Sunday, February 19, 2017

A weekend without Eric

I miss you, my love

We chatted on the phone while I shopped for new toys
Ben Wa Balls - I decided on the Noir Lelo Luna Beads
So elegant, the packaging
Sleek black box with a satin bag to keep them in

I wore them down to the beach,
watched the waves crash up against the rocks
and wondered what they were supposed to be doing to me

My mind drifted back to my last spanking.
You had my wrists overhead on the closet shelf
And your hand held tight to your favorite strap
As you punished me for overdosing on caffeine and diet pills

Today, I need to study and keep my focus on school
It is you who fills my mind.

I tried to make myself cum with images of you in my head.
The Ben Wa Balls didn't do much,
a straight vibrator did a bit more.

Self discipline with a plastic hanger and a metal spatula,
a round with a leather belt.

Am I studying?
Obviously not.

I walk along the shore and imagine you finding me,
taking me home
and punishing me for misbehaving and procrastinating.
I read and write and do my homework with a red ass
and a half pout on the lips
that will kiss you at night
while you ride in and out
where the Ben Wa play.

Forget working, my love.
Come join me!


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