long time since my last encounter with pain through leather.

Eric returned the chair and I dropped to my knees, eyes full of apologies as he rode in and out of my mouth.  I made him rock hard and he handed me the mouthwash so we could continue to kiss.

On the bed, Eric made sure I was listening to each and every word. "I fell in love with you Amy Lynn, as you are. Do not ever take diet pills or self medicate or change for me.  Do you understand?  I love you. Not some drug induced version of you. I will help you make changes if that's what you want, but we will do it in a healthy way."

Eric made love to me.  The kind of love that makes you catch your breath, his hand tightly clutching my wrist, my legs spread wide, my body drinking him all the way inside.

As he showers, I lie here with a bruised bottom and a healed heart.  My journey to be better and do better will continue without the fear or threat of being left by the man I love.  I am human and will make mistakes, but he's not the type to cut and run.

There is no greater feeling.

Still floating...


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