Saturday, December 24, 2016

The last day of the semester - motivational spanking

It went simply like this:

"Good morning Sweet Pea. What do you have to do today?"

"Work, finish my presentation, class, finish my paper, sleep."

We made love, he went to his job and I got in the shower.



following a wonderful morning,

but looking forward to a stack of books,

I went back to bed.

He called two hours later and shooed me off to work.

I slept again.

He called to follow up and told me in no uncertain terms to "GET MOVING".

I did.  Bed made, clothes on, laundry going, dishes put away, house picked up, trash taken out...
the list goes on, school not being on it and work not coming into play.

Eric called one more time.  I rattled off the list of things I'd done. I was all over the place.

"Upstairs right now, young lady."

Eric was not happy.  He told me to take Sir Strap out of the chest and he wanted to hear five slaps to each cheek over the phone.  "Hard enough I can hear them or you are starting again."

I did my best.  Five good one's on the right but three weak one's on the left so we started over and I took eight on that side.

"Thank you honey," I said feeling a sense of focus coming back to my head.

"I can't believe I had to leave my office to set you straight."

Mind you, I had just self disciplined and Eric has his own private office so why he had to leave, I couldn't imagine until a moment later, when I heard the front door.

A quick minute later, my heart pounding so hard I thought it would leave my chest, Eric was in our room positioning me bent over and holding onto the spanking chair, finishing what I had started.

"That was your warm up," he commented as I whined that I'd just been spanked.

What I achieved on my own with a big leather strap was one tenth what Eric dished out with his belt.I'm sure the combination of my shock, complete overload and the actual pain is what sent me over the edge to a few tears and some wobbly knees.

A kiss goodbye and I was on fire.  Ass burning, I jumped on the schoolwork while multi-tasking at my job, got to class early and aced the presentation, finished my paper with time to spare and was home before eleven.

What can I say?  It works.

Eric waited with open arms.  He kissed my blistered bottom, soothed my skin with lotion and told me how proud he is that I've finished one more semester.  I truly don't know what I would do without that man.



  1. Hi Amy, oh well somehow you got another semester done, hope you have a great Christmas and a successful new year.
    love Jan, xx

    1. Thank you Jan. Pretty soon it will sink in that I'm done for a month. Just hoping Santa comes tonight and fills my stocking with something other than coal! You have a very Merry and Happy New Year as well. Love, Amy

  2. That is a great way to get you going and he sure fooled you. Congratulations on a successful semester.

    1. Merry Christmas Blondie! I hope your kids are home and happy. Enjoy your break from school as well. Happy New Year too!! Amy


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